sewing small talk: are you participating in any may sewing events?

It’s May (already!), and this month there are lots of ways to share your sewing creations and to sew along with friends. If you’re looking for a little inspiration or a jump start to your sewing mojo, this is a great place to find it! Here are some of this month’s online sewing events.

During the entire month of May you can take part in Me Made May which is a challenge intended to encourage you to wear and enjoy the clothing you’ve made. The fun of the challenge is that you can set your own participation level, so it’s really up to each person how you play along and how you interpret it, so it’s perfect for everyone! On Instagram use the hashtag #mmmay19.

Me Made May

Mini Me Made May (the kid’s version of Me Made May) is where you have your kids wear as many handmades as possible during the month of May. Tag your photos with #minimemademay on Instagram.

Mini Me Made May

Make clothes for your kids alongside your virtual sewing pals during Kid’s Clothes Week which will be taking place May 20-26. The challenge is to commit to sewing clothing for children for one hour, each day, for seven days. Tag your makes with #kidsclothesweek.

Kid's Clothes Week Challenge

And, finally, Project Run + Play is traveling to Europe for Season 20 which will take place May 6-June 1. Sew along with your friends with four different themes. (I’ll be a judge for one of the weeks, too!)

Project Run & Play

Will you be taking part in any of these sewing events in May? Tell us about it!




  1. Emily

    I’ll do Me Made May. Wearing clothes that I’ve worn every day is the easy part; it’s getting a photo that is hard!

  2. Emily

    Oops, meant to say wearing clothes that I’ve MADE every day… !

  3. Elisabeth

    I do a low-key Me Made May…like Emily, remembering a picture is hard! I’ve never sewn along with Project Run & Play but I do love seeing all the beautiful things everyone makes 🙂

  4. Eleanor

    I am going to try to participate in Kid’s Clothing Week. I have lots of plans for sewing, but never get around to cutting things out (that is the part I hate!). Maybe this year I will spend KCW cutting out patterns and fabric, and then as a reward do some actual sewing after that.

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