introducing the oliver + s double dutch jacket + skirt sewing pattern

The last of our spring patterns is our Oliver + S pattern for this season. We haven’t been able to do many kids’ patterns lately because they haven’t been selling, but I really love designing for kids, so we try to sneak them in here and there. And I’m kind of excited about this one!

Double Dutch Jacket + Skirt Sewing Pattern

This pattern is designed to be quick and easy. And reversible! The jacket is inspired by a knit cardigan tear sheet I carried around with me for several years. Sadly, I can’t place my hands on it right now, but when it shows up I hope it will be with my knitting needles, which have been missing since we moved last May!

Anyway, the idea here is a simple jacket that, like I said, is completely reversible. The jacket has a kimono-style sleeve, which means no set-in sleeves. And although it includes a button, you don’t have to sew a buttonhole because it’s a slot-seam buttonhole, which means that it’s on the seamline and you simply open up a portion of the seam instead. It’s fun because you open the buttonhole at the very end. It’s very satisfying, as S likes to say.

But the other fun thing about the jacket is that you can color block it, so I expect that you’re going enjoy picking out fabrics for this pattern. All together you can choose four fabrics for the jacket–two fabrics for each side–so I’m anticipating seeing some fun photos from you!

Then let’s take a look at the skirt, which is another piece I’m really excited about! It’s a simple pull-on skirt with an elasticized waist and a flared hem. For this pattern I’ve given you different pattern pieces for the small sizes and the large sizes. The larger sizes have a curvier shape for growing bodies, but all the sizes create a fun, flippy skirt for girls of all ages. This could be worn with sneakers and a sweatshirt or dressed up for fancier events. It’s also really quick to make, and it’s especially good for fabrics like interlock and ponte. Use a nice stable knit for this pattern so the hem doesn’t curl, and you’ll sew this up in no time at all! You could make several skirts to coordinate with one jacket and get lots of different looks out of this pattern.

Our model was really excited about her new clothes, although I must confess I wish I had sewn a size larger for her. I underestimated and feel bad about it, so I may need to sew her another set with some fabrics that arrived a few days ago from Art Gallery, as a few of you on our Facebook group had suggested. These fabrics are from Cloud 9, who are always so lovely to work with. And the fabrics are so soft and great quality! I especially like their interlock.

Anyway, I hope you have loads of fun sewing this set. The Double Dutch Jacket + Skirt pattern will be available next week in both paper and digital format, and you can sign up on the pattern pages to have us email you just as soon as it becomes available.




  1. OMG. Will we have a skort tutorial for this? This would be perfect for a skort! Love the fun jacket too.

    1. That is SUCH a good idea! It would be so easy to combine this with the Badminton shorts/skort pattern, I think I may steal this idea! My daughter is not really into skirts right now but we’ll wear a skort.

    2. Fiona

      What a great idea, J

  2. Lisa

    super cute! And just in time for some much needed spring wardrobe sewing for my littlest. All great patterns, for me and my girls- thank you!

  3. Linds

    Love it all! Can’t wait to see it up.

  4. Susanne

    Super cute! I really cannot understand why your children’s patterns don’t sell – they are the most beautiful designs ever… It is definitely not my fault: I have only one daughter small enough to fit in the bigger sizes, but nonetheless I even bought some of the patterns in the smaller size range for potential grandchildren…

  5. Amy

    I love Oliver and S patterns too— and own and are most of them regularly for my two daughters. Hopscotch t shirts and dresses and knit building block dresses dominate their wardrobes! I have literally learnt to sew from Oliver and S and am just considering branching into seeing for myself.

  6. Fiona

    I really like the sleeveless version of the jacket; a trendy vest for both sexes! Thank you Liesl. Sorry to hear that kids’ patterns aren’t selling. What a terrible shame.

  7. Cathlene

    Such a shame that the kids patterns aren’t selling as well as the grown -up ones :-(. It was through the kids patterns that I found you and your great patterns! Love the wee jacket so this pattern may well be going on my list of things to make ;-).

  8. Kim Dimond

    How can the best drafted children’s patterns not sell!!!! I am so pleased to see a new one hitting the market. Purchasing today. I am not sure how I missed the recent release on this one. Honestly I quit looking for new ones as I think I have most of the ones released in the past. I am always amazed at how well they all come together. I think between two granddaughters I have made at least 10 Playtime Tunics. This is their favorite. Keep going!

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