introducing the liesl + co. breezy blouse sewing pattern

Here’s another one of those patterns that I’ve designed to be easily fitted to your body. The new Liesl + Co. Breezy Blouse is a quick and easy pattern designed to be very simple: a sleeveless, somewhat boxy top that can feature a small amount of a fabulous fabric. It’s quick to make and easy to wear.

Everyone needs a stash-buster, right? This pattern uses just a small amount of fabric, and the contrast-fabric side panel allows you to adjust the shape to your body and preferences while also minimizing the amount of main fabric you need. This top has a very gentle shirt-tail hem for a subtle detail, and it’s a pull-on style with just a keyhole opening at the back, so you’re not fiddling with buttonholes or fancy closures.

I started working on this style quite a while ago, and it’s become a summer wardrobe staple for me. The seam lines allow you to let it out a bit or take it in as you like, and the little Dior darts give you some shape without being very fitted. I did the full bust adjustment for you so you can work with the A/B, C, or D cup pattern pieces to help with fit even more.

Here are a few examples of how I’ve sewn it up. Both of these used leftover bits of fabric from other sewing projects. Did I mention already that this is a great stash-buster project? (Yes, I did.)

Wear this easy top with skirts, trousers, jeans, shorts. It could easily be dressed up for work as well, worn under a jacket or blazer.

Regarding fabrics, have fun with this one! This pattern works best with drapey woven fabrics such as silk, loosely woven cottons, double gauze, linen, rayon, and crepe. Pair two different fabrics for the front/back and side panels or use the same fabric for the entire blouse if you like. You can also use less drapey fabrics for a boxier look if you like. I’ve done both and like them equally well. In fact, right now I’m sewing a Breezy Blouse using a heavy linen that I’ll show you soon.

Styling ideas, you ask? Of course! Like I said, fancy fabrics are fantastic for this pattern! I’ve got my eye out for eyelets and jacquards right now. Definitely try embroidered fabrics or try embroidering your own. Here are a few ideas to get you started. I also think it would be fun to highlight the seams with piping or ribbon detailing. And it’s that ribbon/yarn side panel, below left, amazing?

So that ought to get you daydreaming a bit, I hope. The Breezy Blouse will be available for sale next week in both paper and digital formats. You can sign up on the pattern pages to be notified by email when the pattern is released if you want to be among the first to get a crack at it.




  1. I’ve been wearing my linen version of this blouse all through the Australian summer. It’s a winner!

  2. Melani

    I’ve been waiting years for you to release a pattern like this! This style is my go-to for work or play. Thank you!

  3. Lisa Fellman

    Gorgeous! Just what I’ve been wanting.

  4. Liz

    Love it! I’ve been saving my husband’s old worn shirts. This is the perfect pattern for them! I’m thinking plackets on the sides or stripes and checks in different directions. Thank you!

    1. Yoguichai

      Good idea, I have lots of items saved for new projects, this pattern will be the solution. Thanks

  5. Gail Glaneman

    Love it! Good time to break out the new linen!

  6. Susan Terrill

    I really like the versatility of this top and the dress which was introduced yesterday. Lovely styles for my sated.
    I love the sustainability aspect of this pattern.

  7. Oh, I like this one! What’s the keyhole closure – is it a thread chain? If it’s a thread chain, can a fabric loop be substituted? I’ve done thread chains, and mine always come out looking ratty (and I’m always afraid they’ll break).

  8. Juanita Vega DeJoseph

    This looks so versatile from work to weekend. Can’t wait to download it!

  9. Stine Nymo

    This looks amazing, i Just wonder if I can use it. Im just on size20 on bust, but vips and waist is way of…. Same as bust… 116 cm bust, waist an hip….
    Any thougts?

  10. Jacqueline

    I love so many aspects of this pattern, but can’t/don’t wear sleeveless pieces. Is there an existing Leisl pattern with a sleeve that has a similar armscye so that a sleeve could be substituted into the Breezy Blouse ? Many thanks for any suggestions!

  11. Kathy Eastwood

    Would this pattern work for a knit? I have a lot in my stash…

  12. Martha

    Love it, but wish there was a sleeved version. I’m no longer comfortable in sleeveless.

  13. Pat

    New to sewing
    How much fabric required for side panels?
    Thanks so much!

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