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Hello friends!

The spring patterns have finally gone to the printer! Every season I tell myself there must be a faster way to do this, but it always takes more time than I think it should. In any case, I’m looking forward to introducing you soon, and in the meantime it’s past time to get started on fall. Any special requests? I’m always open to suggestions.

Oh, and a kitty update since several of you have asked. Everyone is doing well! Both kitties have been neutered now, and Puck isn’t vomiting nearly as much as he was when he was small. We think he’s growing out of it, hurray! The weather here has been lovely, so when I open the French doors during the day they dig in my plants and take naps in the sunshine. I’m jealous. Here they are today. Luna is wearing a harness and leash because she’s just started jumping up and walking along the balcony’s tiny thin railing, so this afternoon I need to find a new solution for keeping them safe.

sleepy kitties

Pinterest Picks

In case you missed it, I wrote about my newest Lisette for Butterick pattern the other day. It has a built-in shelf bra!

Liesl's March 15 Pinterest picks
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Two things I’d love to have time to try: a color-blocked All Day Shirt and a cropped Gallery Tunic, maybe with flared sleeves like this (which you could easily do with the Building Block Dress book, of course).

Liesl's March 15 Pinterest picks
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Aren’t these two little peplum dresses adorable? Also doable with our Building Block Dress book, of course.

Liesl's March 15 Pinterest picks
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This is what I love about the basic button-down shirt. So versatile! I’ve got several fabrics lined up to sew a few more Classic Shirts for myself, this time slightly oversized and I’m going to play around with a few details, too.

Liesl's March 15 Pinterest picks
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These little details you’ll only see yourself at the inside of a garment are so intriguing to me, and you’ll have a chance to play around with this yourself with our new spring patterns!

Liesl's March 15 Pinterest picks
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Weekend Reading

OK, have a wonderful weekend and I hope you’ll be sewing something fun! We’ll be back next week with a few fun things for you.




  1. Thank you for always sending the most interesting sewing related things my way! I look forward to your thoughtful comments and beautiful photos.

    1. I’m glad you enjoy them, Kathy.

  2. Teenage kitties hey. Trouble. 🙂
    My Oliver + S request is (still) a dressing gown pattern. My kids are outgrowing their KwikSew pattern and it was an ordinary creature to begin with.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Frances

    Pattern request: Doubt I’m in the majority here but I’d like a pattern for cassock-like coat or dress, like this one, for example https://www2.eggtrading.com/collections/coats-jackets/products/eh-rapunzel

    1. I’d be very curious to see that coat on a body–what a shame they don’t have any photos!

  4. Anna

    Any possibility of extending the sizes for the patterns that stop at 8? Even just a digital release would be great. I’m running out of time before my kids outgrow them.

    1. Anna, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever re-visit those first pattern because it’s simply not cost-effective for my time at this point and some of them simply don’t translate into larger sizes very well. But I do hope to offer more tween patterns in addition to all the patterns that go up to size 12.

  5. Mindy

    As much as I love fancy dresses (and I’ve made plenty!), the patterns I find I use most often are for basics: the field trip tee, the badminton skorts, the playtime dress and leggings. So I’d love more every day patterns.

    1. I agree, Mindy. Surprisingly, the dresses tend to sell better, but I love basics too.

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