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Hello friends!

It’s hard to believe our two weeks in New York are almost over! We’ve had a whirlwind visit but have managed to see so many dear friends. It’s been lovely to be back. I always expect it to take a little time for me to adjust to the pace and the changes of the city, but each time I return it feels almost as though I had never left. The city is changing rapidly, but not so rapidly that I don’t feel like I still belong. I love the pace of New York and feel so comfortable here. Plus, it’s nice to speak English again!

Rather than Pinterest picks this week, I’ll leave you with images from the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the Met. I’m still hoping to see the portion at the Met Breuer, but the main museum and the Cloisters were absolutely spectacular, especially the Cloisters! Apologies for the crummy images; it’s past time for me to upgrade my phone.

images from the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the Met

images from the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the Met

images from the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the Met

Weekend Reading (and Watching)

  • Aren’t these photos of the Hong Kong Ballet amazing?
  • The Falleras of Valencia.
  • Walking around the city I’ve been quite fascinated at the muted shades of color being worn. Lots of white, khaki, and lavender, sage, pink. Fashion reflects the world around us, and I’m certain that our political climate plays into that. We’re yearning for tranquility and peace in a time of upheaval. And speaking of color, what will be the next Millenial Pink? My bets are on lavender.
  • I think I’ve linked to this before, but it’s worth linking again: If you’re looking to do a little wardrobe planning for yourself, this app will help you develop a croquis to your own body shape, which in turn allows you to anticipate what various styles will look like when you wear them. Good idea, right?
  • I dropped in to see the Fashion Unraveled exhibit at FIT yesterday. I had expected to love it but left feeling somewhat underwhelmed. But the concept is a good one.
  • Well, this is sort of fun! I wonder who will buy the archive and what will become of it.
  • Video: My sister just returned from Japan and sent me this link: furoshiki might be a great way to use some of your fabric scraps, too!
  • How nice to see J. Crew do expanded sizing the way it should be done: with the input of experts!

Have a terrific weekend, everyone. We’re headed to my parents’ place late Sunday night, and I’ll be here on the blog again next week once I’ve caught my breath. Lots to tell you; we need to catch up!




  1. Patricia

    Thank you so much for sharing! Regardless of phone issues I thoroughly enjoyed them!

  2. Holly Dumont

    Great post. We’ve been doing fabric wrapping for Christmas for years. Now, we’ll have knots! Love it. I vote for orange! I love turquoise and orange just play nicely together. Hope you had time to go fabric shopping, and get cashmere!

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