sewing small talk: are you Me Made May-ing?

For the past eight years or so, many of us have participated in Me Made May, which is a challenge intended to encourage us to wear and enjoy the clothing we’ve made. I think it’s a lot of fun, and S has always been my mostly-willing photographer for the month. (If you’re playing along you can use the hashtag #mmmay18.)

Me Made May 2018

The fun of the challenge is that you can set your own participation level and guidelines, so it’s really up to each person how they play along. This year I just haven’t felt much like posting photos because of other things going on in my life, but I love to see what you’re wearing and posting. And I occasionally get a twinge to ask S to take a photo of my own outfits. (Who knows, maybe I’ll join in before the end of the month!)

In any case, are you participating in Me Made May this year? And if so, what do you like about it? Do you have a favorite outfit so far this month?



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  1. liz n.

    I am bravely participating in Me Made May this year in that IF, by the end of May, I’ve finished any of the garments I’m knitting and sewing, I will then post them on Instagram and hashtag them appropriately. It’ll totally look like I planned everything for MMM, right?

    I think it’s akin to cheating, but there you go. 😉

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