four tutorials on how to preserve a pattern

Today it’s all about preserving a pattern. This is an excellent resource for a beginner and offers options for the more experienced sewist. Click on the links to learn why you’d want to preserve patterns and see the variety of substrates and marking tools. We’ve covered the most popular methods with these four tutorials from our archives. Pick the one that works best for you.

preserving a pattern

1) Introduction: Why to Preserve Your Pattern and Tools for the Job

tools for preserving a pattern

2) Freezer Paper

preserving a pattern using freezer paper

3) Swedish Tracing Paper

preserving a pattern using swedish tracing paper

Carbon Tracing Paper

preserving a pattern using carbon paper




  1. Erica

    As a child my mother taught me the carbon paper method, and I didn’t know there were systematic alternatives until a few years ago! Pellon makes a STP-alternative paper that is less expensive than the stuff I can find online that is actually called “Swedish Tracing Paper,” and it seems to have all the properties of STP. I was inspired by how Lightning McStitch organizes all her tracings in notebooks (which she showed on the Facebook page), and I’ve started to dabble with her method of organization. I find it is ideal for patterns/sizes I’m likely to repeat. (And, I’m more likely to repeat it if the tracing is already done and easily accessible!)

    1. Rachel

      I am interested to see the method for keeping the tracing in notebook that you mentioned, can you please help provide the link or any search keyword so I can take a look? Many thanks in advance.

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