the new girl on the go dress + top pattern is now available

I’m happy to let you know that our newest Oliver + S pattern, the Girl on the Go Dress + Top is now available! You can purchase it in either paper or digital format.

Girl on the Go Dress + Top

And guess what. In addition to being glad to introduce you to this new pattern, there’s something else. The Girl on the Go pattern brings the total number of Oliver + S pattern styles published to 50. And we think that’s something to celebrate!

50 Patterns from Oliver + S

I can hardly believe we’ve released this many patterns so far. We’ll talk about that more next week when we begin the celebration for our 10th anniversary!




  1. Melani

    So exciting! I’ve enjoyed being a part of your journey and I look forward to many more years of O+S!

    1. Thanks, Melani! And thanks for joining us on this journey… xo

  2. Lucinda Poel

    Congrats on the your first tween pattern (so exciting as our kiddos grow older to have a new line of O & S patterns to look forward to:) AND your 50th pattern release! Lucky us that we’ve been able to enjoy so many O & S patterns over the years:)

    1. Lucinda, it’s been a pleasure to get to know you! Thanks for being part of this.

  3. Lisa

    Congratulations from someone with (only) 28 O&S patterns, both books, many Leisl & Co and probably half of your Lisette patterns. A firm fan, I’m excited to see where you go next. And yes, buying the Girl on the Go dress for my teen and tween daughters who’ve had to endure my efforts to upsize their ouotgrown O&S patterns for years. I have a teenage boy who could use some snazzy updates to his wardrobe. Something sporty yet fashionable would do the trick… 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! We appreciate your support and encouragement. I love this community!

  4. Jennifer McCann

    Ooh I love this tween dress. That size 8 is large for my 8 year old. She’s only 49 inches and pounds. Oh well, I will still get it. She won’t be this wee forever. LOVE THIS LOVE THIS LOVE THIS.

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