celebrating 10 years with a giveaway from monaluna organic fabric

We’re continuing our week of giveaways today with a gift for one reader from our friends at Monaluna Organic Fabric. Read to the bottom of the post to learn how you can enter.

Monoluna Giveaway

Jennifer Moore, of Monaluna Organic Fabrics, always puts together the most adorable displays for Quilt Market.  When I saw her in Houston 1 1/2 years ago (with her husband, who often comes along to help out), she had a tiny little house in her booth, along with a grassy front yard if I recall correctly. It was adorable. They took photos of me as a little souvenir. Mostly I search out Jennifer at Market because I enjoy chatting with her. And also because she produces lovely fabrics!

Like I’ve already said several times this week, I believe in supporting other indie businesses and I appreciate the love and care they put into their fabrics. I chose three Monaluna organic fabrics for one of our upcoming Spring Oliver + S spring patterns (I’ll introduce you to it next week!) and was so thrilled with the quality of the fabric as well as the printing. Beautiful colors and designs.

Jennifer often uses our patterns to sew samples for her Quilt Market booth and for photo shoots, and she sent me some of those photos to share with you. Here’s the Roller Skate Dress (with added pockets per the model’s request!) used for one of Monaluna’s collections.

Monaluna Journey Lawn

And here’s the Hide-and-Seek Dress sewn in a poplin. (You’ll see this paintbrush print again next week in our spring pattern release!)

Monaluna has kindly offered one winner two 3-yard cuts from either their new Journey collection or from their Simple Life knits. You’re going to love both collections.

The Journey collection features 11 prints on poplin and six on cotton lawn.

Journey Poplin

Journey Lawn

The Simple Life knits collection features Scandinavian-inspired prints and versatile solids. Wouldn’t these be great for the Girl on the Go pattern? (The collection would work well with many of our other knit patterns from both Oliver + S and Liesl + Co. as well.)

To enter to win two three-yard cuts of the fabric of your choice from either of these collections, leave a comment telling us which of the two you would choose to sew with first–Simple Life knits or Journey wovens. One entry per person, please. We will close comments on this post and choose the winner (with the assistance of random.org) on Thursday, March 22 at 9:00 AM ET. The winner will be notified by email.

IMPORTANT: do not check the box to subscribe to comments on this post unless you’re running a test to determine which of these two collections is more popular with Oliver + S blog readers and you need to capture each response individually!




  1. Suzanne

    The journey collection

    1. Laura Johnson

      It’s a hard choice, but I think I’ll have to go with the simple life knot collection! Thanks!

    2. Christine E-E

      Knits! Making clothes for my grandchildren would suit me fine.

    3. Susan Terrill

      I would choose the desert flower lawn from the Journey collection first to make a lovely summer dress. I can feel and smell the flowers of the tucson desert in these lovely fabrics. I lived in Tucson for several years. they have captured the feel of the desert.

  2. Catherine

    I would choose the journey wovens. Sewing with some poplin sounds like just the thing.

  3. Elisabeth

    The journey collection…I love cactus and succulents!

  4. Annika

    The blue and flowers of the simple life knits are beautiful – definitely my first choice!

  5. Michaela

    Simple life knits

  6. Anna

    Simple Life knits

  7. M.A.G

    I would choose one of the lawn fabrics.

  8. Ariel

    The journey life collection, because of the cactus/succulent print

  9. Susan

    The simple life knits — I especially love the dandelions.

  10. I I like both but I think the journey collection is great for summer clothing!

  11. Michelle Garrity

    I’m not usually a “knit girl”, but those scissors and dandelions are darling! The simple life knits it is!

  12. Julia Rhodes

    I am all about the knits today.

  13. Andrea

    The journey collection. And would probably use it for the Roller Skate dress, since my 6-year old loves that style. 🙂

  14. Wendy

    The journey collection.

  15. Emily Watson

    Simple life knits, without a doubt. Love love love sewing with knot fabrics, so many lovely tops i could make my daughter with those patterns. Plus I really love those type of repetitive patterns, they always remind me a bit of Orla Kiely.

  16. Kelly

    Journey wovens. That Desert Floral Lawn is gorgeous!

  17. Asheley

    The Journey collection has some lovely patterns!

  18. The simple life knits are so lovely! They would make some adorable Hannah Anderssen-esque play dresses. I just finished listening to Kristin Lavransdatter on audio while sewing, so I do have Scandanavian on the brain!

  19. Anna Gerard

    I would choose the journey women’s first. I love the dry gardens print! Reminds me of my first home in Arizona.

  20. Melani

    I would love to sew with Journey wovens first … I’ve always Monaluna fabrics …

  21. Denise

    I would use the hydrangea knit and a solid to make my favorite…. the playtime dress and leggings!

  22. Donna Medlin

    I have fallen in love with lawns, especially in our hot climate, so I would choose some of those beautiful Journey lawns! Thank you!

  23. Barb

    I love the Scandi vibe of those knits!

  24. Ruth S

    I love lawns and would choose the Journey

  25. Mary

    If I were to win, I’d use the knits first, as my daughter loves her simple pop-over-head-dresses. She also loves her twirly Sunday best… so either type of fabric would be put to good use.
    Thanks for opening this contest to everyone, regardless of nationality or location.

  26. Love the Simple Life knits! Another great company.

  27. Kari

    They’re all beautiful. I would choose from the journey collection. I would love to use that lawn!

  28. Lynn Poulin

    Tough choice, but I think the journey wovens

  29. Ava

    Would love the Journey, the paintbrush and birdseed prints are great.

  30. aprilshowers

    As always, you offer a difficult choice! I love Scandinavian-inspired print so I think I’d go with the Simple Life knit first but it would be closely followed with that lovely moon phase print in poplin.

  31. Mirjam

    Love the paintbrushes. Instant must-have-drooling….

  32. Jennifer

    I’d choose Journey lawn–I think??? Such a hard choice!

  33. NickyH

    I would choose the Simple Life knits – such gorgeous patterns.

  34. I would have to go with the Journey because I’m in love with that Blackbird print!

  35. Jennifer P

    The journey wovens – I love the blackbird poplin!

  36. jaelh

    Woven!! Love the cactus lawn!!! 🙂

  37. I love the journey knits! I’m a sucker for scandi inspired anything!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. Andrea Medina-Smith

    I am way into succulents right now so the Journey prints are on point!

  39. Mary

    The woven collection looks lovely

  40. Oops! Got excited and got confused… the simple life knits for me.

  41. Emily

    I love the knits, but I’m looking for a few woven fabrics for dresses right now, so I would choose the Journey wovens. Such lovely fabrics, all of them!

  42. Sinead

    Journey woven – the desert floral lawn is stunning!

  43. Anne

    Oh the lawn of Journey… *swoon*

  44. Amanda norell

    Journey woven but they are all so beautiful!

  45. Nina

    So nice to see all those dark blue prints! I’d use the Moon Phase poplin (Journey) to make pillow cases.

  46. kbo

    So hard to chose, but think the Journey wovens.

  47. Beth

    Journey! The cactus fabric is too cute

  48. The simple life knits in the hydrangea knit is cute.

  49. The Journey collection!!

  50. Those knits look amazing! I’d pick those for sure!

  51. Charmaine west

    Beautiful. Definitely day garden poplin xx

  52. Shanti

    Oh, those bears! Would have to be the knits.

  53. Marie-Michele

    Journeys wovens!!! They would make awesome sundress!

  54. Elizabeth Johnson

    Simply Life Knits!

  55. Nique

    The Journey collection is lovely.
    Thank you for the opportunity

  56. Wanda O

    I love the simple life knit collection. Just bought the Girl on the Go pattern, as well as some shirt patterns that would work well with the prints and solids in this collection.

  57. Emily S.

    Journey wovens! Love those patterns 🙂

  58. Beth

    Both collections are tempting, but I am feeling more drawn to the knits.

  59. Polly M

    Such a hard choice but those blue tulips are so cute so most likely I would choose knits

  60. Marsha

    Journey women’s for me. Love the coyotes and the cactus prints.

  61. Corinnea

    Super hard to choose! A this moment I am leaning towards the simple life knits.

  62. Patricia Joyce

    I would sew myself a top in the Lawn. What gorgeous prints!

  63. Mary Sundquist

    Simple knits . Love the scissors cutting flowers. Just what I needed on this snowy day.

  64. Jill

    I love the simple life knits!

  65. Barbara

    I would choose one of the Journey Lawns to make something cool and comfortable for our too hot summer.

  66. Libby

    The wovens! I love a good lawn!

  67. Jen

    The Paintbrush poplin or lawn would be my choice! Thanks for the fantastic giveaways and pattern sale! Such a generous way to celebrate! Happy anniversary!!

  68. emily

    Usually I go for wovens, but there is something about those knits that I adore! I would choose them first. 🙂

  69. Julia

    Dry Garden lawn from the Journey collection would fantastic for a summer blouse or a dress.

  70. Becky

    I’d choose the simple life knits!

  71. Amy

    Both are beautiful. I’m working on my skills sewing knits so that’s what I’d choose!

  72. Bonnie Guyer Graham

    Journey of course

  73. Marlene Maclaren

    Both collections are stunning but the knit blues are winning!

  74. Jenny

    The journey collection.

  75. Elizabeth Rockwood

    That beautiful floral woven is calling my name— journey wovens for sure.

  76. Chelle Chapman

    I’ve not sewn w/ Lawn or Poplin, I don’t think so anyway! I love sewing sew much w/ knit but I LOVE those Lawn & Poplin prints so I would probably choose one of those two!!! LOVELY Giveaway, thanks to ALL of y’all!!!!

  77. Barbara

    Journey collection

  78. Sarah Huntley

    I would love to sew with the desert flower poplin, so Journey wovens!

  79. Addie

    Some of the lawns are really lovely but the Blue Tulip and the On Point knits are just so versatile that I would choose those today. The Girl on the Go dress and top/Maritime top are what I am thinking of. Thanks for the giveaway.

  80. Sarah

    Journey collection

  81. Lesley

    I would choose Journey lawn!

  82. Erin Krusic-Golub

    I’m trying to challenge myself this year with branching out into knits, so i’d love to try the Simple Life knits

  83. Diane

    Simple Life knits! I love knits for little girls dresses!

  84. Michelle Van Maanen

    Journey! Perfect for summer dresses

  85. Staci Poppleton

    Simple life knits!

  86. Marilyn

    Simple life knits

  87. Diya

    Such creative prints.. journey wovens won my heart ..

  88. Jennifer McCann

    journey wovens, because beautiful lawns are hard to find!

  89. Erika

    Both are wonderful! I think I’d pick the knits.

  90. Autum

    Journey woven for sure! I really love the paintbrush pattern.

  91. Eleanor

    The journey prints are awesome! I especially love the Dry Garden and Blackbird prints.

  92. Susan Snyder

    I choose the journey wovens. Better choice of colors for me.

  93. Sarah D

    I love both but might choose to sew something with the Simple Life knits first!

  94. Kristen

    The journey collection is lovely

  95. Lian

    The Simple Life knits

  96. Sara Kaetzer

    Journey – I love me some poplin!

  97. Erin

    The journey collection. I love sewing with wovens.

  98. Amy

    The Journey woven – beautiful!

  99. Ragon

    Oh it’s so hard to choose! Although I love the knits, I’m feeling drawn to a lot of the Journey prints–and lawn is so nice for sundresses!

  100. The knits! I have been obsessed with her scandinavian line forever!

  101. Carolyn

    Simple life first!

  102. Helen O’Driscoll

    Wowsers I love those Simple Life Knits – the Blue Tulips and Hydrangeas ❤️❤️❤️

  103. KeaWekaKea

    I’d choose some poplin or lawn from the Journey collection. So beautiful!

  104. Both are beautiful! It’s so hard to pick! I think knits wins by a teeny margin.

  105. Alex

    The Simple Life knit collection has such great blues.

  106. Oh my goodness, the Journey collection is just divine!! That would be my first choice

  107. I would choose the simple life knits. Love those bears!

  108. Lisa

    Journey wovens. I love the idea of using orange and dark blue together.

  109. Lori

    Journey would be my first choice. Love the soft floral and anything coral.
    Thank you!

  110. Jennifer Skene

    Ooh, the Journey wovens! Those cacti!

  111. Michele

    With a name like Olson, I have to go with the Simple Life knits. : )

  112. Florence Taylor

    I love both, but would choose the journey.

  113. The simple life knits collection is my favorite. Love the color combinations.

  114. Cheryl

    The simple life knits collection. I like the colors

  115. Nancy K

    Tough choice! I think I’d go for the journey woven collection though

  116. Sarah Cross

    I would probably sew with the knit first. I can always whip up something pretty fast with a knit and who doesnt like immediate gratification?

  117. Enbee

    The journey collection – my son loves bears and has been feeling a little neglected with my sewing lately, as I’ve been preparing for his baby sister’s arrival.

  118. María

    Maybe knits first… And wovens right afterwards!!!

  119. Amber

    This is a really tough choice– because I sew with both knits and wovens and both collections are really beautiful! I think I’d have to go with Journey, though. Beautiful fabrics I’m glad to know about now.

  120. SaraJane Kramer

    I would choose Blackbird Poplin and Little Leaves Organic Knit. One from each collection! I love Monaluna fabrics. I just bought some of the Desert Floral lawn fabric to make a shirt. The little succulents are just too cute!

  121. Rebecca

    I would choose the Simple Life knits. Beautiful!

  122. Tough decision! I love the blues of the knits so I guess it would have to be Simple Life knits for me!

  123. Julie S

    Simple Life knits! The bear print would make an adorable shirt for my son!

  124. Mindy

    Tough choice, but I think I’d go with the Simple Life knits.

  125. Bree Crocetti

    Journey Wovens please! I would love to win!

  126. Leah

    Simple life knit!

  127. Rebecca Pelletier

    The journey collection with the cotton lawn would be so lovely to sew with. ❤

  128. Melani

    Both are great! My daughter would love the coyotes, and my son would flip for the bears!

  129. Suzie

    For me, I would definitely choose the journey wovens. But for kids, I think I would go for the knits, since they’re so quick to whip up.

  130. Marika

    I would love the wovens. That cactus print is so fun! If I won, I’d sew up matching outfits for me and my little girl.

  131. Amorette

    The journey wovens are beautiful and remind me of the desert where I grew up. Would make a lovely blouse!

  132. Marie

    I would choose the knit collection.

  133. Stacy

    I LOVE the Journey collection.

  134. Audrey

    The Journey collection. Love the birds and seed patterns!

  135. Emily Vandiver

    Journey woven collection. The moon phase and desert floral prints are both so lovely.

  136. Sara

    Journey collection—love the cacti!!

  137. Susan

    Bear knit fabric for my boys!

  138. Nancy

    Both great collections but I do love the Journey prints. Would like to try the lawns.

  139. Nicole

    The journey wovens look wonderful.

  140. I would chose Journey woven prints but both are really nice.

  141. whitner

    Oh my gosh – the Journey in lawn would be so delicious in our hot summers!

  142. I would choose the knits!

  143. Simple life knits 🙂

  144. Erika

    The journey prints look dreamy! I would choose those first!

  145. Oh, what fun to add to the fabric stash! I’m seeing quilt backing out of birdseed poplin. There are some lovely combos, and I must say I really like Skulls and Roses for a skirt for myself.

  146. Michelle

    I would choose Journey. Lawn is the perfect fabric for south Texas!

  147. Stephanie Spann

    I’m in love with the Desert Floral print, and since I love lawn so much, that’s probably straight where I’d go!

    P.S. I love the different reasons you write each day for people to not check the “Subscribe…” box. Amusing.

  148. Sherry Cragen

    Journey women’s. Would love to try sewing something out of lawn.

  149. Holly Dumont

    Journey first. Not that I don’t l love those Scandi bears. But summer is coming and with it the need for lawn!

  150. Kathleen Carlsen

    Both are lovely, but I tend to reproduce historical (early 20th century) clothes, poplin would probably be more appropriate.

  151. Eleni O'Neill

    I love the journey collection wovens because that crow print is amazing!

  152. Joanna Szarkowski

    Coyotes, and moons, and bears oh my!

  153. Carrie Simpson

    Definitely the Journey wovens! Those prints are stunning!

  154. Alicia

    I would choose the Journey first. : )

  155. Kae

    Such a difficult question, but I would sew first with Simple Life knits, because knits can be quickly sewn with a serger.

  156. I love the journey collection, it’s gorgeous.

  157. Sewfy Keeler

    I would really love to get my hands on the Birdseed Blue lawn and the Blackbird poplin! So lovely!

  158. Donna

    Journey woven, please! I have a daughter who just loves coyotes, and I love the desert floral lawn!

  159. Rebecca Ark

    So beautiful! The difficult part would be deciding what in the world to make!

  160. Jessica

    I usually choose knits but those coyotes! My son would love them.

  161. I’d love the Bear Family and Hydrangea knits.

  162. Ashley

    The journey collection…. Love the birdseed prints!!!

  163. Laura

    I’ve tried monaluna wovens, but never their knits – so I would definitely try the journey knits. Thank you and happy anniversary!

  164. Pamela Tessari

    Journey wovens, in particular Dry Garden. Such an original floral print!

  165. Sally

    Definitely eyeing those wovens. Thanks for the introduction to a lovely fabric line.

  166. Deborah

    Journey wovens, although both look lovely.

  167. courtney corvette

    Simple Life Knits, though I seem to be the only person who finds sewing with knits not so simple!

  168. Judith

    The Simple Life collection

  169. I love the Scandinavian feel of those knits, especially the one on the bottom right, but I think the Journey collection has won my heart. So many lovely options. . . .

  170. Stella

    The Simple Life knits.

  171. Maggie H.

    Simple Life knits for a Girl on the Go dress!

  172. Rachel Rogers

    Journey Knit Collection. Thanks for the chance to win.

  173. Amy

    Journey wovens are lovely!

  174. Greta

    Wow, while I really like the poplins, I absolutely love the knits!!

  175. Karen

    Birdseed blue lawn!

  176. Sarah

    Those poplins are so pretty! I would sew a Hide and Seek dress for my little girl out of one of those!

  177. Rebecca

    I’d pick the Journey wovens. Their lawn is luscious!

  178. Ashleigh Brumet

    The journey collection!

  179. Kris

    Oooooohhhh. Journey wovens! I would love to sew clothing for my grandkids!

  180. L

    I love Monaluna’s lawns. I’ve never tried their knits–would love to feel them!

  181. Tricia

    Love them both a bunch, but the blackbirds tip me to the Journey Wovens.

  182. Jean

    Oh! The Simple Life Knits!! So lovely.

  183. Joanie

    I would love to have the simple life knits!

  184. Rebecca McKenna

    Simple Life knits – for tunic-like tops worn by granddaughters

  185. Lori

    The Journey Woven are grabbing me first! Super cute!

  186. Linda

    I love all of Monaluna’s fabrics! But would love to win the simple life knits!! I have several patterns that I could make for my granddaughter. Thank you!

  187. Sarah Lippitt Houston

    The Journey Collection most definitely!

  188. Ainslie

    I think the journey wovens would be lovely to work with!

  189. Bill

    The simple life knits would be my first choice.

  190. teri l williams

    Coyote Moon or Blackbird from Journey.
    But wait – what about the bears from Simple Life?
    And that cotton lawn….

    Thanks again for making this opportunity possible!

  191. Sue Whelan

    Simple Life knits, I’m just learning to master my serger and these colours look beautiful for a Sailor top.

  192. The lawn would be my first choice.

  193. Cindi

    I would love the knit patterns – they all balance each other beautifully.

  194. Amanda Correa

    Love that cactus print from the Journey collection! Those would be my first choice for some summery pieces to sew up with my new O + S patterns that arrived today!

  195. Susanne

    The wovens please – lawn is my favourite fabric. And the prints are adorable!

  196. Ruth

    Knits are so comfy, so that’s what I usually sew for my girls 🙂

  197. Corinne

    Journey please!

  198. Samantha

    I would choose the Simple Life knits. I love the colors!

  199. Noreen Casson

    I LOVE sewing with lawn…so that would be my first choice! So many lovely options.

  200. Simple life knits for a metro t shirt

  201. Emily

    I’d pick the Simple Life Knits!

  202. carasews

    Journey wovens! I love the colors of the prints

  203. Christianne McCall

    Woven for summer!

  204. Mary Kolb

    The Journey women’s have so many interesting prints that I would have so sew something up with them right away!

  205. Marcia Sue

    Journey wovens for sure

  206. Jane

    Knits please! Those bears are fab!

  207. Tracy C.

    I’d start with the Simple Life knits!

  208. I’ve never sewed with poplin. I think I’d try that.

  209. Pj Peterson

    I love the desert garden poplin and the floral garden in the journey series. Colors are delicious!!

  210. Bonni

    Simple Life knits!

  211. Lindsay

    Simple life knits!

  212. Leni Maeckle

    What a fabulous giveaway! I have some canvas from the Simple Life collection and it is really lovely.
    But the Journey collection is just as beautiful and I rather sew wovens at the moment, so Journey wovens for me, please.

  213. Heidi

    Simple life knits

  214. Theresa

    Definitely the knit collection!

  215. Kelley

    I’d choose Journey 🙂

  216. Susan Androff

    I love the Journey collection. Favoring the Desert Floral print at the moment.

  217. The cactus collection

  218. Kylie Samson

    Ooh it’s the journey collection for me – I’ve got some new patterns coming that I can’t wait to try….

  219. The journey collection is my favorite. I need to make some little girl stuff.

  220. Jessica

    i would use those bears knit fabric!!

  221. Lynn

    I love navy blue so would choose the Simple Life knits. Thank you.

  222. Jennifer

    I would probably start with the woven as I am still a little afraid of knits.

  223. Jackie Ries

    The Journey collection is beautiful. I would make a Hide and Seek dress for my two granddaughters. Lovely fabrics!

  224. Hannah W

    What great giveaway sponsors you are having. I would start with the simple life knits:)

  225. Marcy

    Journey wovens most definitely! I LOVE the Desert Floral pattern.

  226. MJ

    The Journey woven prints are fantastic!

  227. Eilene Hengen

    The journey collection looks really fun. I would help my 11 year old grand-daughter sew a dress for herself. She, like , loves to sew!

  228. kim

    journey wovens, i love the cacti!

  229. I would probably sew the knits first, because it seems like that’s all I sew with these days! Some of those journey prints are gorgeous though.

  230. Emily D.

    Tough choice! The wovens, i believe.

  231. Erica

    They are all so beautiful but I’ve been on a knits kick lately!

  232. JEB OBARR

    I’ve been picking knits, but I am really digging the Journey ovens now.

  233. Cyndi

    Knits. All the knits! But they are both fantastic collections.

  234. Karla

    I’d go with the Simple Life knits.

  235. Karen

    I think the Journey collection – love the birds and either the Birdseed poplin in coral or blue. Such a fun combo!

  236. Annette Poole

    They are all stunning, but i love the knits for children’s wear so that would be my go-to choice.

  237. Karen Brown

    I would choose the simple life knits because I love to sew with knits for the grandkids and the designs in this collection look so stylish and fun!

  238. Jennie

    That cactus print from the journey collection!

  239. Dana Tougas

    Both are lovely but the designs on the Simple Life knits are my favorite.

  240. Emily Wilson

    Hard to choose. Both so beautiful… but I’m especially taken with Paintbrush in lawn from the Journey collection.

  241. Simple Life Knits

  242. Ann

    The wovens. I can envisage a library dress sewn in the desert rose poplin with the bird seed as the accent on blue or pink. Probably both as i have one blue loving daughter and one pink loving daughter.

  243. Allidon

    I love the simple life knits! Beautiful collections!!

  244. Kim Dimond

    I would go with the knits as my granddaughter wears the Playtime Tunics that she already has endlessly. We love them in knits.

  245. Carrie Clarke

    Simple Life Knits are scrumptuosity in fabric~~

  246. Patty

    I need some of that cactus print and the cute geometric lavender print to coordinate for a cute little outfit for our new little granddaughter due in August!

  247. Susan B

    Journey collection…I love that desert flower

  248. Suzanne Bradley

    Oh! How to choose? They’re all gorgeous…… I think, due to the predominance of blues (my favourite colour), I’d have to go with Simple Life Knits

  249. Erin Grover

    One of the lawns I think.

  250. ElaineM O'Brien

    I love sewing with Monaluna fabrics…this is a tough choice , but I have more experience with woven. I love the new prints!

  251. Nancy Owens

    The Journey wovens would be my first choice! All are beautiful!!!

  252. Nadezda

    I am really curious about The Journey Collection, the paintbrush tana lawn design in particular, because it resembles elephants (upside down) 😉 It will be perfect for the classic shirt pattern. Thank you!

  253. Janice Jacobson

    I would choose the Simple Life knits. I love the blue.

  254. Simone

    I would love the warm white lawn to use as an organic lining fabric

  255. Christine Hucklebridge

    I have my eye on those simple life knits!

  256. Judy Cinerari

    I love knits so I would choose the Simple Life collection. Cheers

  257. Tara

    I would choose the Journey woven first. They are beautiful and fun!

  258. Ana Salomé

    I love both, but I would start with journey wovens

  259. Jennifer

    I would make something with the Dry Garden Lawn for my 2 little girls! It reminds me of my California garden!

  260. Amy

    They are both lovely collections and my choice would be the Simple Life knits.

  261. Susan P-J

    All things cactus. The Journey Collection.

  262. Cathlene Eland

    I love the knit collection but I did find it very hard to choose between them!

  263. Cynthia Jenkinson

    Ahhh, Simple Life Knits for me…..so pretty!

  264. Anna miles

    Knits please! Those bears

  265. Tough choice, but probably the knits.

  266. Jo Campbell

    I would love to start with the beautiful simple life knits, I have a new overlocker and I’m keen to work on some knit projects and develop my sewing skills.

  267. Cheryl L Hause

    I would pick the Journey collection.

  268. Robina Holmes

    The Journey collection in the cotton lawn would see up a delightful summer dress. I love the cactus prints.

  269. Julie

    Journey – the Dry Garden print

  270. Andrea

    Simple life knits.

  271. Christine N

    I would sew something from the Journey collection! The paintbrush lawn would be my first choice within that collection. Thanks and happy anniversary!

  272. I love the bears print in Simple Life Knits!

  273. Susan Wolnik

    Simple life knit collection. The prints are lovely in both collections!

  274. The Journey Collection, sure!

  275. Ginger

    I would sew the knit first.

  276. I am a big fan of knits, which are definitely my kids favorites too, so Simple Life ! Love the tulips and bears…

  277. Beth Gustafson

    Love the journey woven’s…summmer dresses

  278. Faye

    Definitely the Simple Life knits, I’m a fan of the Scandinavian design aethetic! This fabric designer is new to me too, it’s nice to have another company on my radar.

  279. Rocky_Bayou

    Journey collection.

  280. Natalie Fritsche

    I’d love a new project in Journey wovens!

  281. Mary G.

    I’m in love with the Journey wovens. I’m not sure what I would make but it would be fun.

  282. Laura Beck

    Lovely patterns in both collections, but I’d think I’d like to try the knits and make dresses for the granddaughters!


    I would be filled with joy sewing any of the prints in the journey collection.

  284. Renae

    It’s usually a woven here, but I’d choose the Simple Life Knits first this time. …those bears!

  285. These fabrics are all so cute! But my preference would be the Journey poplin.

  286. Janet

    Such a tough choice but would probably make coordinating or combos of the simple life knits. Love the bears! Everything can mix and match

  287. Caroline

    It would be the Simple Life Knits -love the blue colourways.

  288. I must be having a bird moment, cause I can’t look past those blackbirds!

  289. Ann G.

    The Journey Collection is lovely!

  290. Nancy

    It’s a difficult choice, but I would like to sew the woven fabric first.

  291. Jena

    Journey women’s!

  292. Melissa moyers

    This is a hard one! Simple life knits for me, I think. Though both are lovely!

  293. Steph I

    Tough choice, but I say Journey Collection!

  294. Mary Jo Muncy

    That’s a tough one! I would have to flip a coin!

  295. Journey collection. Desert floral Poplain is gorgeous

  296. Esther

    Both collections are so pretty! I would choose the journey collection.

  297. Lorrie Gray

    Journey prints really suit my life style! Visions of T shirts and swirly skirts swim in my head!!!!

  298. Angela Bowling

    Skulls and Roses and the cactus in the Journey wovens. They are the best.

  299. Rebecca Hunter

    Knits. And in particular the Hydrangeas. Also the tulips for leggings. Looking stylish and comfortable in the sand pit is what it is all about when you are 3!

  300. Kate W

    Definitely the knits. That bear family is so cute!

  301. Amy C

    Such a tough choice! I’m going with the cotton lawn. Adorable.

  302. Dena Shepherd

    I wold choose Simple Life Knits! I love sewing with knits

  303. Rosemary Shannon

    simple life knits for me!

  304. Erin

    Journey wovens first!

  305. Carol DeJong

    Smitten by the Knits! It would be a great way to push my skills on my new machine! Hide and Seek is one of my favorite patterns, simple, stylish and full of options.

  306. Robyn Newell

    Hard one to say, but I will go with the knits on this one.

  307. Erin

    Journey wovens, absolutely!

  308. Kim Shelton

    ooohhh love the lawns but think I have to say Simple Life knits!!

  309. erika ricklefs

    I will go with the knits to jump out of my comfort zone! they are both sensational!

  310. Michelle Mikell

    The knits collection. I love the colors.

  311. Belinda

    I fell in love with the knit blue tulip print. I’d make a summer dress for myself and maybe a matching one for my granddaughter.

  312. Fiona

    They are both gorgeous! I’d choose the Simple Life knits.

  313. Cindy Hampton

    I love the knits! One of these would make a beautiful Chai Tee!!

  314. Marguerite White-Jeanneau

    Both collections are beautiful…but I think I would sew the journey wovens first. I see some beautiful shirts and dresses in those!

  315. Kristin

    I would choose from the knit collection. Congrats on your milestone!

  316. Sarah

    Hard decision, but the knit collection.

  317. Maryanne

    Navy, red and white are my all time most favourite colour combination so Simple life knits for me.

  318. Lara Florczak-Reyes

    The Simple Life knits. Love the Blue Tulip and Midnight Solid. I work and I would certainly use that knit combo for work and weekends!

  319. Stephanie

    Journey collection!!

  320. Paige

    I love the cotton lawns, and I would make another Classic Shirt. It’s a great pattern! Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary!

  321. Nancy Monnig

    Wovens – I love a nice cotton lawn!

  322. Mary Inchauste

    Journey Wovens, my first choice. Not as successful sewing knits.

  323. Haleemah Rahman

    Journey wovens.for me. I love the beautiful print of the flower.

  324. Margaret Nolte

    Love, love, love!!!!

  325. Misti Wheeler

    Simple life knits to make my first dress!

  326. Margaret Nolte

    Love the prints!!

  327. Megan

    I love the Journey wovens! The succulents are gorgeous.

  328. Lynn Shepard

    Oooh! I’d love to try the Journey wovens!

  329. Kathy

    I’d have to choose he Journey wovens. Theyr’re beautiful!!

  330. Leslie

    The journey collection.

  331. Valerie Bonilla

    The Journey Collection! The Desert Floral and Moon Phase prints are lovely!

  332. Debbie McDonald

    The Journey collection – I love Coyote Moon!

  333. Sarah

    Simple life! I just got a new sewing machine with fancier stitches to use…

  334. Roxanne

    Simple Life knits

  335. Sara

    The Journey knits would be my choice. Beautiful!

  336. Adrienne

    Simple life! Simply beautiful!

  337. Stacey

    Hmmmm. Tough choice! They’re both lovely collections. I think i would start with the Simple Life knits though!

  338. Karyn

    Definitely the Journey collection as I adore the Dry Garden Poplin.

  339. Abbie

    The simple life knits I especially love the bears.

  340. Jody Hug

    Love the Simple Life Knits! I would love to use the Roller Skate Dress pattern with the navy tulips. Thanks for your great patterns Oliver + S and Happy Anniversary!

  341. Kathryn

    That is a doozy because both are awesome. But I would have to go with the woven.

  342. Emily

    A tough one, but I think I would go with the Journey collection as I find succulents hard to resist.

  343. Izza

    Both are beautiful. I think I’ll start with The journey collection. The lawn will looks great as a gallery dress

  344. Margaret Cahan

    I would choose the Journey collection since I love the blackbirds.

  345. Ann D-R

    I was already admiring the new Journey collection a few days ago. The birds and the pink skulls on lawn are brilliant.

  346. Betty

    I would go with the Simple Life knits.

  347. Joyce Montgomery

    So many pretty knits….I think they win

  348. Devon

    I’d have to pick Simple Life knits – but both collections are so gorgeous!

  349. Rhythm

    The journey collection looks beautiful!

  350. Jean

    I love the Simple Life knits!

  351. Kathy Wahl

    Love the journey collection…would be fun to combine two prints into two different dresses!

  352. Sharron

    Simple Life Knits! Trying to boost my knits-skills!

  353. I love the Journey collection, especially the cotton lawns, which are perfect for Singapore. Thank you!

  354. Katie Klomp

    Simple Life Knits! I love the Scandinavian- inspired prints!

  355. gold

    i would start with the simple life knits

  356. Caitie

    I like the journey prints!

  357. Erin Waters

    Sheesh…hard choice, but I’d pick the poplin…all are so beautiful!

  358. Cassandra Barry

    I like both a lot, but I would go with the Simple Life knits – I’m loving the bear one and I know my little guy would too!

  359. B Buck

    Knits – because I love the prints and I just completed a sewing with knits class. Thanks for the opportunity.

  360. Love the Journey Collection.

  361. Cassie M

    Simple life knits!

  362. Lisa Kenyon

    I am always looking for Scandinavian motifs for my sewing business. So of course, I’ll go with the Simple Life Knits. I’m already envisioning a little girl’s dress with the flower print, but then the bears would be such fun, too!

  363. Mary Mather

    The journey collection.

  364. Mary Coonts

    Love these modern prints. Would love to see coordinated solids.

  365. Shioka Kudo

    simple life knits please! i could use some of those for my son, too.

  366. Jane

    I would make my grandson a quilt with Coyote Moon! What a great print.

  367. Kathy

    I would choose the knits.

  368. Nada

    Would love to try the Journey wovens

  369. Sally

    I’d choose the wovens for a new spring ensemble.

  370. I’ve never properly learned to sew with knits, so I know that I would start with the Journey wovens.

  371. Lindsay

    I would start with the Journey ovens only because I am less confident with knits, however, maybe I should say the knits to have something wonderful to sew on and no excuse to not forge ahead and get comfortable.

    1. Lindsay

      That would be Journey wovens, not ovens…unless you are also running a kitchen appliance giveaway.

  372. Sarah

    I love those bears in the knit! That’s probably what I would choose.

  373. Heather Dawson

    I’m definitely would sew with some of the lawn from the journey collection first!

  374. Melissa

    Simple Life knits for sure. I have a tween girl (how did that happen!) who needs some comfy clothes.

  375. Jocelyn Warren

    Knits! It’s so hard to find a nice knit fabric

  376. arlinajsk

    Definitely knits! The colors and prints are so perfect for boys too!

  377. Deborah Gunthorpe

    I would choose journey woven although the bears knit fabric is gorgeous!

  378. Kim

    I’m going for the knit collection as well. Looks lovely.

  379. Kathie

    So hard to choose! I’ll go with Journey. Thank you!

  380. Anita Scott

    The Journey Woven collection

  381. Elizabeth Lewis

    The poplin is beautiful, but the lawn, OH MY, it would be lovely in so many things for summer. Gorgeous colorways. Thanks for sharing!

  382. Anne Johnson

    I love both collections. I would get more use of the Simple Life collection to make t-shirts for my daughter. She would love the bears.

  383. Catherine

    Ooh, I would go for the paintbrush poplin for a dress for my daughter. I’m also drawn to the bear knit fabric though. Lovely prints!

  384. Brenda Bush

    Simple Life Knits. My granddaughter loves the soft knits.

  385. sorahart

    I think the Journey wovens are awesome! And thanks for reminding me I have a remnant of the Monaluna paintbrush that I should use ASAP!

  386. Tonia Jeffery

    I love the scissor and cacti prints.

  387. Janice

    I’d go with the Journey collection, for sure!

  388. Sharon Beynon

    Would love to try the Simple Life Knit fabrics to make garments for my grandchildren

  389. Cindi P

    Simple Life knits. Just learning to sew knits and I love I Think!

  390. Annie

    Both are beautiful, but I’m on a knit kick right now!

  391. I’d love to sew something out of the Simple Life knit bear print.

  392. Brittney Laidlaw

    I would pick to sew with the wovens first, always looking for nice prints.

  393. Jessica

    I’m inspired by the Journey prints!

  394. Karen

    I would use the Journey wovens as they make me think of summer where the knits are in darker colors.

  395. Nikki

    I would love to try the knit Journey collection for our whole family, both are great collections!

  396. Darla Babcock

    The Journey wovens would be so much fun!

  397. Lisa

    Normally I would gravitate towards the knits but I love that floral print so much I have say the Journey collection!

  398. Maxine

    I’d like to try the Journey woven lawn, but I love the color of the solid Journey knit…I’d have to flip a coin.

  399. Dawn B

    I’d opt for the Journey woven lawn fabric. Though, both collections are cute!

  400. Jackie

    Journey collection fo sho!

  401. Rachel Richardson

    Happy birthday. Such a wonderful giveaway with so many beautiful patterns. I would love the desert flowers lawn and the skulls and roses lawn.

  402. Paula

    Absolutely beautiful designs. My first choice would be the paintbrush lawn , followed by one of the the geometric knits.

  403. I would choose the simple life knit.

  404. I writings choose Journey Wovens.

  405. The knits. I’m sewing lots of baby clothes at the moment and the prints are really cute!

  406. Tamara Fawcett

    I would pick the jersey wovens.

  407. Renee

    Simple life knits.

  408. Ellee

    Journey — especially the lawn.

  409. Angela

    Simple life knits ist so beautiful!

  410. Diane Korchmar

    I would choose the Journey collection as I could use it in both quilts and garments.

  411. Maria Juhasz Bucsek

    Hard to choose, may be the jersey.collection.

  412. Sarah Tackett

    They are both sweet, but I am down to the Journey wovens- I have some patterns that they would look great with!

  413. Dorothy

    Simple Life knits would be lovely please

  414. Diane P.

    Several of the Journey Wovens are demanding to become Everyday Skirts. My favorite is the Desert Floral Poplin.

  415. Bianca

    I would sew up a woven first, probably in a rollerskate dress!

  416. Holly Sharp

    The Journey wovens are so very beautiful…I think I’d like to start there!

  417. Kathryn McBride

    That green botanical print in the Journey collection is striking; I’d have to choose that.

  418. Florence

    Simple Life. I’m all about knits at the moment

  419. I love both collections but would choose the Journey collection! The dry garden print is dreamy

  420. Susan Okurowski

    Hard to decide, Simple life knits

  421. Laura

    I’d make a cactus-print shirt from the Journey lawn!

  422. Therese Gibson

    Journey wovens for the roller skate dress.

  423. Linda Southworth

    I have a simple knit top pattern that I see sewing the Simple Life Knits but not to be left behind the Journey wovens would quickly follow! Nothing like having to choose! Ha!

  424. Max

    I think I’d go for the wovens!

  425. Terri Cady

    I would choose something from the Journey collection.

  426. Rebecca Weber

    I think the journey collection is calling to me for summer dresses!

  427. Lillian

    The Journey wovens look like such fun to work with!

  428. MAR COLL

    i´m in love with journey collection

  429. Christine Passchier

    I would love the poplin.

  430. Lilian

    Simple Life knits!

  431. Marie Neff

    I like them all but would say I’d choose the wovens if push comes to shove.

  432. Alex Fe

    Hi Oliver + S!

    I would choose the simple life knits, but all are beautiful!

  433. Kirsten

    Such a hard choice, but the knits at too cute!

  434. Congratulations to Stephanie who left comment number 147 on this post. She was selected as the winner of this generous gift from Monaluna.

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