celebrating 10 years with a giveaway from birch fabrics

Today we’re continuing our anniversary week celebration with a special gift for one reader from our friends at Birch Fabrics! Read all the way to the bottom of this post to find out how you can enter.

Birch Fabric Giveaway

I’ve known Cynthia Mann from Birch Fabrics for quite a few years now. We met at Quilt Market, and I remember walking by her booth, seeing the adorable clothes she had sewn for her display using our patterns, and stopping in my tracks because they were so cute. We’ve stayed in touch ever since, and it’s been a lot of fun to see her business grow. Did you know that she also owns Fabricworm, which will be celebrating its 10th anniversary later this year? That means Birch is almost 10 years old, too. Time has gone so quickly.

Cynthia (and Birch) have developed lots of great fabric collections, including those adorable Charlie Harper collections! I chose one of her Birch Basics for the green Girl on the Go Dress and the quality of the fabric is just wonderful–in addition to being organic. It’s an interlock that’s 95% cotton/5% elastene, and Cynthia told me it’s a little bit heavier than some knits, about 220 gsm. It’s substantial enough to be perfect for the Girl on the Go Dress + Top. It’s super combed and incredibly soft to the hand. A pleasure to sew and a pleasure to wear!

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, Birch is offering one winner two 3-yard cuttings from your choice of their new Summer of ’62 knit collection or from their Birch Basics Knits collection.

The Summer of ’62 knit collection from Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics is inspired by California surf culture of the sixties. This collection takes us back to the beach in classic retro style.

The Birch Basics Knit collection features dots, more dots, and a sparkling “wink” print. You’ll love what you can do with the luscious knits.

To enter to win two three-yard cuts of the fabric of your choice from either of these collections, leave a comment telling us whether you’re a more retro summer of ’62 girl or a more classic, basics gal. (And if you’re a guy? Just tell us that. We don’t see many of your type around here, but we’re glad you’re here and you’re more than welcome to enter too!) One entry per person, please. We will close comments on this post and choose the winner (with the assistance of random.org) on Wednesday, March 21 at 9:00 AM ET. The winner will be notified by email.

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  1. Janine Mejia Diaz

    Summer of 62 looks great!

    1. Lisa

      So hard to choose. I love that the coil out schemes can be used together and with that said I will choose retro!

    2. Marion

      Basics for me-I love knits

    3. Lynda Spence

      Definitely a Summer of 62 gal!!

    4. Shirley Callegari

      Retro Summer of ‘62 … a memorable time in my childhood

    5. Maryanne Docker

      Basics for me, summer of 62 for my kids.

    6. Lesley

      Definitely a summer of ’62 girl! Love this

  2. Katie

    I usually go for basics, but I love the retro poppy print!

  3. mary

    I’m a basics sort of person and love to use these fabrics for clothes for my grandchild.

  4. Theresa

    Definitely a Summer of 62 girl! Gorgeous designs!

  5. Allison Russell

    Everything is adorable, but I just love their basics!

  6. Renae

    I’m most definitely a Summer of ’62 girl! Love them.

  7. Olga Chen

    I am definitely a retro summer of ’62 girl! What beautiful fabrics. I would love to make some dresses out of them.

  8. Veronica S. DuBoise

    Summer of ‘62 kinda gal! Thanks!

  9. Norma Peck

    I’m a more basic girl. I love anything with flowers, stripes, polka dots. I love your new sunglass fabric and the cars trucks one would make a great bag.

  10. Nancy Pultorak

    Love the retro!

  11. Laura Johnson

    Love those Polk a dots in the basics collection!

  12. Jen Conrardy

    Retro all the way!!! I was born in the wrong decade!

  13. Cassie

    Well I personally am more of a basics girl, but I can guarantee my girls would want some of those summer of ’62 fabrics!

  14. Joanna Szarkowski

    Summer ’62 the cars for my little guy, the last one who will wear my makes.

  15. Angela Butler

    I’m a basics kind of girl. But I think they’re both awesome.

  16. Love them all! But I guess if I really had to choose, I’d say retro summer of ’62.

  17. Erin Ericksmoen

    I love the basics! So cute.

  18. Amanda Carter

    I’m going with retro, but both are such cute collections!

  19. Jessica Lemley-Carballo

    Summer of ’62! The poppies are my favorite.

  20. Maggie Slabbekoorn-Kreger

    Summer of 62 is amazing!

  21. Summer ’62 would be so cute for my grandbabies!

  22. Helen

    Cute! More of a basics girl but I love some of those prints.

  23. Justine

    Being a California coastal native I’d say I love the Summer of 62. But both are cute!

  24. Martha

    I love all of Birch fabrics!!! Probably a basics over the retro:) Happy Anniversary! I still remember sewing my first O+s pattern and my “oh my gosh I made this and it is amazing” feelings. Thank you for being a big factor in my self taught sewing journey 🙂

  25. Amanda Moon

    I like the summer of 62

  26. Basics, for sure! I made the hopscotch top for the first time last week and used the wink basic in pink and they turned out so great! You’re right, they are wonderful to sew with. I’ll definitely order more Birch in the future.

  27. Lois Sanders

    Both are so sweet, but I’m more of a classic, basics gal.

  28. Deepa Thomas

    Definitely summer of 62 ! I can see a rollerskate dress there…

  29. Brooke Burt

    Love the basics!

  30. Hmm. I love me some retro prints but a beautiful classic basic is so important, too.

  31. Denise Smith

    I’m so a summer of ’62 girl! LOVE the automobile and eyeglass prints. So fun!

  32. Barb

    I like them all, but those surfboards are fab!

  33. Faye

    I would definitely get some of the basics collection, I’ve been admiring them for a long time. (And they’d be great for color blocking.) I’d make a dress for me and some tops for my toddler.

  34. Anna

    I like them both, but if I had to chose, I’d say Summer ’62.

  35. Kathy

    I love the basics!

  36. laglov

    OH man, so hard to choose. I guess I would go with Basics since they work with just about any project. Thanks!

  37. Kim McCloskey

    It’s a tough choice, love them both, but I would probably pick the retro over the basics.

  38. Carleen Gerber

    Summer of ’62, for sure 🙂

  39. Leah

    I think i’d go retro!

  40. Sharron

    Definitely a retro Summer of 62 girl here! Gorgeous knits!

  41. joy

    classics/basics kind of gal!

  42. Summer of 62 ! Great prints in that collection, I especially love the poppies (for me 🙂 ) and stripes+surfers (for my boys)…


    I like that retro look.

  44. Michelle Lopez

    I’m in love with the summer of ‘62 fabric! It reminds me of the movie Gidget, which is one of my all time favorites. I love how so many movies of the era start to show some glimmers of feminism. And the colors certainly don’t hurt!

  45. Michele Lewin

    I am totally a Summer of ’62 gal.

  46. NickyH

    They’re all so beautiful it’s hard to choose, but today I’m feeling like a classic girl. Flight in Dusk is gorgeous.

  47. Yakira

    Retro all the way!! Love the poppies and the cars!

  48. Julia Gregory

    Classic, basic gal here.

  49. Christine Rice

    I grew up in the 60s and 70s so I’m loving the summer of 62 collection!

  50. I love the basics!! Great colors.

  51. Debra Janicki

    I’m a classic girl but would love to venture out to these lovely retro fabrics!

  52. Sarah

    Classics, basics girl here.

  53. I’m a basics girl, but I do love those flowers in the retro line!

  54. I love the Summer of ’62 collection – especially since I just started sewing with knits and need to practice some more! I love the poppy print especially.

  55. Laetitia Walbert

    Born way after the 60’s and yet nostalgic of a time I never experienced. Summer of 62 is definitely my favourite.

  56. Alicia

    Summer of ’62 knits!

  57. Janet white

    Love them all but basics with dots are my fav’s.

  58. Kate Wallis

    Basic, although I do love the retro look ❤️

  59. Capi Cohen

    I generally choose basics over retro, but it would be fun to make something from the retro collection! Thanks for sharing.

  60. Susan Connolly

    Retro all the way!! Just seeing these fabrics brings me back to that carefree time!

  61. Damiana Diaz Reck

    I would love to get these fabrics

  62. Suzanne Bradley

    As someone who lived through the 60s, the collection brings back many memories of my childhood!

  63. Sandra P Calver

    I’m a basics girl.

  64. Kristen

    I’m loving the retro prints! I would also love to mix a basic print with a retro print 🙂

  65. Beth Webber

    You can never have too many basics!!

  66. Nancy Harvey-Kemper

    Ooh the retro ones look lovely- nice to see some interesting prints that would work for boys too!

  67. Chris Ransom

    I love the basic range…they’re so cool. I’ve loved sewing these knits in the past . They are so soft and last well! ❤️

  68. Courtney

    I love the basics line!

  69. Definitely Summer of ‘62

  70. Emily

    Summer of ’62… those sunglasses!

  71. I’m loving the retro summer prints, especially the blue one 🙂

  72. Sarah Lippitt Houston

    I am definitely a Retro Gal !! Love the collection!

  73. Donna

    I’m classic. I love those tiny dots that were featured last!

  74. Carmen

    I’m a basics fan — just more year ’round! But that doesn’t mean I don’t think Summer of ’62 isn’t adorable too:) Thanks and happy 10 years to Oliver and S AND Birch!

  75. Stephanie Spann

    I adore those retro prints, but, ugh, I can’t stray from my comfort zone and those basics!

  76. Becki

    I love both but I think the Summer of ’62 is my favorite!

  77. Sarah Milloy

    I love those basics!

  78. Sarah Cross

    Can’t you be both? I love the poppies print but I think the “wink” print in a lavender is simply delicious!

  79. Brittney Laidlaw

    Can I be a both kinda girl? I love how well the birch knits hold up!

  80. Mary

    I love the summer of ‘62 collection!

  81. Sarah L.

    I love the glasses from Summer of ‘62!

  82. Greta

    Summer of ‘62-I was six years old! Love the poppies-both of them…and the cars..and, just all of them!

  83. Carla Becker

    Love the Summer ‘62!

  84. Sharon G

    More of a solids kind of girl but love me a cute print, and 62 looks good to me too.

  85. Shirley-Anne

    My girls would love a dress in that wink print – basics for me!

  86. Ann

    Girls on the go-all the way

  87. Kathy Eastwood

    Usually I prefer basics, but I love both the poppies and the birds!

  88. Amber Smith

    I’m more of a classics/basics gal. 🙂

  89. Emily Walsh

    I love sewing with birch fabrics and would have a hard time deciding, but I think I would go with the big dots—so classic and perfect for kid garments.

  90. Stacey Hepburn

    Just a basics kinda girl

  91. Jo Ann Ford

    I’m a true ‘60’s gal!

  92. Marie-Michele

    Summer of 62 for me!

  93. Dot chan

    Classics/ basics 🙂

  94. Joyce Fong

    Love the basic knits.

  95. erinmalia

    Classics/basics here!

  96. I like the Cali Pop in Nightfall.

  97. Alli

    I love them both, but the wink/classic prints are calling me.

  98. Ellee

    I’ve always been more of a classic basics.kind of person. I must say, though, that all of the fabrics in this post are yummy gorgeous.

  99. Cari

    Basics for me!!

  100. Andrea Schmidt

    Definitely a basics kinda girl…but I have a closet full of their adorable prints too!

  101. Lindsay

    Basics, though they’re all adorable!

  102. Patty

    Honestly love them all but the retros are so yummy I need some of those!!

  103. Mary Chan

    I’m usually a basics kinda gal, but I’m trying to be more adventurous with prints and retro is a great way to start!

  104. Diya

    Summer collection looks superb.. living in a tropical County no wonder i am attracted to this 😀 ..

  105. courtney corvette

    Summer of 62 for my baby girl, classics for me! Ha.

  106. Love the basics!

  107. These are the cutest! I’m definitely a retro summer of ’62 girl. Thanks!

  108. Jaclyn Terland

    I love the cute patterns on the basics!

  109. L

    I’m usually more of a classic, basic girl, but those poppies are really speaking to me.

  110. Lyndsey Stanfill

    I usually go for basics but I love that retro look on the Summer of ‘62!

  111. Mary Sundquist

    Summer of 62 for me because I lived it. Love the station wagaon. My fav was riding in the back seat.

  112. Catherine

    Summer of ‘62 for me! Those fabrics are too cute.

  113. Stephanie

    Classic, basic please!

  114. Raye Ann

    I love both, but am more of a classic girl. I do love the poppy print of the summer of ‘62 collection though!

  115. Scarlet Mendez

    I’m a basics classic girl. I love the simplicity of the designs.

  116. Katherine

    It really is hard to choose! I love both. But I will have to go with the basics.

  117. Marsha

    I would plan for basics but likely come out of the shop with an arm full of retro summer of ‘62 prints.

  118. Brenda Bush

    Growing up in the 60’s has me leaning more towards the Retro look, however, I love them all!

  119. I love the colors and prints inntge summer of ’62 collection.

  120. I love both collections, I might love the retro look a little bit more. Congrats on 10 successful years!

  121. All are so beautiful, but its the basics for me!

  122. Christina

    Summer of ‘62! The badminton skort out of that collection would be so cute! ‍♀️

  123. Alison Mann

    Born in summer of ‘62, I’m definitely that girl! Does that make me retro or simply nostalgic?

  124. Sam

    Always basics and classics

  125. jaelh

    All the way with the orange flowers of retro summer!! 🙂

  126. I really like both of them, but I think that I prefer the Summer of ’62 knit collection, it’s colorfull and joyfull.

  127. Valerie Bonilla

    I’m a classics basic girl! Love all those twinkles and dots.

  128. Usually I stay with the basics but I’m loving all of these prints.

  129. Katy

    Gotta go with retro. Those prints are so fun and the colors are perfect!

  130. Beth Gustafson

    Love them all, but in the end, I’m a summer of the 60’s girl…Poppies, Birds, Surf

  131. I love their classics line.

  132. Diane

    I’m more of a classic, basics girl. I’ve been eyeing birch fabrics for awhile!

  133. Belinda

    Normally, I’m a classic gal in every way. But these retro prints are just so darn cute that I actually prefer them this time. They’re gorgeous!

  134. Cheryl

    I love the retro prints

  135. Kris

    I’d love the basics!

  136. Gaia

    … summer of ’62! (and I’m singing it Brian Adams’ style 😉 )

  137. Carolyn

    I am more of a classic, basic person

  138. Jessica S

    I’m usually more of a classics girl but I love some of the retro patterns, too!

  139. Sarah

    Basics for me, love Birch fabric and Fabricworm

  140. Mary

    I’m more of a basics person, but all of those colors/designs are beautiful!

  141. Michelle F

    LOVE the Summer of ’62 poppies!

  142. Karen Beagley

    All things summer!! Summer of ’62.

  143. Summer of ’62 is gorgeous and would be perfect for some new outfits I’ve been wanting to sew up for my little girl with the patterns I bought from you a while back ❤️

  144. Lydia

    Love both, but I’m a classic, basics sort of person

  145. Beth

    The retro prints are fun, but I am more likely to choose the basics.

  146. Lynn

    Love the retro fabrics. So fresh and colorful.

  147. Kate

    The Summer of ’62 collection is gorgeous!

  148. Rachel

    Love the Summer of 62 line!

  149. Ann G.

    Basics, please!

  150. Jennifer

    I love the basics, but the retro prints are beautiful too! Thanks so much for doing the fun giveaways!

  151. Lucy B.

    I’ll take Summer!

  152. Michelle

    Summer of ’62 for it’s retro so-cool-it’s-crazy vibe. Though tbh, I’ve made some lovely things (and received very kind compliments) from the Wink collection, which is beautiful.

  153. Jessica Goldberg

    I’m more of a basics gal!

  154. Libby

    Great giveaway! I’m loving those retro poppys!

  155. Betty Avila

    I love the retro fabrics but the basics are also beautiful as well. 🙂

  156. Angie Schertle

    I love those retro fabrics!

  157. Valentina

    Hi, I love everything from sixties, or sixties inspidred. So I am definitely a retro summer of ’62 girl!

  158. Kim

    I love the basics!

  159. Katy nelson

    I’m surprised but I think i’m a basics lady!! (My days of being a gal are well over)

  160. Teresa Eason

    In the summer of 62 I was ten! Station wagon print brings back the memories of traveling in the crowded car with my eight brothers! Let’s complement the fun prints with a classic..the best of both worlds! Happy Anniversary!

  161. Love the Summer of ‘62 prints, so fun! I’d like to give Birch Fabrics a try. Congratulations to them and thanks for the chance!

  162. SC

    Summer of ‘62 collection for me!

  163. Eleni O'Neill

    I must be A retro girl because that poppy print is amazing!

  164. Rachel

    While I love much of the summer group I think I’d choose the basics. 🙂

  165. Nicole Galvan

    Multi-color polka dots are too cute!!!! 🙂

  166. Lindy W.

    Most certainly a Summer of ‘62 gal!

  167. Ginger

    I’m more of a basics girl.

  168. emma

    I am more retro!

  169. Michele

    Retro for sure. Reminiscing about hanging out in the back of wagons and vw bugs now…

  170. Laura Beck

    I think I’m a classic type, but a pop of retro really appeals to me. In the summer of ’62 I was just starting to sew my own clothes!

  171. Jen Span

    Summer of ’62 girl….love Birch fabrics. I’ve ordered a bunch of their stuff when my little boy was born to make him some baby harems. And these fabrics are beautiful! Thankyou for the generosity of these giveaways.

  172. Amanda Urbanowski

    Classics and basics – love the timeless nature of these prints and their ability to go with EVERYTHING and all ages!

  173. Susan Snyder

    I love the basics, especially the brighter colors.

  174. PK Cravens

    I would pick a summer of 62. Bring on the Coppertone.

  175. Keri

    I think I’m more of a retro girl but I love the classics too! So hard to decide!

  176. Dana

    I’m definitely more of a Summer if ‘62 girl. These fabrics are beautiful!

  177. kbo

    Definitely a retro summer of 62 gal, was just looking at these prints yesterday, the glasses are already in my cart 🙂

  178. Anne

    I am more basics girl. Love to get the most out of my closet

  179. Erin

    I’m a classic basics gal, but honestly, I love almost everything pictured. Thank you, and congrats!

  180. Ashley

    My daughter loves birds and the bird print in the Summer of ’62 would make her swoon!

  181. Mary Kolb

    Call me retro – I lived the summer of ‘62 to the fullest!

  182. I love the basics (wink is my favorite!!!)

  183. Brenda

    Oh, definitely retro!!! But you need basics in your life too.

  184. Deborah Gunthorpe

    It’s a difficult choice but probably classics!

  185. Nancy

    I love the basics! Good for anything!

  186. Lorrie Gray

    I love retro!!!Definitely summer of ’62!

  187. Julia

    Classic! Those dots are just dreamy.

  188. Sameeha

    I am a classic, basics gal

  189. emily

    Love it all, but really love those poppies from Summer of ’62, so I guess that’s my favorite!

  190. Wendy

    In my head; retro, but reality is playing it safe with basics!

  191. Rhythm

    Love these fabrics! I am a retro gal!

  192. Connie

    I was born in ’62 so loving this collection. I love both but have always been a classic! Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  193. Emily D.

    Basics personally… but a few of those retro prints would suit my kiddos well! Thank you for this chance!

  194. Polly M

    Definitely retro! That Cali pop in cream is so good. Thank you for the giveaway!

  195. Julia

    I love the basics

  196. Stella

    I love the retro look!

  197. Mary

    Love the classics for myself, but you know my kids love fun prints!

  198. Aubergine Kenobi

    I’m definitely a basics person 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  199. Nancy Owens

    This is soooo much fun!!! BEAUTIFUL fabrics!

  200. Bonnie

    Retro girl! Love those fun prints!

  201. Kim

    I’m more of a basics kind of person. The dots are wonderful!!

  202. Stephanie

    I’m a basics girl but I love those retro prints!!! I need the glasses!

  203. Sara Jane Kramer

    I’m usually a crazy pattern person, but I love these basics. <3 Choosing between fabrics is always the hardest part of making anything.

  204. Sarah Tackett

    I just love the retro Summer of ‘62! Those are super cute prints.

  205. Judith

    Borja are adorable, but I love their basics

  206. liz n.

    I had no idea that Birch and Fabricworm were the same family! Fabricworm’s gotten a lot of my dollars over the years, lol!

    I’m definitely a Basics gal, but a combination of Basics and Summer would make for a very fun summer outfit.

  207. B Buck

    I love both, but heart the summer 62 especially. I have boys and enjoy sewing for them with these birch fabrics! I am trying to find to do something for myself, too. Thanks for this contest.

  208. Lynn Poulin

    Love the summer of ’62!

  209. G

    So many pretty designs! 🙂


    Love the retro prints…just on someone else more. Gotta admit I am classics all the way.

  211. Kristen

    I’m a basics girl!!

  212. Ellen

    I’m going to have to go with the Retro on this one, though I often lean more towards basics!!

  213. Teresa

    I love the basics but have had a lot of fun with the retro prints

  214. Jennie

    I love the florals of Summer of ‘62!

  215. Ava

    More classic style definitely.

  216. Melissa H

    I usually am classic basics girl, but love the retro summer of ‘62 fabrics! So fun and so many possibilities for clothing!

  217. Denise Rohan-Smith

    Summer of ’62, for sure!

  218. Carolyn

    Summer of ’62 calls my name!

  219. Nancy

    Love the Summer of ’62!

  220. Lana

    Classic all the way! I haven’t sewed in years but am nearing retirement and soooo looking forward to dusting off the sewing machine and other paraphernalia 🙂

  221. Lesley

    I like both collections!!

  222. Dina

    Retro! both me and my daughter

  223. Becky

    Definitely the basics, I love creative takes on dots!

  224. Jenny P

    I LOVE the basics – I need those + prints in my life!

  225. Staci Poppleton

    I’m a basics girl, but my daughter would probably choose the 60s prints!

  226. Jenny

    Love the basics.

  227. Susan

    I love the summer retro prints! Especially the glasses, birds, and flowers!!

  228. Laura M

    I’m a classic basic gal. It’s wonderful that new lovely knits are being produced again.

  229. I love the summer of 62 fabrics! No wait, the basics. No wait…..

  230. Erica

    Love the retro prints, but classics are amazing as well!

  231. Anita Scott

    Love both collections, but am a basics girl.

  232. I think that I would have to choose a couple of those Summer of ’62 prints to make tees for all my boys!

  233. Sinead

    The Summer of ’62 prints are fantastic!

  234. Elizabeth M

    I’m a classic basics type of girl! Love the Birch Fabrics

  235. Erin

    Definitely a retro woman! That poppy print is amazing!

  236. Mary Clare

    I’m a classic basic girl!

  237. Ana Salomé

    I love the summer of 62 prints!

  238. Jessica

    I’m a classics kind of girl but I do love that retro collection too!

  239. suzanne strong

    love the retro prints! so cute!

  240. Brenda Melahn

    Oh goodness … yes, I am most definitely a ’62 retro girl but nothing beats a classic trim 😉

  241. Sue Jenkins

    Summer of ’62 looks great to me.

  242. Retro, retro, retro….all the way!! Always on the lookout for some fun, printed knits…. (side note: loving the humor in your “important / disclosures” at the end of the post)

  243. Peggy

    Guess I am just a good old basic girl. Thanks for the opportunity.

  244. Susan Terrill

    I would definitely love the knit fabric from the 1962 period. I already own that fabric in the woven
    substrate because I loved it so much and because I think organic cotton is so important.
    I graduated from high school in 1962 so I have fond memories from this time.

  245. Emily

    Love the colors of summer of 62!

  246. Kathy Plagens

    My two little granddaughters would love those retro prints. So do I.

  247. Aileen

    I love the Summer of ‘62 collection!

  248. sheri

    Love the Summer of 62 – what a fun collection

  249. Janet Kelley

    Definitely retro! I am a 50’s girl and love the fabric collection

  250. Ji Sun Kang

    I love everything about birch! It’ll be hard to choose but I want those pink dots!

  251. Patricia

    I’m a basic girl and with 3 granddaughters under the age of six, pink dots are the thing!!

  252. Marie Hawley

    I really love both! I love the poppies, and the birds from the summer of ‘62 collection. But because I have two little boys to sew for, I tend to go the classics route.

  253. Jaime Lee

    Beautiful collection! I love basics (with a dash of fun thrown in)!

  254. Susan

    I love the colours of those basics!

  255. María

    Retro summer for me!!

  256. Anne

    Basics girls here. No retro! No basics. I dunno!!!

  257. Tonia Holm

    I’m usually the classic and basic type. I lovez Birch fabrics!

  258. Kristi Bash

    Summer of 62 brings back lots of memories

  259. Debbie w

    Retro yearlong forever more!

  260. Amy

    I love the sparkles and dots. So I guess basics are my thing–today!

  261. teri l williams

    There’s so much room for creativity in the Birch Basics line – gotta go with Basics!

  262. Summer of ’62 definitely. Wow, such great prints!
    Thanks Oliver+S for the giveaway.

  263. Shanti

    Summer of ’62! Normally it would be the basics, but the poppies and the birds (And the cars!)

  264. Tiffany Hunting

    The bigger the pattern and brighter the color, the better. I’m all in for retro prints!

  265. EWatts

    I love the poppies and the birds in the retro!

  266. Sandy S

    I’m a basic gal all the way. The print are wonderful!

  267. Sherry Cragen

    Classic basics, but my grandson would love pj’s out of some of the retros.

  268. Barbara Kugler

    I am a Summer of 62 gal all the way!

  269. Beth Baker

    I’m probably more of a basic gal, but I could see myself using the retro for fun summer dresses and tanks for my daughter. On a side note, I did not know she owned fabricworm. I met someone from there years ago who was running a booth at a quilt show in Cincinnati. I never made the connection. Love the website and fabric. ❤️

  270. Karen

    RETRO! I love everything retro and as a native to California living along the Pacific Ocean and amongst the giant Redwoods I can really appreciate the beauty of Birch’s 62 fabric line (knit is my favorite ❤️).

  271. Sara Kaetzer

    Now I’m generally a retro kind of girl, but the basics are just too good!

  272. Jill

    It is so hard to choose! I love the summer retro prints they are so fun for little ones outfits but the basics are needed for adding to the finished product to make it pop!

  273. Ragon

    Oh, I love those retro flower prints! Especially that pretty cornflower blue one! That’s what I would sew with! (I love Birch fabrics–they got me over my fear of knits!)

  274. Susan B

    I’m more of a classic, basics gal. Love your fabrics. Especially the knits for kids clothes.

  275. Trent

    The guy here checking in. Love making your patterns for my son and daughter.

    Always get alot of positive comments on their clothes and people are shocked when they find out “daddy made it”.

    I found your site when trying to find quality winter jackets for my children.

    I’m going with the Summer of 62’ collection as it can get so dreary here in the Pacific Northwest.


  276. Karyn Lawson

    Wow definitely a retro vibe in our house! Winning this would be perfect as I have never sewn this type of fabric before and would be a great opportunity to do so and try out a new pattern. Fingers crossed for my daughter who who will get the new outfit!

  277. Julie West

    Classic Basic Gal. Love the fabric.

  278. Melissa moyers

    Summer of ’62 girl over here! Love those poppies and sunglasses!

  279. Margo

    I love the retro Summer of 62 car print

  280. Denise

    OH definitely a summer of 62 girl! This fabric is gorgeous! The year I was born

  281. Melissa

    I’m really loving those basics! Great colors!

  282. Melanie Jarnagin

    Basics girl right here!

  283. Monica

    Summer of ‘62! Love it, love the designs and love the color way, especially the poppies!

  284. Jenni

    Basics for me! I would love to win!

  285. Karla

    I’d have to go with the basics.

  286. Gen

    Summer of ’62 for sure… I lived through it and it was golden!

  287. Christianne McCall

    Retro for Sure!

  288. Sarah MacPhail

    Summer of ‘62 is right up my alley. Wonderful fabrics!

  289. Katherine Furrer

    Definitely Summer of ’62 for me. Love the retro vibe!

  290. Dana

    I think I’m a classics kind of girl, but it changes day to day!

  291. Marie

    I usually prefer basics!

  292. Mazaret

    Classics, with a bit of ’62 thrown in for color! 😉

  293. Kris

    Definitely classic basics gal… Thanks for the chance!

  294. I’d normally say basics (that sparkling wink!!) but am also really drawn to that bird print in the retro collection. So many great options!

  295. Kathie

    I love them both, but Summer ’62 is my favorite!

  296. Kristin

    Summer of ‘62!! So fun!

  297. Erin Krusic-Golub

    I love the ease of sewing with the basics, simple can be stunning!

  298. Linda A

    Of course I’m a Summer of ‘62 girl. The year I entered High School! Seems like a lifetime ago.

  299. Betty

    Summer of ’62. Love them all!

  300. Shirine

    Summer of ’62! I love all the prints so much.

  301. Definitely basics…

  302. Katherine

    Oh man those poppies!! I’d love a dress made from that fabric!

  303. Usually I’m a basics girl but I’m loving the retro prints!

  304. Nele

    Love the prints, but the basics have so many great color options!

  305. gold

    more of a basics girl

  306. Marilyn

    Usually I am more of a classic basics girl but the retro prints have me swooning!

  307. Holly

    Oh boy, after working on the SF School of Needlework Challenge, Summer of Love, I’m totally back in love with surfer girl cool.
    How fun!

  308. Oh my gosh! Those ‘62 prints are awesome!!!

  309. Jill

    Well, I have to admit that I used to be a retro gal but now am more basics. Not sure that I’m totally proud of that but it is what it is!

  310. Betsy

    Love the Charlie Harper collection,

  311. Brittany Galperin

    Definitely a classics kind of mom – although my daughter would probably get more excited about the prints than I would and now is old enough to say yay or nay to what my sewing projects might look like for her – compromise! 🙂

  312. Dea C.

    I am usually a classic/basics gal, but I’m loving the retro fabric!

  313. Annie

    Love them both, but I definitely lean towards the classics basics. I’m basically obsessed with polka dots.Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  314. Sally

    Basics! Love a good mustard yellow!

  315. Nicole

    I’m usually a basics gal, but I love the orange poppies.

  316. Vicki

    Basics. The ’62 prints are neat, but I sew for my kids and try to sew clothing that wears across multiple seasons!

  317. Jah

    I’m totally a summer ’62 retro girl! The bule poppy printed is gorgeous!!!

  318. Jennifer Kubo

    Basics would be my go to fabric, but the retro prints are adorable.

  319. Ann

    I especially love the Poppies fabric – just beautiful!

  320. Enbee

    Classics here! The umbrella print is a lot of fun, though.

  321. Amy

    Love the retro Summer ’62 fabric!

  322. Anne Johnson

    I love the poppy and bird prints from the Summer of 62 collection.

  323. Kathy Wahl

    I am a basics girl for sure! I would take one of those polka-dot fabrics and make some summer pajama pants.

  324. Casey

    I’m definitely a retro girl. Such fun prints to use!

  325. Basics for me but that retro line is so fun!

  326. HIlary McCluskey

    They are all great fabrics and I’d go with either, but the summer 62 fabrics definitely have more of a wow factor!

  327. Helen O’Driscoll

    That’s a tough one! I love both! So I would combine the two – I’m thinking of an Infinity Scarf with those gorgeous birds on one side and the winky stars on the other – perfection!

  328. LU

    Summer of ’62 all the way!

  329. Brenda (Dublin)

    Too hard to make a decision but my sons would love the Surf Rally knit !!!

  330. Sarah D

    I love the retro prints!

  331. Amelia

    This is a tough choice! My instinct is to go for the dots, but I really love the poppies in the summer of ’62 line. I think the poppies might win.

  332. Carrie

    These are both great collections. Its a tough decision! But I love those retro California-inspired prints — so much fun!

  333. Steph I.

    Most definitely Summer of ’62 for me! So fun!

  334. Pamela

    Basics here, but wishing to be brave enough to go for Summer ’62!

  335. Lisa

    I love the basics, I would make something for my two active boys. Or maybe treat myself for once.

  336. Elisabeth

    Summer of ’62! My boys would love those old-fashioned cars.

  337. Melani

    I am loving those birds and poppies!

  338. Sara Malles

    Summer of ‘62! Love the birds!

  339. Lindsie Bergevin

    I definitely was born in the wrong decade! Summer if 62 for sure!

  340. Emily Vandiver

    Classic basics for me, though I do like the poppies on blue!

  341. Rebecca

    I love Birch knits! But I’m a basics girl…loving the polka dots!

  342. Kae

    I am a more classic, basics gal. Those dots prints are adorable.

  343. Jennifer P

    I’m more of a classics and basics gal!

  344. Brenda Michael

    I do love to sew with the best fabrics and the orange poppies are one of my favorites. Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of sewing with Birch fabrics but would welcome the opportunity to do so. I think I’ve found a new place to shop!!

  345. Mirjam

    Basics here, nothing beats a cool dot!

  346. Elizabeth P

    Like both collections, but I tend more to be classics type.

  347. Susan

    Love those basics!

  348. Maggie H.

    Hard to choose, as both are so cool! Maybe both – I love the wink prints, but also have my eye on the poppies.

  349. Michelle Van Maanen

    Birch basics. Oh the things I could sew!

  350. Kate W

    I’m usually a classics girl but I sure love those cute retro cars!

  351. Deena Hanke

    The Summer of ’62 prints are really appealing to me. I especially like the poppy prints.

  352. Jen Malloy

    I’m a classics girl, but those beach prints are adorable!

  353. Kathryn Prior

    They both look good though summer of 62 looks most inviting especially those sun glasses

  354. Jeanne Phillips

    Summer of 62 is fabulous…what fun!

  355. rosemary shannon

    I am summer of ’62 gal but my granddaughters would be Birch ‘dots’!!

  356. Sarah

    Those Campers are calling my name!

  357. Emily

    I just got 2 boxes full of Birch Basics delivered yesterday. They go with everything!

  358. Michelle Stewart

    Most definitely a Summer Retro girl!!!

  359. Delores Wall

    I’m a retro girl. Lovely fabrics.

  360. MS Vitus

    Summer retro, yes!

  361. Leslie

    Love the classics and basics.

  362. Liz

     retro summer of ’62 every time – fun prints!

  363. Michelle Garrity

    I have to say those sunglasses got me! Retro it is!

  364. Janet

    Loved the summer of ‘62 as a 6 yr old in Florida and our family car was a turquoise VW Beetle!

  365. Bonnie Guyer Graham

    Definitely summer ‘62. That’s my birthday.

  366. Karen Marshall

    Love the basics, but you need a print to WOW people, so I’m going with Summer of ’62!

  367. Rina Hallock

    Investors them all! If I must choose, I’d pick the basics because I saw for my granddaughters, and the pink and lavender ones would look spectacular; but then, that poppy print would be fabulous as well!

    1. Rina Hallock

      Bummer! My spell check hates me! It changed “I love them all” to “Investors them all.”

  368. Tonia Jeffery

    I’m probably more of a basics girl, though the ’62 prints look fun.

  369. Jane

    Oh, I love those basics!

  370. Lori

    Retro summer of ’62 girl all the way!

  371. Karin Foster

    The summer of ’62 prints are wonderful!

  372. Rachel Rogers

    I’m a Summer of ’62 Knit Collection girl. Absolutely love this collection and would be thrilled to win.

  373. Emily S.

    They are both awesome! I think the classics would be more versatile for me.

  374. Nina

    So hard to choose! The Cali Pop print in blue would make lovely pyjamas, but the choice of colours in the Basics line is great.

  375. Tiffani Scales

    Love the basics!

  376. Lian

    The basics: especially the blue dots…

  377. J Danner

    Summer of ’62! As owners of a vintage VW van, we are all about the old wacky cars!

  378. Marlene Maclaren

    Being an seaside person from early on, I love the seagull pattern in the Retro but can think of so many things to make with the Basics collection!

  379. Cynthia Yano

    I like them both, but if I had to choose I’d go for the basics. 🙂

  380. Mindy

    Those poppies! Summer of 62 for me.

  381. Stephanie Falkenstein

    I’m usually a basics girl, but the retro patterns are so adorable!

  382. Michaela

    Retro summer of ‘63 girl 🙂

    1. Michaela

      Retro summer of ‘62 girl, is what I was meant to type

  383. Kathy

    I will always love summer of ’62. Gidget all the way!

  384. Mary Jo Muncy

    I was born at the end of Summer ’62 and am proud of it! I love these fabrics!!

  385. Gail Weitzel

    These retro prints are so appealing…I can state unequivocally that I am a summer of ’62 kinda gal.

  386. Veronique

    Definitely more of a classic basics girl!

  387. Rebecca Ark

    Such beautiful looking fabric!!! I’m new to birch but I’d love to try these gorgeous fabrics!

  388. Donna Medlin

    I love how versatile the basics are for both children’s and adult’s garments!

  389. Andrea Medina-Smith

    OH those poppies are to die for. I am definitely a ’62 gal.

  390. carasews

    I love the basics! I haven’t sewed with knits in a really long time.

  391. I’m more of a Basics kind. I’ve really wanted to try some of their knit fabrics, too!

  392. Angela

    Summer of ’62. So cute!

  393. Michelle

    Love the basics!

  394. Noreen Casson

    More of the Summer of ’52!

  395. Caitie

    So hard to choose! Probably a basics girl if I’m sewing for myself.

  396. Heather

    Usually I would say I’m a basics girl, but I am really loving that sea flight in plum.

  397. Nancy Monnig

    Summer of 62 for sure!

  398. Carol Turner

    I really enjoy the basics also

  399. Jenny Erickson

    wow – I had to scroll really far down here to comment! although before my time, I’m totally summer of ’62! love the fun poppies print 🙂

  400. Tracy C.

    I’m more of a retro summer of ’62 kind of girl 🙂

  401. Caroline

    Retro Summer of 62 …. I remember 62. Does it come with a reformed Don Draper?

  402. Sachi

    Classics/Basics for me!

  403. Amy McCravy

    Basics are usually more my thing, but I LOVE a couple of those retro prints!

  404. Love the poppy print in retro, but basics go with everything I’ve already bought from her. Loving the ravens for my next project!

  405. MJ

    basics/classics for me but the retro prints are super cute!

  406. A Woogara

    Love the retros especially birds and camper vansetc

  407. Gail

    I love them all. Win or lose, I’m going to have to order some of these.

  408. Sara F

    I am a classics girl. But, I grew up in the 60’s, so styles from 62 fall under the umbrella of classics for me!

  409. Janice Jacobson

    I would have to pick the basics, but just one favorite print, those glasses would be my pick.

  410. Sharon Schneeberger

    I prefer the more classic/basics.

  411. Mary G.

    Summer of ’62. Love the vibe

  412. Denise

    Basics are more my style but the retro would be cute for the grandchildren.

  413. Michele

    I spent the summer of ’62 on a Florida beach and love the fabrics, but I’m more of a classics gal.

  414. Paz

    I am a summer of ’62 girl…

  415. I am a basics kind of gal! Ask me again in a few years and I might change my mind

  416. Elizabeth cowen

    I love the summer of ‘62 prints

  417. Lena

    LOVE the summer of ‘62!!

  418. Carolyn Yenchik

    I am definitely more of a classics/basics kind of gal. I would LOVE to sew those dots!!!

  419. Deborah

    I’m a retro summer of ’62 girl 🙂

  420. Erica Pedroza

    Long scroll down…. so both of those options are very cute, but I have to lean more toward the basics.

  421. Suz

    I’m a classics/basic girl through and through!

  422. Jennifer

    I’m a Summer of 62’ type girl!

  423. Nancy

    I love the basics!

  424. Sheri

    60s babe all the way! I was born in the 60s and love the prints and colors from that era. I can’t wait to use my vintage patterns with the prints! Beautiful!

  425. Susan Okurowski

    I am a retro summer of 62 girl

  426. Nikki

    Both fabric collections are fabulous, bright and lively. I’d choose the Basics group, great for so many projects and will blend in with grand children’s wardrobe so easily!

  427. Paulina

    Definitely a retro summer of 62′ type of gal! LOVE them!

  428. Courtney

    Love love love the basics. So versatile!

  429. ElaineM O'Brien

    I grew up in the 60’s…yes retro !

  430. Jean

    Definitely a classic, basics gal. Love those dots!!

  431. Karen

    I’m more of a basics person

  432. Michele Morris

    Definitely a retro summer of 62 girl! I was a young girl then just learning to sew. My grandma taught me that summer and I have been seeing since then. I am now gettingg ready to pass the craft down to my two granddaughters. Looking forward to teaching the next generation this wonderful form of expression and art.

  433. Linda

    I love all the Birch fabrics, especially the Charlie Harper prints but would have to say that I am more of a classic basics gal in this instance!

  434. Carrie Wells

    Summer of 62 here. I was a just a little girl. Good times!

  435. Marcia Hansen

    love the winks but honestly, they are all beautiful!

  436. whitner

    Can I please be both? I usually trend more classic, but LOVE those poppies!

  437. marcia eason

    I love all your fabrics, but the Charlie Harper is a favorite! I have lots!

  438. Cynthia Jenkinson

    Oh, I LOVE the summer of ’62 collection! So many ideas spinning!

  439. Jenny

    Yes please! Love the basics but honestly love it all! Beautiful!

  440. Ruth

    I’m a basics person, but do love the bird print!

  441. Lisa

    Retro! Retro! Retro! I love the poppy print so, so much! All of the Birch fabrics are beautiful, though.

  442. Amorette

    More of a classics, basics person myself- I really like these colors!

  443. Lena G.

    Summer of ’62 gal here!

  444. Ingrid Mohr

    Not an easy choice but first prize would go to the basics! Classic and classy.

  445. Kathy Capps

    Love these knit fabrics!

  446. Angela

    They’re both great, but I’d probably go with Summer of ’62.

  447. I’m a big fan of birch fabrics and order them often from Simplifabric and L’Oiseau here in Canada. Excellent quality, great designs – love her most recent one with the old cars, vans and trucks and have been eyeing this to make my husband a Tee with it. I think he’d love it 🙂

  448. Hannah W

    Love those basics!

  449. I love that Summer of 62 collection! The birds and the flowers, oh and the parasols! They’re so fun!

  450. Shelly Nelson

    ’62. just something about that time where you just drove, no phones/internet, just your thoughts. The SURF RALLY KNIT brings all those daydreams back

  451. Absolutely Summer of ’62!

  452. Mary Inchauste

    More retro summer of ’62 gal. (Born in 1954, so started to sew for the first time at age 8, which was 1962!)

  453. Dena Shepherd

    I love the basics!! But have made many items from the retro group!

  454. Autumn

    I love both, but I am a basics girl and think these would be great for my little girl!!

  455. Robina Holmes

    I am definitely a Summer of 62 gal – that’s when I learned to sew. It was all by hand for my Barbie doll but once I started sewing I never stopped!

  456. Diane Korchmar

    I have a 6 yr. old granddaughter who would look cute in any of these, but for me, I would choose the Basics.

  457. Bonni

    Summer of ’62!!! LOVE those fabrics!

  458. Allison Scripa

    I like the seagulls print! And the wink print! I would let my girls choose which ones they’d like!

    Thanks for the chance!

  459. Cheryl L Hause

    I would like to use the basic knit collection for leggings.

  460. summer of ’62! for all the clothes and dolls!

  461. Classic basics!

  462. I guess I’m more of a ’62 retro girl, at least at heart! Thanks for showcasing these lovely fabrics, they are quite special!

  463. Frances

    Sparkle wink prints for me!

  464. Amy

    Summer of ’62!! The prints are lovely!

  465. Charlene Tennis

    Love the basic prints!!

  466. Kari

    I’m a basics kind of girl…and I’m lovin’ the poppies!

  467. Annika

    I LOVE the dots!!! 🙂

  468. Sara

    Retro all the way!

  469. Roxanne

    Love the basics!

  470. Carolyn

    Definitely retro!

  471. Cindy Hampton

    I love the retro cars and glasses! Great collection. So glad to see such cute knits!!

  472. Therese Gibson

    Summer of ‘62 for me!

  473. Jackie Ries

    I remember the Summer of ’62 but I was a farm girl and just wore shorts and sleeveless blouses! The basics for me and my dear granddaughter, please.

  474. Rebecca

    Definitely Retro!

  475. Katie

    I love a good dot but the summer of 62 poppy is gorgeous.

  476. Autum

    I love them both but the basics are doing it for me!

  477. I named my first daughter Summer, if that’s any indication of which I’d prefer …

  478. Gay Lynn Gremmel

    Love the retro but I’m a basics gal!

  479. Kelley

    I’m a retro girl, myself. 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaways!

  480. Sharen Mayers

    I love both collections. I chose Fabricworm for fabric to make my twin grandson’s their baby quilts. Same collections, different colors. They turned out super! Now that they are almost two, I’d love some knits for summer play clothes for the tots!

  481. I’m usually all about the basics but I love those seagulls!

  482. Michelle Hiscock

    I’m a little of both, but if I had to choose it would definitely be retro!

  483. Sarah

    Hard to decide, but those poppies put the Summer of ’62 over the top for me!

  484. Desiree Tait

    Both are me really but maybe more Retro girl. Thanks

  485. Jude

    I’m a retro gal who grew up with Gidget and sneaked in to watch 77 Sunset Strip. I’d love to experiment with the retro prints mixed with some basics.

  486. Amarea

    Basics for me, but I do love the Summer of ‘62 prints!

  487. Donna

    Classic girl but move retro!!! Think the winks would be up there in my choices too!!

  488. Lara

    Ooo, this is a tough choice! I love me some polka dots, but the poppies are calling my name! I’ll have to go with the Retro!

  489. Lisa Anne

    I love the retro, especially those poppies, but at the end of the day I end up buying more classic styles. Thank You!

  490. Classic, basic. I’d go with the adorable Wink, pond and pink! And pop dots, and here I cannot even decide on which one 🙂

  491. cheryl olliff

    Definitely the basics for me.

  492. Janice

    I’m a classic gal. I like basic lines that are clean and classic

  493. Lindsay Boring

    Summer of ‘62! Those flower prints are beautiful!!

  494. Andrea Price

    Gosh they’re all so cute! I’ll have to go with the retro for now though I love the designs

  495. Amy

    I’m a classic kinda gal

  496. Jean Lindsey

    The retro prints are super and inspiring!

  497. Amy C

    Those retro prints are just perfect!

  498. Patsy

    Definitely a classic type of girl. Love the knits! It is great to find a place to buy beautiful knits.

  499. Melissa

    Retro all the way. OMG that car fabric is needed for my nephew.

  500. Catherine

    I’m a retro gal!

  501. Jo Campbell

    Both collections are gorgeous, but I’d go retro.

  502. Sue

    I would say I’m a classics gal but I also love the CaliPop prints. I love the idea of organic cotton knits too.

  503. Ratna

    Retro – these are gorgeous and fun prints.

  504. Michelle Mikell

    Although I love both collections, I am more of a basics kind of girl. Basics can take me so many places.

  505. Simone

    The basics would be great for comfy clothing for my young kids

  506. I am from California and live the summer of ’62.

  507. I love those frames! But I also love the little dots, so I guess I’m both a retro and a classics gal.

  508. Vicki Snider

    Definitely summer of ’62!

  509. Judy Cinerari

    I am definitely a retro girl – those sunglasses and the combi vans. Gorgeous!

  510. Danielle Coolbear Jenkins

    Summer of ’62 as I already have most of the basics!

  511. Anna miles

    Hard to choose! Maybe summer?

  512. Kim Shelton

    Definitely summer of 62 type girl!!

  513. Caitlin weaver

    I’m loving the summer of ‘62 line!!

  514. Kristy

    Basics for me!!

  515. Debbie McDonald

    I love the fabric – definitely a Summer of ’62 girl!

  516. Kathleen

    I LOVE Birch Fabrics! But I’m pretty much a basics girl.

  517. Marla Ferguson

    I love the retro collection and would love to make something out of those!

  518. Rebecca

    The white flowers on the blue background of the summer of 62 is my favorite print! The classics are nice too.

  519. Cheryl

    I really like both collections but I think I’d have to say that overall I’m more of a Classics girl.

  520. Valerie

    Basics for me. They are both beautiful.

  521. Lizzie

    All are adorable and I would say I am a classics girl but I love a hint of retro.

  522. Marissa

    Definitely defined as classic and always have been but maybe with a twist now and then. Love Birch basics and that you can count on Birch for quality organic fabric. Makers/sewers need to have options that match their beliefs.

  523. nalani

    SUMMER OF 62 for me!

  524. Oh… the shades (Sunmer of ‘62) would make some adorable outfits for my grandchildren…. all little ones with a love of the beach and ocean. I have a bit of the wink fabric I already purchased so I would trim out the sleeves or neckline if their outfits with wink… I love visiting Birch (often making a trip to their store for inspiration) but if I don’t have time to venture out, I order from Fabricworm, their online shopping website. Love, love, love their fabrics.

  525. Natalie Fritsche

    It’s hard to choose, but I think I’d be a retro ’62 girl!

  526. Fani Noulika

    Both collections are great, but I would prefer the Summer of ’62.

  527. Eilene Hengen

    Love the Birch basics!

  528. Eilene Hengen

    Love the Birch basics! Would love to make something with it.

  529. Rebecca McKenna

    Basics – classical here & for my lovely grand daughters!!!

  530. Diane P.

    I’m a Summer if ’62 gal all the way!

  531. Heather M

    Classics for me! The retro prints are lovely too though!

  532. Michele Ritan

    Retro summer of ’62!

  533. Joy

    I’m usually more of a classics print person but I also love Birch’s retro prints and have some of their earlier camper prints.

  534. Susan Plum-Jones

    SUMMER OF ’62! Forever the beach lover.

  535. Olivia Adams

    I am both a vintage and a classics kind of gal.

  536. Effie Waguespack

    Classic Basics girl

  537. Karen

    summer of ’62! Those birds make my heart soar!

  538. Amanda

    Love those summer of ’62 fabrics! <3

  539. Caroline

    I’m a basics/classics girl!!

  540. Devon

    Hard to choose – but those glasses – has to be summer of 62!

  541. Jena Beecher

    I LOVE both! I think I’m likely more of a basics girl!

  542. Heidi

    Summer of 62. Love those flowers on the blue background

  543. Denise Martin

    I would make a Girl On The Go dress for my granddaughter fromthe Birch Basics spotty pattern – ca girl can never have too many spots or stripes!

  544. Victoria

    Most definitely a basics girl – although those birds are dreamy… ahhh….

  545. Carla Jilek

    Me! Me! Me! Pick me! I love making beautiful clothing with beautiful fabric!

  546. Melyana

    Definitely basic girl!

  547. Sally P

    I was born in summer of 62! Would love to try out some of this collection with my Oliver + S patterns for my grandies. Thank you for the chance!

  548. Mei

    Definitely a basics, classic kind of girl!

  549. Morgana

    Loving those basics, although several of the Retro range prints are saying hello to me!

  550. Gabriella

    I’m in love with both collections as they each inspire me to make different silhouettes. Birch materials are beautiful I work at spotlight and always encourage customers to have a feel and 90% of the time they find a need with a print that suits them!

  551. Christine N

    I’m more of a basics gal, but I love the seagulls and poppies in Summer of 62 collection! Happy anniversary!

  552. Carrie Simpson

    Love those retro prints but I’m pretty much a basics gal!

  553. Stacey

    I am loving the Cali Pop in Nightfall! Summer of ‘62 for sure!

  554. Cheryl

    Oh my goodness! It just so happens that right now I’m wearing my Metro T made with Birch’s Charley Harper Bank Swallow! I wear it all the time. I love both collections mentioned above, but if I had to pick just one today, it would be the Summer of ’62. Gorgeous!

  555. Ruth S

    Birch basics for me, although I might pick those birds from the summer62.

  556. Anna Gerard

    I am a basics girl (that mustard yellow!) but that poppy print is tempting!

  557. Shannon

    I love the Retro Summer of 62 prints and would love to make my son some cool pants from any of the retro prints

  558. Fiona

    Love all the summer of 62 prints!

  559. arlinajsk

    Would love the 62 buses and cars for a boys top like sailboat or the tee. Maybe even try the lunchbox tee for boys!

  560. Caroline

    Basics for me! They’re amazing!

  561. Asheley

    It would be hard to choose. I love classics though.

  562. Susan Robertson

    The nieces each need a summer ‘62 dress! Please pick me.

  563. That is such a hard choice! I love the glasses, pretty much everyone in my family wears them. To the point where the one kid who didn’t need them insisted that I buy plastic glasses from amazon so he could have glasses too! However the classic knits would coordinate with so much. But the woodies with their boards are also so great!

  564. Haleemah Rahman

    Very difficult to choose between the two collections (as usual when I go shopping for fabric). Afer long time browsing, I lean to Retro Sumer ’62, the car print, and the orange flower for me.

  565. Michelle

    It has to be the basic for me! Although those beach umbrellas viewed from above are very cute.

  566. Rebecca Hunter

    I have loved the wink ever since it came out. And I love that the basics will combine with more “retro” prints, too!! So, basics for me, I think.

  567. Dorothy Miller

    So hard to choose, but basics, please. Hoping to make baby nightgowns.

  568. Tricia

    Retro Summer ’62! Those pops of color and the flower and seagull motifs stole my heart. 🙂

  569. Jenn

    Summer of 62!! Love it!

  570. Heck I was around in 1962 – so I would choose the basics.

  571. Agata

    I think this time I would choose classic patterns, but I have to say i adore Summer ‘62 collection as well!!

  572. Sarah Goodrich

    The basics will go great with my capsule wardrobe.

  573. Beth p

    Love the retro prints. Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  574. Karyn

    Nothing beats a quirky retro print…cute skirts and fun tops…love it!

  575. Gretchen Dewan

    I think I’m more of a basics person, though the retro prints actually are really cute!!

  576. I really love them both (and Birch in general), but I think I am a Summer of ’62 gal right now.

  577. Annette Poole

    I’m definitely thinking retro would be my choice-beautiful choices!

  578. Rene Crumley

    retro would be for me

  579. Esther

    The basics are begging to be sewn up into cute dresses!

  580. Rosey Huf

    I have a little ‘Retro guy’ who would look adorable in some knit shirts! Thanks guys!

  581. Kelly Paulson

    I love the basics! That wink print is adorable.

  582. Basics. I can make clothes for my grandchildren and not go wrong.

  583. Terri

    Summer of ’62 all the way!

  584. I love Summer of ‘62!

  585. Lisa

    I’d probably go retro, I do already have some from each in my stash so hard to decide. I love the retro cars and campers though!

  586. Trish Clifford

    I’m a Simmer of ’62 girl!

  587. Love Birch Fabrics! I stop there every summer to buy for myself and others. Several budgets have been wrecked there because everything is just.so.awesome!

  588. Nique

    Summer of ’62, please.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  589. Susan

    Some of the ’63 stuff is great, but I’d go for the classics

  590. Seren Belle

    I’m so retro, so Summer ‘62 works for me!

  591. Amanda Correa

    I would sew the Girl on the Go dress for my daughter in the Basics knit……black, gray, or aqua!

  592. Kirsten

    I’m normally a basics girl, but I love the 62 summer birds and poppies

  593. Melissa

    If I hadn’t seen the pictures I’d say classic but those retro prints would be too cute to pass up!

  594. Elise O'Connor

    Retro for sure!!!

  595. Gina Snyder

    Oh, that’s a hard choice, but if I can only choose one, I’d probably say the Basics. Would be adorable for my granddaughter!


  596. Gina Campbell

    The retro prints are pretty cute!

  597. Julie S

    I’m a classics gal! Dots and twinkles all the way!

  598. Rocky_Bayou

    Summer of ’62 for me!

  599. Erin Cox Oney

    They’re both so cute! I think I would have to pick the basics. I hope I win!

  600. Marcia Sue

    Definitely retro summer of ’62 girl!

  601. Sarah

    I love all of the nature-based prints right now, like the Charlie Harper.

  602. Randi

    I have to choose?!?! Ahh!! I love the ’62 collection, so many fun prints!!

  603. Julia Rhodes

    Bring on the beach. Retro for sure.

  604. Rhiannon

    I love all the classics – particularly the spots!

  605. Cyndi

    Retro lover here!

  606. Sophie Hussey

    The retro prints are awesome! They would make cute mommy and me outfits 🙂

  607. Love those retro prints for some sewing for myself (Chai Tee Shirt, perhaps?!).

  608. Tracey Roberts

    Retro, it’s the only way to go!

  609. I’m more of a basics gal.

  610. Jennifer

    I think I’d choose retro? But I really like the classics too…

  611. Kathy

    I’m a classics gal, all the way! And I LOVE Birch fabrics.

  612. Mary Jo

    I like them both, but I’d go with the retro prints!

  613. Cassie M

    Summer of 62! I’m usually a classic kinda girl but summer of 62 is just too cute!

  614. Susan B

    Classic! Looks like beautiful fabric either way.

  615. Amy

    I’d love to modify the sailboat top to an a-Line dress with the classic collection!

  616. celine lowry

    I am a basics girl.

  617. Ruth

    I am Summer if ‘62 all the way. That might have been the year I learned to Shimmy at my first beach party!

  618. Ashleigh Brumet

    I’m a retro summer of 62 girl!

  619. kim

    like them both, esp. the poppies and birds.

  620. Kim Dimond

    Basics are my vibe but those prints…….too cool.

  621. Judy

    Love them all, but I love the basics the most!

  622. Karena

    Ooh, hard choice, but think I’m gonna have to go with Summer of ’62.

  623. Rebecca Severt

    I’m definitely a retro gal! Love those fabrics!!

  624. Christine Hucklebridge

    Summer of ‘62 would make some adorable summer skirts/dresses!

  625. Charlotte Colvin

    I’m more of a modern basics girl – but it’s all good!

  626. Sarah Chude

    I’m a basics gal, but my kids love the retro prints.

  627. Beth

    Tough to decide! I think Summer of ‘62… but I do like the winks too!

  628. vicki

    retro all the way!

  629. Wow! Congrats. What an amazing opportunity. I’d select sea flight in plum knit and California pop in nightfall knit.

  630. Jen

    Love both collections but I’m a basics gal. Love stripes and polka dots!!

  631. M.A.G

    I like the classic patterns

  632. Sindy Vieting

    Definitely Summer of 62! Need to make dresses for the granddaughters and tell them about the good old times,

  633. azniza sabtu

    i love summer of ’62..

  634. Rebecca Weber

    I want some retro and some basics! I love the wink basics!

  635. Ann Wilcoxen

    Most definitely Birch Basics, so versatile!

  636. MaryBeth Stout

    Love the Summer of ’62!

  637. Pam Libertini

    Since I was born in June of ‘62, I will go for the retro but still love the basics too. I have ordered a lot of Birch fabric from The Fabricworm and love how soft the organic knit feels.

  638. Elizabeth Rockwood

    Retro all the way! I can’t wait to cut into some of that!

  639. Florence

    Basics. I’m fairly conservative with pattern choices normally.

  640. Martha

    Classics and basics with a pop of ‘62…can both be an answer?

  641. Eunita

    I love the classic look!

  642. Bill

    I’m a guy, but I really like the retro!

  643. Eve

    Classics all the way!

  644. Marcy

    I think I have to go with the basics because I love the wink pattern!

  645. Kim

    I am normally a basics girl but the retro looks awesome so yeah, I’ll go with Retro please.

  646. Vernagrace

    I like both the retro and the basic, but probably prefer the basic most.

    Happy 10th Anniversary! I’ve enjoyed sewing your patterns for both my grandson who is now 11 years old, and my granddaughter who just turned 7. They both love the things sewn with your patterns.

  647. Carol

    Summer of 62′ for me…….Beautiful fabric…all of it is gorgeous…
    Happy 10th Anniversary and keep up the good work.
    Love all your patterns too!

  648. Janice

    I love this retro – I see my red 1962 VW Beetle & my horn-rimmed glasses! So very cute!!

  649. Catherine

    The basics are so versatile and I love the colors. I’d love to whip up some summer leggings and tops for my kids with them.

  650. Meghan Clinard

    Summer of ’62. Love those colors!

  651. Ann

    I’m a basics sort of gal for sure.

  652. Diane Hilton

    I think I will choose the retro but I really like both !

  653. Dorothy

    Definitely a classic style girl

  654. Joanie

    Retro girl all the way!

  655. Dixie M

    Summer of ’62 kinda gal. Thanks for the great opportunity with some neat fabrics!

  656. Elizabeth Lewis

    Ahhhh! Summertime and the livin’ is easy. So many ideas come to mind for these fabrics!

  657. Evelyn

    Summer of ’62, love the retro print!

  658. Jessica Bentson

    I’m more of a basics gal 🙂

  659. Ainslie

    Hard to choose but I think retro has me!

  660. Joyce Montgomery

    I’m retro all the way!!!! And so will my grandbabies be! Thanks the competition

  661. I love the basics. Timeless and classic are always a good choice.

  662. Ashley

    I love both, but I have to choose the retro prints. They are so fun!

  663. Jocelyn Warren

    I’m a basics gal!

  664. Jona L.

    I am a summer of ’62 kind of gal! Thanks for the fun giveaways!

  665. I’m usually all about the basics (polka dots!), but the ’62 has some great prints.

  666. Charity

    I love basics! But those poppies are darling too!

  667. Margaret Cahan

    Being a “ child of the sixties”, I would definitely choose the retro collection.

  668. Ann D-R

    They’re both fun but I’m a summer of ’62 for sure.

  669. Dawn B

    That’s a hard decision to make. I love the basics because of their utility usefulness. I love the retro 60’s style because it’s fun and whimsical. In this case, I suppose I’d choose to be a Child of the 60’s girl.

  670. Normally I’m a basics gal but those poppies have me swooning!

  671. Sarah

    I’d get the classics! I need something to offset some of the crazy patterns I like to sew. I love theBirch knits.

  672. Maxine

    Definitely a basics kind of person. Love the bigger polka dots!

  673. B Davies

    Def a retro girl! I’d love to make my granddaughter a couple of dresses in the wonderful Birch organic fabric too.

  674. Jennifer Janssen

    Even though I was not yet born in ‘62’, the retro prints remind me of spending time at the beach and watching my brother surf during the early to mid seventies.

  675. Sherri Bono

    Sooo….I may not have been a twinkle In my parents eye yet in ’62 but I would have had a Gas! Beach Blanket Bingo with those Neato prints all day for my hodadz, im more of a ski bunny, but I love 60s retro! But the 80….eehh….I don’t really need want to hang up in that jive era again! I LOVE THE PRINTS….And Thank you for your Generosity! You are some Groovy gala! 8)

  676. Holli S

    Summer of ’62! Birch knits are my favorite for making kids clothes.

  677. Christina

    Usually I am more of a classic girl, but I Love summer of 62, so its retro this time!

  678. Alex Fe

    Hi Oliver + S!
    I’m definitely a retro-girl! I just moved away from California and I miss it soooooo much!
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  679. Paula

    The classics are my favourites but the retro would make some fun children’s clothes for the grandchildren.

  680. Janet Payne

    Summer of ’62! And Birch is my favorite fabric. Thank you Liesl and others!

  681. Bianca

    I love the retro collection. It’s lovely

  682. Andreia Lino

    Love the Basic Knits

  683. E. Gittoes

    Definitely a retro ’62 kinda gel.

  684. Cathlene Eland

    Think I’m more of a basics kind of girl!

  685. They are all lovely, but I’ll go for the basics!

  686. Heather Dawson

    I am tired of her which to choose I suspect I am a 62 gal at heart but my rational brain always goes for the classics!

  687. Hiroko

    The basics for me!

  688. Wendy Butler

    Retro girl! Though I love all these knit patterns! Exciting.

  689. Marguerite White-Jeanneau

    I love them both … but those summer of 62 prints really stand out!

  690. Lillian

    Summer of 62 for me! Thanks!

  691. Kathryn McBride

    Definitely basics. The retro look is super cute, but too stylish for me to pull off.

  692. Carol Bentley

    Love both actually but I think if I was the lucky winner I’d prefer the summer of 62 please!

  693. Sue Butt

    Oh summer of ’62 for me especially since I am a summer of ’64 girl!!

  694. Lisa

    I’m loving the Summer of ‘62 retro feel, even though I’m a ‘73 gal!

  695. Marie Neff

    Gotta go for the Summer is ‘62 collection. Not only do I love the prints, I’m a 1962 baby.

  696. Susan B

    Basics for me but both are great!

  697. Jill

    I am loving the summer of 62! Those umbrellas! Really they are all great though.

  698. Melissa

    Summer of 62 gal here. If I’m going to go to the effort of making something unique, I want to use unique fabrics as well.

  699. Sarah McEwen

    Summer of ’62! I always loved looking through my mom’s old photos and these prints capture that same feeling.

  700. Steph

    Summer of 62 for sure!!

  701. Izza

    Summer 62 is fun but love the basics more

  702. Sewfy Keeler

    I love the Shade Knit from the Summer of 62!

  703. Terri Cady

    Summer of ’62, without a doubt. That retro vibe is so groovy/!

  704. Joyce Reinert

    Love both but would have to pick the retro.

  705. Alex

    I think the Basics would be most versatile.

  706. Ruth Burke

    I’m definitely a classic/basics girl! Thank you for the giveaway.

  707. Julie

    I’d pick one from each collection – it’s too hard to choose!!

  708. Susanne

    I think I would rather sew with the basic bollection – the prints are great!

  709. Sue M

    I love the Summer of ’62!

  710. Laura

    I love the poppy print from the Summer of ’62 collection.

  711. sorahart

    I love the basics knits–such fun patterns!

  712. Karen b

    That retro is so cute

  713. Robin

    Retro Summer of 62 has fun designs.

  714. Hali M.

    I love Birch Organic knits. I vote for Summer of 62.

  715. A summer of 62 girl here!

  716. Eleanor

    I am a fan of the basics.

  717. Elaine W

    Basics for me and summer of 62 for the kids 🙂

  718. Erin Grover

    Classics for all my kids!

  719. Thanks to everyone who entered. Our winner is Sachi (a self-confessed classic, basics girl) who left the 405th comment on this post. And thanks for Birch Fabrics for contributing this prize.

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