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Hello friends!

Well, I passed my Spanish exam last week! It was a nail-biter. I was fairly certain I had failed after the listening portion of the exam was virtually incomprehensible to me (Spanish people speak so quickly I often catch words but have trouble putting them all together). But I scored an 84, which isn’t bad considering that the material included some really difficult past tense verbs that can’t really be translated into English. What a relief! I’m taking a little break before I dive into the next level. After all, someone has to develop the fall patterns!

I’ve been battling a really bad cold for two weeks now, so I’ll keep it short today. But I’ll be back again soon with lots more!

Pinterest Picks

These are some really sweet gift ideas. The use of nonwoven fabric (like disposable hospital gowns) is especially clever for the bunny gift bags since it doesn’t ravel. Does anyone know where we can find fabric like that?

Liesl's February 16 Pinterest picks
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You could add a cute pocket detail like this to the Oliver + S Library Dress or to the Lunchbox Tee. (Or to the Bento Tee if you’re an adult. S and I were just bemoaning how all the cute clothes go to the little kids.) And I love the soft vanilla and sky stripes on this playsuit, which reminds me of our Lullaby Layette.

Liesl's February 16 Pinterest picks
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Fun placket details you could try with the Oliver + S Buttoned-Up Button-Down Shirt. Or, again, for yourself with the Classic Shirt.

Liesl's February 16 Pinterest picks
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Honestly, I try not to be such a sucker for great packaging. But when it’s this good.

Liesl's February 16 Pinterest picks
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Anyone else really loving green these days? Maybe it’s a yearning for spring.

Liesl's February 16 Pinterest picks
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Weekend Reading

  • Your daily laugh: the wild west in miniature (video).
  • When I graduated from design school, I seriously considered taking a job as a draper for Carolina Herrera, and I’ve wondered how my career might have been different ever since then.
  • Job requirement: “Only a passion to work with your hands, for the craft.” Every bistro chair custom-made, to order.
  • Just opened at the Museum at FIT: Norman Norell. I don’t know much about him, and it looks like another good show.
  • What–and why–do you do? (I already know at least part of the answer to this question–sewing is why you’re here, right?)
  • 10 useful Spanish expressions. I probably use four of five of these on a regular basis, and I learned a few more of them in class last month.
  • Interesting. Does that mean we’re crafting more, too?
  • A modeling agency for the 45-and-over set. So encouraging to see this!
  • And here’s another older model, too!

I’ll be back next week to tell you about something exciting we’re planning for our upcoming ten-year anniversary (already!) and to which we’d love to have you contribute. And we’ll take a little fabric shopping trip to India! How does that sound?

Have a great weekend. I hope you’re sewing something fun!




  1. Ann

    Congrats on your test score, that’s great!

    1. Aw, thanks! It’s been years since I took any sort of exam–forgot how stressful it can be!

  2. Kim Dimond

    That bunny dress is going to be my next project. LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much for your inspiration. I have made at least 10 Playtime Tuncs/Dresses for my 2 granddaughters. Most recently I cut the sleeve at the elbow and added a 3in flounce/ruffle. Now they want 2 more like that. I love all the patterns that I have purchased but these girls love this tunic.

  3. Erin

    Congratulations, Liesl!

    And oh man, I’ve been craving green in a huge way lately. I even bought two lots of spinning fiber in green without a particular plan because they spoke to me. I do think it’s a longing for spring.

  4. You know I often look at our (veterinary) surgical drapes and think the clean bits should be repurposed somehow. But there’s only so much waterproof pale blue plastic fabric sheeting one person can hoard. I use the gowns at home for bathroom cleaning or painting tasks!
    Congrats on the Spanish exam. My French class has devolved into a weekly wine/cheese night, we need to scare ourselves into action with an exam or two!

  5. April Bailey

    I believe the fabric you are looking for is Tyvek. I used it to make a golf caddie costume (like the Master’s caddies) for my then 2 year old grandson. It doesn’t ravel, but if you use too short of a stitch length, it acts like a perforation and will tear easily. Hope that helps!

  6. Kim Mason

    Congrats on passing the Spanish exam.
    I travel to Madrid a couple times a year and keep struggling to learn the language.
    Have you posted about shopping for fabrics in Madrid?
    Thanks for all the great information.

  7. Lisa

    I’ve seen that fabric at spotlight. People make eco bags out of it and usually comes in lots of colours.

  8. Danielle Coolbear Jenkins

    Late to the party – but the fabric the bunnies are made out of looks like what is used on the underside of upholstered furniture – I tried to staple it to a chair I recovered and it just ripped at the staple site. There is an amazing emporium shop near me that sells it in a multitude of colours.

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