unusual places to find sewing supplies: IKEA

Today we’re starting a new series. We’re going on some field trips to unusual places to find sewing supplies.

We wanted to provide you with some alternatives of places where you can go shopping for sewing related items and without having to spend beaucoup bucks. I think I’ve found some useful tools and great deals.


First up, it’s the store everyone loves: IKEA. Since there are 400 locations worldwide, you probably have one in your neck of the woods. The company is known for its modernist designs for various types of furniture, but they sell more than just furniture. Here’s what I found.


As soon as you enter the store be sure to grab a free tape measure. Everyone loves a freebie! One side has inches and the other side has centimeters.


As far as fabrics, there are lots to choose from and I think all of them are under $9 per yard. They offer mostly home dec fabrics that are perfect for your sewing projects that require heavier weight fabrics. But I did find same basic solid colored cottons for only $2.99 per yard.


Their 15-piece sewing kit set contains basic sewing accessories, including: 2 pairs of scissors, seam ripper, seam gauge, painting template, 2 tailor’s chalks, needle threader, tape measure, 3 thimbles, safety pins, a box of pins and assorted needles.


Their iron-on hemming tape is for a quick repair or hemming on curtains or clothing. Has anyone give this product a try yet?


You’ll find fabric scissors and pinking shears.


They sell four spools of thread in a box that includes white, black and natural.


You’ll find ironing boards and covers, and even a tabletop ironing board.


Lint rollers (and refills) are great to have on hand to remove lint from your fabric.


Look through their linens (such as bed sheets) and blankets for fabric (think repurposing projects).


They have a throw that is fleece fabric measuring 47×63” which equates to 1 3/4 yard of fabric for only $1.99!


Sometimes you have to think outside the box. You can grab a woven placemat and use it for a yoke to create a one of a kind Hide-and-Seek dress, like I did here. Another example would be using inexpensive rugs to create capes, like they did here.


Use a thick drinking straw and chopstick to easily turn a tube of fabric. A chopstick by itself can be used to push or coax a sharp point from a corner when turning it right side out.


Stock up on some clear tape to tape together PDF patterns.


And while I was walking around IKEA I looked at the items they carry that would be ideal for a sewing room. I don’t know about you, but most of my storage and cutting/work tables in my sewing room are from IKEA and I love them! Here are some of my ideas.

These storage trays would be great for storing sewing supplies or holding your current embroidery or Sashiko sewing project.



Labeled or not, these carts on wheels would hold lots of sewing items to keep you organized.



I store my fabric stash in bins in cube storage shelves like these.



Clip a work lamp to your working area for better lighting.


Here are some ideas for cutting tables or sewing tables.



And don’t forget a stool to go with your sewing table.


So there you go for today. We’ll be continuing this series in the future bringing you other unusual places to find sewing supplies. Where we will go next?




  1. Annie

    IKEA white sheets are also a cheap source of sashing for quilts. I’ve used their kid duvet covers as backs for quilts – only $20 and enough to back two kid quilts without piecing plus some!

  2. Melissa C

    I use the IKEA Hemnes bureau as my sewing desk. So tidy and has LOADS of storage space for it’s relatively small footprint.

    1. SonjaK

      I’m redoing my sewing room, and plan to purchase this dresser for storing patterns. I’m worried about putting it together, did you have a problem? How long did it take you?

  3. Yes! In addition to the ideas you offered, I bought a charming wardrobe from the IKEA children’s department to hold all of my fabrics. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90111391/

    Plus, I love their decorative cardboard boxes with lids to store my pattern stash.

  4. Thank you for this post. I never shop at IKEA because we don’t have one in our city – I don’t know why?! I think there would be a big demand for their shop here (I’m in Victoria BC Canada which is about 250,000 pop. and we have almost all the other big box companies. Whenever I make it over to Vancouver I always stop IKEA in though and never thought to look at them for sewing supplies!

    1. Teri

      I feel your pain, I’m on Salt Spring and a trip to the Big Island would be so much better than going to the big smoke. That said, I did my sewing room in IKEA and found they deliver really big stuff for very little. Their deliver charges are most reasonable.

  5. M

    I buy my muslin fabric here. Their unbleached cotton is very inexpensive and softer than most I’ve found elsewhere. Their drawer units and desks/dining tables are also great for the sewing room – one of the tables even folds down on the sides to save space when not in use.

  6. Enbee

    I have their fabric scissors (they’re great) and their 4-pack of thread (wouldn’t recommend – frays and breaks).

    1. Aimilia

      I was going to say the same thing, avoid the thread. It keeps breaking, to the point that I thought there was something wrong with my sewing machine.

    2. I agree the thread is not good! I have it and it breaks constantly.

  7. Liz

    I use the alex set of drawers for all my different threads (embroidery, rasant, overlocker) drawer for templates, drawer for scissors. Fits just under my desk

  8. I love this idea!! I have used their hemming tape with their curtains and other home sewing projects — it’s not my favorite hemming tape but worked well for things you don’t look too closely at!

  9. ellen patton

    I love their oil cloth but they didn’t have any the last time I went. 🙁

  10. Noreen Casson

    I bought the Ikea pot-lid holder that mounts on the wall – it stores all my embroidery hoops.

    I also have 3 IKEA cabinets in my sewing room – 2 tall dressers for storage and a 12 drawer kitchen unit for all my supplies. It is the perfect height for cutting out Fabric or tracing patterns. I mostly sew for children so it is plenty big enough.

  11. Those $1.99 throws are perfect to use for coat muslins.

  12. Martha

    Raskog carts are my obsession. I have 5 of them. I use them for everything!

  13. Ginger

    Great new series. I love IKEA. Most of my sewing room furniture is from there.

  14. Sammie

    Veey nice. ..i use lots of thing from Ikea in my craft room..and u can save lot of money if ur innovative

  15. Reeni

    I love IKEA for fun large-scale prints — nice for bags and sturdy shorts. They have a four-pack of primary- color thread same as the neutral you saw — i get four packs at a time and use them in my serger. Also, their kids’ sewing kit is great! Lastly their stacking plastic bins with lids are a great price.

  16. Deborah Good

    I use the adjustable trestles, three of them to support an 8 x 4 feet sheet of MDF. Padded and covered with their calico it makes a great worktable for making soft furnishings. The trestles can be adjusted to make the table waist high which is great for the stand up sewing I have to do!

  17. Patricia

    I got the adjustable “drafting” table for my sewing room. They came in remote control…so cool but I thought my grandchildren would probably wear it out…or hand-cranked, which is what I got. It is great! I really want a “rolls” wagon for my supples! I did buy a set of drawers that are flattish…think architectural drawings or maps…that rolls under the drafting table for small supplies. Next will be the fabric section!

  18. Rachel

    I made kitchen curtains out of their white cotton floursack towels, and pillow covers with placemats.

  19. Florence taylor

    This was one of the best blog post ever!!!! I have 3 Ikea close to me so I plan to go to 2 at least. I love this and being able to think outside the box. Thank you.

  20. Sherry

    The first thing I do when I visit my daughter in Phoenix is go to IKEA! We don’t have one and I REALLY want that height adjustable drafting table, but I’d have to ship it myself and the price to do that is exorbitant.
    I’ve bought fabric, duvet covers to make sheets out of (I like textured sheets), and I have that hem tape for curtains but haven’t used it yet

  21. Kathryn Dalheim

    Thank you! I am a quilter and would not have thought of Ikea as a source for all these sewing items! And now I can go to Columbus, Ohio, rather than driving to Pittsburgh PA!

  22. Anne

    I love the sewing kit! I picked one up and keep it in my bag for classes and when i want to sew while travelling. The pinking shears can be fit into it. And if you rearrange whats included , the 4 pack of thread can also be fitted in. The scissors are heavy and seem to be good quality. The big blue bag is great for carrying supplies to class or storing a project you’re working on.

  23. G. O'NEIL

    Thank you for this…I usually don’t shop IKEA but will now check things out. Always in for a deal.

  24. Vicki Webster

    As I viewed your great ideas, my creativity was going wild. Now, I want to visit Ikea. Are you sure you aren’t employed there.

  25. Cleopatra Jones

    Wow! What a great unexpected resource, and just in time for our upcoming sewing class. I have a group that will be starting their first sewing class and I needed other resources besides jo —-. Definitely adding Ikea to the classroom resource board. Thank you.

  26. Debbie Mozingo

    Never thought of ikea for sewing. But i will be making a trip there when i can. Can use some shelves and carts for the craft room i am making.

  27. L

    I’ve used the hem tape no curtains (for curtains with high contrast prints, where there was no way to chose a thread color that would camouflage the seam), and it went well and held up for the few years I used those curtains.

  28. Elaine Christian

    Since we’ve moved to southern New Mexico a year ago I’ve been searching for my right shop. I found it, in an artist’s area of shop after shop of EVERYTHING! It’s in Silver City, New Mexico and so worth a trip. It’s called ALL MY MAMAS JUNK. Perfect place to be. I took my sister in to shop there, she finally quilt after buying yards and yards of fabric, quilting goodies, an exquisite embroidered handbag. I’ve that shop. I asked her if she wanted to go to a local quilt shop, “nah, i already went.” Seriously worth the trip.

  29. Maria elena Macias

    Ikea had a sewing machine and now i don’t see it and I would like to buy it. Where can i buy it?.

  30. Pam Swanborough

    Thanks! What a great bit of info 🙂

  31. Laurie Wilkey

    I have two of their desk table tops with adjustable legs I use for my sewing table. My husband I adjusted the legs to the correct height for me. No more aching back! I also have the three tier metal rollout cart which I absolutely love! One thing you forgot to mention. ALWAYS check out the scratch and dent room for bargains on linens. I have 100% linen curtains I recently cut up to make embroidered pillows.

  32. Katie

    There are some useful bits in the kitchen section too – I’ve got a couple of the black wall mounted bars that you can hang silver plant pots from – great for storing pens, rotary cutters, scissors etc. There’s also a little flat based basket that hangs from the same bars that is good for holding pin boxes, tape measures and all the other stuff that you need to get your hands on quickly

  33. Sheila MacKenzie

    I had a pair of large Ikea sewing scissors for years and they were fantastic!

  34. Karen Keefer

    Also in the kitchen section – the in-drawer spice trays are great for storing thread. Put then in a shallow drawer and when you open it you can see all of your thread laying flat! I like it much better than the wall-mounted thread holders.

  35. Sheri

    I’d think the kitchen area would be helpful—magnetic strips for knives can hold scissors, but I hadn’t even thought of looking for fabric there. I’m currently on a project with lots of solids. Thanks!

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