sew + tell: jen’s block printed everyday skirt

We love what Jen did with the Everyday Skirt pattern! She created her own block printed fabric. We love unique one-of-a-kind pieces like that! Here’s Jen to give you the scoop.

Liesl + Co. Everyday Skirt

Name: Jen Hewett
Where can we find you on the internet? Website, Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Project details
Link to your project: Print, Pattern, Sew: February 2015
Pattern used: Liesl + Co. Everyday Skirt
Fabric used: Linen (hand-printed)

Liesl + Co. Everyday Skirt

Did the fabric work well?

Yes, it did! I’m a printmaker and often print my own fabric. The linen base I used in this project is one that that I’d worked with many times before, but the print was a new design. I’ve since sewn two more: one in a green shirting cotton, and another in a textured gray flannel.

Liesl + Co. Everyday Skirt

How did the making go?

This was the first skirt I’d sewn. I chose the pattern because it doesn’t require an invisible zipper (which I didn’t know how to insert at the time) and because it has a flat front waistband instead of an elastic one. The instructions were very easy to follow, and I was surprised at how quickly it came together, and how professional and polished the skirt looked when it was finished.

Liesl + Co. Everyday Skirt

What was the best part?

The side pockets! One of the joys of being able to sew is the ability to put pockets in all my clothes.


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  1. erin

    Gorgeous! Beautiful fabric, and a perfect pairing with the everyday skirt. It looks great on you–thank you for sharing!

  2. Karen

    That fabric: WOW, just WOW! What a terrific modern, feminine print. And quite a nice sewing job too 😉

  3. Sheila

    Thanks Jen- a great post- really inspiring. Iove the fabric and it is perfect with this skirt pattern.

  4. Linda Adam

    Your outfit is one of the prettiest I’ve seen in a long time. The printed fabric is beautiful & perfect for this skirt. Wow! I am so impressed.

  5. Marcy

    So beautiful! I love everything about that skirt!

  6. Sharon

    What a beautiful skirt, you’ve created some gorgeous art there. Well done on your first skirt, hope my first will look half that good. Love those colours. PS: Nice dog 🙂

  7. Susan Terrill

    Yes. It is certainly stunning. and no one else has a skirt like this at all. the colors just pop and are so lovely.

  8. Susie B

    Love your version of this skirt. I have this pattern and have made a few of them for summer this year.

  9. Nicole

    Jen, your print and skirt are amazing! Do you need an apprentice? 😉 You’re inspiring me to make this skirt! Yours is just so beautiful. <3 <3 <3

  10. Fiona

    Magnificent, and the colours in the print really suit you! Well done!

  11. Andrea

    Gorgeous work! I love the colour combinations and the pattern.

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