weekend links: rachel edition

Hello sewing friends!

Liesl has been very busy blogging over the past two weeks, introducing the new Liesl + Co. patterns. So I thought I’d give her a blogging break and help her out with the Weekend Links for today.

As we head into the weekend, here are some Pinterest picks and weekend links to inspire you.

Pinterest Picks

I’m currently sewing up a bunch of Popover Sundresses for charity like I’ve done in the past. This darling berry themed one is very inspiring with those sweetest little jam jar pockets! You could use the pockets from either the Puppet Show Shorts or Jump Rope Dress to recreate the same look. Another adorable dress for spring would be this Fairy Tale Dress sewn by Sew Country Chick. Justine also recently sewed herself a Gallery Tunic, go check it out.

Oliver + S Popover Sundress and Fairy Tale Dress
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Later this year my daughter will be starting “en pointe” in ballet so I started a ballet themed Pinterest board. I love this tutu water fountain. Michaela DePrince, the girl who began life as an orphan with a heartbreaking story, has became a world class ballerina.

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Here is some lovely hand stitching that could be done on the bodice of a sleeveless Playtime Dress. I like this idea of using a jewelry box to store needles and sewing feet.

Weekend Links
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As far as kid fun lately, we have made some fluffy slime and it was a big hit. Now we want to try growing rainbow crystals. Maybe this year we’ll try decorating Easter eggs with highlighters. How about a 3D chess board to add more dimension to your next chess tournament?

Weekend Links
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Weekend Links

  • A family honors grandma’s memory by displaying all of her quilts at her funeral.
  • Do you have pre-teens and/or teens? The Screenagers documentary reveals how tech time impacts kids’ development and offers solutions on how adults can empower kids to best navigate the digital world and find balance.
  • Here is a breathtakingly beautiful Giselle performed at the Vaganova Ballet Academy in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The elegant and graceful Soo Bin Lee from Korea is a rising star.
  • Happy 100th birthday to the zipper! 100 years old this month, the zipper was first patented by Gideon Sundback. The Swedish engineer who emigrated to the U.S.A. at age 25, perfected the “Separable Fastener” while working as an engineer at the Universal Fastener Company in New Jersey.
  • Speaking of 100 years, watch decade by decade 100 years of DIY and crafts.
  • My recommendations for the next time you Netflix and chill: First Position, Abstract: The Art of Design, and Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things.
  • See the stunning dresses an Armenian fashion illustrator creates from only using everyday objects: slideshow or video.
  • I’m intrigued by these Zero Waste Home tips and how this town produces no trash.
  • Ever heard of Project 333? It is a minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to wear only 33 items for 3 months.
  • On April 1st, sign ups start for Me-Made-May.

We’re starting a new series next week: My Favorite Liesl + Co. Pattern. Do you have a favorite Liesl + Co. pattern? If you’d like to be a future contributor to this series, please leave a comment below.

Happy weekend to you.




  1. Thank you for the link Rachel! That ballerina fountain is beautiful. I need to watch Screenagers. Thanks for the interesting links!

  2. Edgar Artis’s work is just amazing. And apparently his critics accuse him of wasting food. Surely the quantities of cheese and sauce and other foods he uses (in his A4 sized drawings ) are minuscule compared to the food wasted in reality cookery shows.

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