my favorite oliver + s pattern: isabel from la vie en diy

Here is the next installment of the “My Favorite Oliver + S Pattern” series. Please join me in welcoming Isabel who is from Barcelona, Spain. Thanks so much for being here Isabel!

Hello! I’m Isabel from La vie en DIY where I share my sewing projects. I’m so excited to be here today to share my favorite Oliver + S pattern, the Art Museum Vest.

Oliver + S Art Museum Vest

It was very easy for me to choose a favorite. I increasingly enjoy sewing clothes for my handsome 5-years old boy but often I spend more time on choosing original and top-quality fabrics rather than on sewing. Boys’ patterns are often simple garments like t-shirts and shorts. This is not the case of the Art Museum vest by Oliver + S, this is a special garment by itself.

I first sewed it two years ago during the summer 2015 and I repeated again in 2016 and this year already sewed his 2017’s one! I feel it’s becoming a tradition now for me to sew a beautiful vest with beautiful fabrics. A boy can look elegant with a shirt and super cool with a funny t-shirt underneath, it’s so versatile!

My first Art Museum vest back in 2015 (when I still lived in France). This is a beautiful complement, can be elegant with a shirt and cool with a t-shirt. I felt even happier when I realized that not purposely I had sewed a reversible vest by using snaps as buttons.

Oliver + S Art Museum Vest

My second Art Museum vest was very special. I actually sewed three Oliver + S patterns, the vest and the reversible bucket hat and the sunny days shorts. He wore it while we were holidaying in Castilla-La Mancha, you know, the Spanish region from where Don Quijote. Here you can see the proud mummy with his elegant son, except the shirt everything is made from an Oliver + S pattern.

Oliver + S Art Museum Vest, Reversible Bucket Hat and Sunny Day Shorts

Now, this is my latest version finished only a week ago!

Oliver + S Art Museum Vest

If you notice, I did it again! I used snaps as buttons so it’s now a reversible vest and I played with the two fabrics so it looks a happy combination.

I first bought this pattern as a PDF file but as I needed to purchase a new one (as it’s sold for two ranges of sizes) and it was the opportunity to buy the paper version as I keep it as a Little treasure.

Oliver + S Art Museum Vest

Oliver + S Art Museum Vest

So for the fourth vest, I plan to sew both the vest and the trousers. Didn’t I mention? The Art Museum pattern comes with a vest and a pair of original trousers full of details which means full of potential to play with beautiful fabrics and finishing. You can check the evolution of my sewing on my Instagram on a more regular basis and through my blog (written in Spanish).

Now tell me, how many of you are already imagining your little boys wearing such a special garment!


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  1. Sarah Helene

    COOL. Way cool! FAB photo shoot showing your little son wearing the Art Museum vest pattern you’ve sewn! “Proud mummy” pictured too! Lots of Mom’s LOVE sewn into these! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ava

    Amazing. Love the reversible idea. Can you show/explain how the snaps are done so they look like the correct tops/sides on each side of vest? Is it two sets of snaps?

    1. Hi Ava! sorry for my very late reply, I had not noticed the post had comments with questions. Actually, if you try to put snaps on any garments, they look exactly the same in both sizes, no matter how/where you put it. To be honest, I had used snaps before but only when I put them on the vest for the first time I noticed this feature, they make things reversible automatically as they look just the same both sides. I’d suggest you to try in a bit of fabric and you’ll see the magic!
      Regards from Barcelona


  3. Martha

    I have a question — it looks as though there is top stitching around the edges and sleeves, but I don’t think that is in the pattern. Am I right?

    1. Hello Martha and sorry for my late reply, I had not noticed I had comments with questions. I can’t remember whether the pattern instructions suggest to topsticht but it’s something I quite like to do, it this case it helps to keep the fabric undel control on the edges specially after the washing up and, between you and me, it skips the hand-stitching of the last step as it becomes unnnecessary 😉
      Regards from Spain!

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