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Hello friends!

Did you see this breathtaking jacket from the Martin Margiela collection? I posted an photo of it to Instagram the other day, too. It’s made from a single piece of tulle hand-sewn to the jacket fabric itself, and it was made in a collaboration between Margiela’s designer John Galliano and the artist Benjamin Shine. It’s amazing isn’t it?

You can read more about it here. Maybe this will inspire you to try something out-of-the-ordinary this weekend? Perhaps a little fabric manipulation of your own? I highly recommend the book The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff if you want to learn more different ways to play with fabric, including smocking, pleating, and many other techniques. Obviously it won’t teach you how that jacket was made, but it might give you some ideas to try on your own.

Pinterest Picks

This week I’m feeling inspired by these peachy shades of pink.

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S and I have been cracking up over these animal selfies.

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Here’s a little styling inspiration for the Lisette for Butterick B6244 coat (it makes a great cardigan, too!) and the Liesl + Co Weekend Getaway Blouse.

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Loving the block-y, piece-y feeling of this quilt and its color palette.

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And here is a little blue inspiration to balance out some of those shades of pink.

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Weekend Reading (and Watching)

  • Is it too cold to go outside this weekend? Here’s a collection of beautiful embroidery to inspire a project or two.
  • Shops like The Gap use these clothing folders to ensure everything is folded to the same size. I made one for S last week, and her bedroom has been much neater ever since! She actually enjoys using it.
  • Those of you who have been married a long time will probably find yourself nodding to this one: what does romance look like after 10 years of marriage?
  • We first saw the castelleres when we spent a month living in Barcelona a few years ago. Somehow I thought it was a tradition practiced across the whole of Spain, but it turns out that it’s specific to the region of Catalonia. (video)
  • Your daily weep: Bear and its child, reunited after tragedy.
  • If you’re completely fed up with winter, here’s something beautiful to make it a little better. (Honestly, this makes me wish for those insanely cold winters in Wisconsin when we would ice skate on the frozen lakes. There’s nothing better, I swear.)
  • Early-morning workout at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. So great, and so well written it feels almost like being there in person. (And a big hello to Kay Gardiner, who I see right there in the front….)

We’ll be back next week with a really cute, free Valentine project for you as well as a long-awaited visit from Flat S! Have a great weekend, everyone.




  1. DianeLyons

    Liesl, I look forward to your links every Friday because you always share such a wide variety of interesting things that I end up sharing with my whole family. So today my 10-year-old son comes home from school and asks me, “Mom, what cool things are on Liesl’s link s today?” I just had to share that with you. He loved the ice pictures, and the animal selfies. I loved the MET workout–how fun!!

    1. That’s so sweet, Diane!

  2. Deepa

    I bought ‘The Art of Manipulating Fabric ‘ several years back, and after reading it cover to cover, came away with the feeling that it is perhaps intended for students of fashion design. It seemed to me it was written in a very pedantic style, with some techniques explained in an overly longwinded manner, and other techniques minimally dealt with. Certainly I did not find it a book that I would use frequently, although I am an avid sewist and enjoy pursuing new sewing techniques and ideas. On the other hand, I did find the Alabama Chanin Studio Style book was a treat to the eye, and contained real and practical information about the techniques used in that particular design style. ( This is not in anyway meant as a contradiction to Liesl’s recommendation . I am merely sharing my firsthand experience of using the book )

    1. It’s definitely not a project book, Deepa. You have to be willing to experiment and play with the ideas. Natalie’s book is also wonderful but quite different.

  3. Ava

    I love the cardigan inspiration for the Butterick coat pattern. Could you recommend what kind of knit/fabric would give this look? I love to see variations the pattern besides just color, really different fabric choices open up a whole new world, and you think “wait I’m not to late to make this coat as its going to be spring till I get around to it” “I could make it in knit and it looks so chic”

    1. I think you’ve got lots of leeway here, Ava. You might even be able to use some sweater knits!

  4. Gail

    Liesl, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your Friday links! They have such great variety and interesting subjects. I am always passing them on to friends and family. Thanks so much for a fun treat on Friday! I’m checking out the MET workout for a girls getaway.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Gail! It’s fun to put them together and great to hear that you enjoy them. I hope you get to the Met! Wish I could go.

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