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Hello friends!

What are you making these days? I’m busy developing patterns for our next collection, which always involves lots of muslin making and fit sample sewing. But in between I’ve been making these tiny embroideries for S, who loves them. You can find the little hoop frames here. We’re thinking it would be fun to invite a few friends over for a stitching party to share the fun.

Pinterest Picks

I really like these combined shades of green for women’s or children’s wear.

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Fun footwear for little girls.

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And grown-up girls, too.

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We’re still all about the cats at our house. And the dogs. And the bears. And the…

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Here’s a little make-it-yourself and make-it-together weekend crafting inspiration. (The baskets are a free pattern from Noodlehead!)

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Weekend Reading

  • Snowed in and feeling cabin fever? I can’t even imagine what it must be like to spend winter in Antarctica, where supplies are brought in via convoys on skis. (Until recently my dad spent 4-6 weeks every December doing research in Antarctica’s dry valleys. But December is Antarctica’s summer, which is completely different….)
  • I thought this was a really nice list of ways to feel good about your personal style this year. Lots of good, practical advice.
  • Here’s something new to tell your kids: stop playing with your food and use it to make art!
  • I thought this was a really thoughtful piece about life as an expat: “We made friends here, bought groceries here, got sick here, got better here. We learned to drive a manual car here. We lived here.”
  • What are your favorite podcasts right now? Here’s a list that introduced me to some new ones and includes quite a few of my current favorites.
  • The Costume Institute Fashion Plates collection looks like it will be fun of fascinating inspiration!

Next week we’ll be bringing back a feature you’ve enjoyed in the past, and we have lots more in store as well.




  1. Kerri

    Love the personal style article. I sew so I can have clothes I love, and the more things I make, the more fun it is to get dressed in the morning. I’m surprised at how much joy I get from wearing a beautiful handmade garment that is just the way I want it!

  2. DianeLyons

    I always look forward to your Friday post. Those mini hoops are so cute!

  3. Helena

    I love the Friday posts too. I get to read the orticles throughout the week when I get a moment. Thank you!

  4. That’s a long list of podcasts!! ‘On Being’ is my current favourite (loved the episodes with Joanna Macy and John O’Donohue), and ‘Dear Sugar Radio’ can be a good listen too.

    Always interesting to see when someone chooses to describe themself as an “expat”. Usually a person from one country living in another is an “immigrant” (or, depending on who you’re speaking to, an “emigrant”). What are the differences that make “expat” seem a more appropriate word?

    1. Nina, expat usually implies that one will be returning to the home country, I believe. While immigrant implies a permanent move.

      1. Nina

        Here in the UK I hear “expat” most often (but not exclusively, of course) used about white British people who’ve retired permanently to warmer places (Spanish coasts, the south of France, etc) – so there’s a class and race element to the choice of word and also a kind of us/them divide. But maybe it’s different in US English.

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