building block dress swatch cards and pinterest board

Hello friends!

We’ve got a few more fun book-related goodies for you today. Like the design worksheet, these tools are intended to help you design and plan your sewing ideas based on the concepts and techniques in our Building Block Dress book.

The first item is this free, downloadable, printable fabric swatch set that can help you organize and use your fabric stash. Several years ago we released a similar download for our Lisette line, but I really wanted smaller cards that would be convenient to toss into my handbag. So I asked Lindsie, our graphic designer, to re-work this file for you.

Free Oliver + S Building Block Swatch Card Set

If you print them onto card stock they’ll be nice and sturdy, and you can either cut them out and hang them on a ring to carry around or three-hole punch them and put them into a binder if you prefer to organize them that way.


The second item is our Building Block Dress Pinterest board, which is where I’ve been saving loads of images for the past couple of years. All of the ideas and photos in this board can be made using techniques in the Building Block Dress book, so if you need a little inspiration you might want to browse this for ideas of all sorts. Maybe you’ll see a fabric that inspires you, a color combination you like, or maybe an interesting twist on a design idea that you hadn’t considered.


I’ll be continuing to add images and ideas to this board, so keep an eye on it for fresh new inspiration.

Oh, and don’t forget our handy Oliver + S Measurement Chart for keeping the measurements of your little one ready-to-hand.

I hope you have fun with these two tools as you’re getting started on your designs!



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