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Hello, friends!

Madrid has been quiet this month because everyone is away on vacation. In Spain, most people don’t eat dinner until around 9:00 or 10:00 at night, and restaurants don’t open until 8:00. With many restaurants having outdoor seating on our block, it can get noisy in the evenings when the sun goes down and we open the french doors to let in the cool air. This month several restaurants on our block are closed, which means that the evenings have been unusually quiet. S and I have been moving a mattress out onto our roof deck to sleep at night, where we can enjoy the cool air. It’s been a real treat!

And this week has been extra-special because we’ve had some dear friends from New York visiting us, and it’s been fun to watch S show them around and translate for them. She’s developing a lovely accent. We always enjoy seeing good friends, especially since our apartment here is larger than our New York apartment and we have space to entertain. It’s been easy to adjust to life in Spain, that’s for sure.

In business news, we’re busy gearing up for the big launch of my book on September 15! I’ve been busy planning lots of fun activities and guests, and there will even be a U.S. book tour in November, after Quilt Market (which I’ll also be attending). I’ll be traveling across the country to teach classes in conjunction with the book, and I’d love to meet you if you have a chance to come. Stay tuned for details.

Also, next Monday and Tuesday I’ll finally introduce you to my two newest Lisette for Butterick designs. Can’t wait to tell you all about them! I’m really excited to sew them and hope you will be, too.


Pinterest Links

Here are a few images that have captured my attention recently.

I love the honeycomb smocking on this dress. You could do something similar using our Playtime Dress pattern. And while you’re at it, make a pair of striped Playtime Leggings to wear with it!

inspiration for an Oliver + S Playtime Dresspinterest link

Noodlehead made these great Class Picnic Shorts, and the fabrics are just charming together, aren’t they? I love fabric with a visible texture. It adds so much to clothing.

Oliver + S Class Picnic Shorts sewn by Noodleheadpinterest link

And speaking of texture, what about this deconstructed, hand-stitched fabric? It’s so graphic and fascinating!

embroidered texturepinterest link

This dress reminds me of our Lisette for Butterick B6168 dress. The floral is really sophisticated, isn’t it?

inspiration for a Lisette for Butterick B6168 dresspinterest link

This quilt. Such a great pattern and palette!

pretty quiltpinterest link

Weekend Reading (and Listening)

  • One of my favorite fashion-related books right now is Women in Clothes, which I’ve been digesting little by little, almost literally, since I read a chapter every day while I’m eating lunch. So of course I also devoured this episode of Invisibilia hosted by the authors. I think you’ll enjoy listening to it, too.
  • Also, did you catch this little story about a spectacular Louis XIV dress? The history of the silhouette is extremely interesting, and the dress itself is stunning. I hope to see it when I’m in Paris next month.
  • Art Gallery Fabrics has some really pretty fabric collections coming out. The prints in Playground by Amy Sinibaldi would be cute for those of you who are Oliver + S fans, and meanwhile Observer by April Rhodes would be great for a Liesl + Co Gallery Tunic for yourself.
  • These stunning photos of floral headdresses inspired by Polish wreaths.

floral headdress

  • I think I may have already mentioned the Museum at FIT’s Uniformity exhibit in New York. It’s a wonderful show if you get a chance to see it, and here’s a nice article and interview with the curator. On a related topic, the San Francisco Airport has an exhibit of flight attendant uniforms over the years. Those Jean Louis for United designs are really cute, but who can resist Emilia Pucci for Braniff? Those boots just come out of nowhere, don’t they?
  • I loved this brief history of the midi skirt. Fashion as a form of protest! And speaking of protest, who knew there were punks in 18th Century France? Incroyable!
  • And as long as we’re looking into historical fashion, here’s a little fashion inspiration from the Copper Age. No kidding.
  • This hauntingly beautiful dress covered in salt from the Dead Sea.
  • Aaaaaannnnndddd, who’s ready to go back to school? I know one person who is: Mr. Reed!

Have a wonderful weekend. I’ll see you here next week.




  1. Looking forward to the new book!

  2. I’m about to make a version of B6168 exactly like your pin. I think the double layer sleeve should make it really easy to stitch a bit of elastic into the sleeve to gather it. Hoping it works out..
    Also very keen to get my hands on that book!

  3. Ivana

    A new book! Very exciting, I can’t wait to see your new patterns.

  4. Sarvi

    Can I go back and do 4th grade over again with Mr Reed?

  5. Darcy

    So excited about the book!!! Can’t wait to see the new buttering patterns too

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