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Hello, friends!

What a week it’s been! We have a house full of guests coming and going for ten days. Now that it’s early summer, everyone is starting to travel, and it’s great to see them! Of course, right in the middle of it we’re finalizing the file for my book so it can finally go to the printer. It’s going to feel great to send it off now that it’s been proofread and corrected for the very last time. But in between edits and corrections I’m doing lots of cooking and showing people around Madrid. And somewhere in the middle of it I finally managed to finish drafting the fall patterns, so now I can start writing and illustrating those patterns. I’ve also managed to finish some sewing projects, like this lace Bento Tee. I’ll do a tutorial for it soon.


What are you up to these days? I think lots of schools have finished for the year, so maybe you’re off on a vacation of your own? It’s a good time of year to travel. Not too hot yet and many schools haven’t finished for the year, so it’s less busy. I’m noticing a dramatic change in the number of tourists here in Madrid. We stood in line for quite a while to buy alpargatas (espadrilles) this morning.

Anyway, we’re taking a road trip to Segovia with our current guests tomorrow, which should be fun. And I can’t wait to see my parents who arrive on Sunday!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.

Pinterest Picks

How cute is this Playtime Dress sewn by A Little Paper Boat! She embroidered one of her daughter’s drawings onto the front of the skirt. I just love it.

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And for the boys, two adorable outfits to inspire you. This first one is a really clever customization by Lily Pad Montana in which she combined the Art Museum Trousers and the Field Trip Cargo Pants.

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I also love this Sketchbook Shirt and Shorts sewn by Emily G. Darling pirate fabric!

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Since now it’s officially summer in the norther hemisphere, I have an excuse to obsess over ice cream! Here’s one we’re going to try this summer: Creamy Coconut Popsicles. We just bought a popsicle mold since we left the ice cream maker at home.

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This would be such a comfortable summer outfit. You could use our Liesl + Co Gallery Tunic + Dress for this look.

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Weekend Reading

  • Why does it take women so long to get ready? (Personally, I’ve always thought that it’s more of a status issue; I notice upper-middle-class women in certain neighborhoods spending a lot more time and money on grooming and on looking groomed. What do you think?)
  • June is Swimwear Month at the Curvy Sewing Collective. And if you’ve been following our swimwear sew-along you’re all set! (All the information will stay there, so feel free to join in whenever you’re ready.)
  • Jen over at Grainline had a really encouraging, thoughtful post about the importance of practice when developing sewing skills.
  • Have you tried out this week’s quick sewing tip, the easy hand-sewing knot?
  • This one just made me laugh. But it’s true: men take forever to put on their shoes!
  • So many things I didn’t know about Oscar de la Renta, including that he went to fashion school in Madrid and he licensed a lot of his designs to Vogue patterns!
  • I loved this profile of Michelle Elie, a truly dedicated follower of avant-garde (i.e., “unwearable”) fashion.
  • Trend forecasting is such a crazy, interesting world. (Did you know we’ve been featured on WGSN? I used it at Ralph Lauren, so it was fun to be profiled a few years later.)
  • Should there be a dress code for flying? I must admit, it would be nice if people would dress a little better. But not just to fly.
  • Isn’t this history of tailoring interesting? We’re clearly in a state of change, once again, and my favorite trend forecaster, Li Edelkoort, predicts that customization and individualized fashions are on the rise. So those of us who sew have a distinct advantage, I think!

I’ll see you here next week!




  1. Lizzy

    Have you seen the movie a stitch in life? I saw it on a long plane ride and think you would love it. Here is the synopsis: Plot
    Ichie (Miki Nakatani) is the owner of a dressmaking shop. Her grandmother started the shop and now Ichie runs the business. Her clothes are made with an old sewing machine and are very popular. Following her grandmother’s will, Ichie only makes clothes for individuals and turns down offers to turn her clothing into a brand.

    1. Lizzy, that’s funny because I saw it on a plane as well and loved it! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Sara

    That men and shoes article cracked me up! My husband hates putting on his shoes. And I think the rule extends even to kids. My 7 year old daughter is constantly waiting for my 9 year old son to get his shoes on to leave the house for school in the morning, even when they’re both wearing sneakers that tie. We’ve started sending him downstairs to put his shoes on 5 minutes earlier so we don’t have to stand around and wait.

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