quick sewing tip: knotting hand sewing thread

Today I’ll demonstrate my favorite hand-sewing knot. It’s easy to do and so, so useful!




  1. christina

    I love this tip. Thanks Liesl!

  2. What a neat idea. I’ve down that as a French knot in embroidery but never thought to do it as a knot on it’s own. Thanks!

  3. THANK YOU! I have never known how to make a proper knot and will definitely be trying this method!

  4. I love these little videos! They’re short, informative and fun. I also love that music.
    Somehow, I never learned how to sew a hand sewing knot like this, and it’s already become life changing. Next, I’m going to have to hunt down some bee’s wax to lube up that hand sewing thread.
    Thank you!

  5. Diana

    Genius! Thank you.

  6. Barbara

    Love your tips! Please keep them coming!

  7. Enid

    What a simple idea, what a fabulous tip! Will make my handsewing oh so much nicer on the backside. Thanks so much. I’ve been sewing for over 60 years, and there’s always something new and wonderful to learn. Thanks again!

  8. Mickey

    Awesome! Love how to knot thread easily!

  9. Robin E

    Brilliant! A french knot at the end of the thread! Love it!

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