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Happy Friday, friends!

S has been counting down the days until school ends and summer vacation begins. It’s still about three weeks away, but she can hardly wait! Every day I get an update, and I’m afraid that soon it will evolve into more frequent count-downs regarding the number of hours remaining. I know I’m not alone in this game.

Speaking of time, the end of the school year means it’s been nine months since we arrived in Madrid, and it’s passed so quickly. S and I are both feeling more confident with our Spanish, but we still have a long way to go. When I start to feel discouraged I remind myself that I didn’t know any Spanish when we arrived, and now I can understand quite a bit even though I spend my days working in English. It’s a slow process, but our new friends are helping by speaking slowly and by gently correcting us when we make mistakes. And also by insisting that we, and they, speak Spanish even when it seems easier to speak English. We went to the cinema for the first time a couple of weeks ago and did pretty well following the dialogue. Learning a new language is a lot of work!

may-23Wearing a Maritime Knit Top for Me Made May

Meanwhile, how is Me Made May going for you? Or Kid’s Clothes Week? Also, have you looked at the Oliver + S Flickr group lately? And #oliverands on Instagram? Wow, you’ve been a busy bunch! So many cute outfits. I’ve added two of your photos to this week’s Pinterest picks. You astonish me with your sewing talents and with your cute kids!

Pinterest Picks

Here’s a little inspiration for an Oliver + S Sailboat Top and Pants. The kerchief is adorable and might even be practical for a teething/drooling baby. Or maybe just for the cool/cute factor for older kids. (Just be careful with babies re: the choking hazard thing.)

Sailboat Top and Pants inspirationpinterest link

Sharon has already been busy sewing a Sailboat Top and Skirt for her daughter and the top and pants converted to shorts for her little guy. Love the embroidered seersucker and the contrast buttons.

Sharon's Sailboat Top and Pantspinterest link

I also love this cute set of sister Seashore Sundresses sewn by Auschick. (Hey, that was almost a tongue twister! Try saying it three times, fast: “sewn set of sister Seashore Sundresses”) The print and piping are so sweet, aren’t they?

Auschick's Seashore Sundressespinterest link

A simple unbleached linen Gallery Dress like this would be so chic and cool for summer.

inspiration for a Liesl + Co Gallery Dresspinterest link

It’s T-shirt weather! (But then again, when isn’t it T-shirt weather?) I plan to sew a few Metro T-shirts using Shelley’s fantastic V-neck T-shirt tutorial. I just noticed that Mood has linen jersey in stock in some really beautiful colors. Save some for me, will you? The rose and sunflower are particularly pretty.

How to sew a V-neck T-shirtpinterest link

Obviously this photo was pinned to our mother-daughter Animals for S Pinterest board. So sweet. I hope S doesn’t get any ideas from this photo when we swim this summer. I’m not a polar bear.

mother-child polar bearspinterest link

Weekend Reading

  • What’s your feeling about the phrase “plus sized”? Useful or outdated?
  • Personally, I’ll start wearing yoga pants as business attire (or everyday clothing, in my case) when they stop looking like yoga pants. (I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and with all the new high-tech fabrics out there, there is no reason our everyday trousers can’t be really, really comfortable and feel like yoga pants. Especially if they’re cut well.)
  • And speaking of innovation in textiles, these three designers are doing some extraordinary and fascinating things.
  • Stunning fashion details to be found in art.
  • From dancer to costume designer. After all, if anyone understands what a dancer needs, it’s another dancer.
  • If the new definition of luxury is never feeling like you’re wearing last season’s clothes, I’m a believer in luxury. I guess. (Oh, the horror! Another great reason to sew…and, maybe, to hang out with more interesting people than anyone who cares what “last season” is….)
  • Oh, and one more link regarding business attire. Has the business dress code finally come to an end? Personally, I think the definition of the word “uniform” has changed into something more personal. But maybe we can talk more about that another day. (And I can’t wait to see the “Uniformity” exhibit at the FIT museum when I go back to NYC this summer!)

OK, have a great weekend! I’m off to shoot some swimsuit photos for our sew-along. Gah, when I decided to become a clothing designer I never imagined it would involve being photographed in a swimsuit! You’re joining me in this crazy adventure, right?



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