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Hello friends!

I’m headed to London next weekend for a short trip with some new sewing friends, so I won’t be here with my usual weekend links on Friday. But I hope to come back with lots of new fabrics and trims. I have quite a shopping list!

Speaking of which, several of you have asked for tips on shopping for swimwear fabrics for the new Lisette swim patterns. For a little change of pace, I thought it might be nice to crowdsource a list from all of you! Do you have any favorite sources, either local or on-line, for swim fabrics? If you know a good source, please leave a comment on this post and we’ll compile them into a single list so you’ll have a nice reference guide for your personal shopping.


My personal favorite place to find great swimwear fabrics is Spandex House in Manhattan where I found this fun print last year. Spandex House has an enormous variety of fabrics, and it’s really fun to browse their selection in person or on-line. But many stores carry swimwear fabrics, so don’t be afraid to go shopping. It’s always nicest when you can touch and feel the fabrics yourself so you know how tightly knit they are and what sort of stretch recovery they have.

Shelley will have a little swimwear-based information and inspiration for you next week as well, with a special guest post about sewing swimwear for kids. (I’m so excited about her post!)

OK, off we go with this weekends picks.

Pinterest Picks

If you were inspired by Meredith’s pleated Fairy Tail Dress, have you considered doing a similar effect with the yoke of a Hide-and-Seek Dress? Or even a Cinema Dress for yourself?

apr-22-gpinterest link

I can’t wait for the weekend so we can try making apricot salsa quesadillas for lunch!

apr-22-apinterest link

I’ve realized there’s a gap in my wardrobe: I own very lightweight spring coats and a warm winter coat, but nothing in between. So I think I might solve that problem by making a warm trench coat based on my Lisette for Butterick trench coat pattern B6331. I’ll be watching for just the right fabric in London next weekend. I’ll need to add a lining, but I’m tired of being cold every time it rains!

apr-22-cpinterest link

I love the neutral-colored details of this interior shot. The combination of ornate and clean and simple is so refreshing.

apr-22-bpinterest link

And that simple, elegant furniture in the photo above would look so perfect in this glass house, wouldn’t it? (This is actually the Palacio de Cristal in the middle of Retiro Park here in Madrid.

apr-22-epinterest link

Weekend Reading (and Watching)

  • Is fashion art? Here’s an intelligent discussion of the topic. I loved this video, but then again I love looking at what people are wearing when I look at art!
  • LACMA’s Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear 1715-2015 looks like a terrific show. See it for me if you’re in the area, will you?
  • Valerie Steele, chief curator of the Museum at FIT, talking about why fashion is culturally significant and not simply a shallow or frivolous pursuit.
  • One more very fashion-y link:I thought this interview of two influential designers was very interesting and inspirational.
  • Every addition to this history of fashion series has been thoroughly riveting. And each one is quite short, so they’re worth taking the time to read.
  • Andrew Bolton is getting lots of attention these days as the new head curator of the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute. And with good reason–he’s the man responsible for two of the most popular shows in the history of the museum!
  • And completely unrelated to fashion, here’s a very interesting story about some stunning 1930s posters to promote our national parks.
  • We’re starting to make summer travel plans, and in the process we’ve been fondly remembering the month we spent in Iceland almost three years ago. We’re especially missing the neighborhood pools.

OK, see you next week! Have a great weekend.




  1. Accacia

    I’ve had good experiences with selection of swimwear fabric and customer service at The Fabric Fairy. http://thefabricfairy.com/

    1. Cecelia

      I second thefabricfairy.com Great customer service and good quality of fabrics with a good selection.

  2. Eliza-sew-little

    MacCulloch and Wallis Poland st London have fab fabrics with button heaven downstairs for your coat. Enjoy searching!
    I use UKfabrics for swimwear supplies ( online).

    1. Eliza, I’m looking at the MacCulloch and Wallis site and don’t see any swim fabrics in their offerings. Could it be that those fabrics are only available in store? I’d love to list them in my post if they carry the fabrics on-line.

      1. Eliza-sew-little

        Maculloch and Wallis were my recommendation for your coat fabric while you were in London.
        Hope you found something.
        I use UK fabrics and Bra chest for swimwear.

  3. Through Fashion Revolution week I’ve just learned about Econyl – it’s a brand of nylon threads/fabrics made entirely from waste nylon; old carpets and fishing nets gathered from beaches.
    As well as other nylon products there is swimsuit fabric made from Econyl. Imagine your swimwear fabric being made from beach rubbish that’s been collected and recycled!
    I’m on the hunt to find a “per metre” source, as so far I can only find wholesale or finished garments…..

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