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Hello friends!

Well, happy spring! We’ve had a few warm days here and there, but mostly lots of teasing (and sneezing) going on as the seasons change. It’s been a busy week, so I’ll keep this post short and sweet. I’ll see you here next week when we’ll have lots of fun new things planned for you.

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What are you sewing this weekend? How about a new spring dress for yourself? Here’s a little inspiration: use the Liesl + Co Bistro Dress sewing pattern for a very similar look.

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Or what about a simple Playtime Dress? I’m making one for S right now, and it’s really fast to make!

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And this is what I want. Right. Now.

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Weekend Reading (and Watching)

  1. I loved this history of ramen noodles, and it took me right back to college where Todd and I met when I started designing posters for the school’s film arts society. I think one of the first posters I designed was for Tampopo, so I feel like that film played a role in our college experience and relationship. Ten years after we got married, we took a trip to Japan and ate at a tiny out-of-the-way noodle shop in Tokyo where all the locals came for lunch. I had no idea that our neighborhood in New York plays a role in the development ramen culture, and I was surprised what a recent food ramen actually is! I think of it as traditional Japanese food.
  2. I promised my workshop students in Birmingham this link: how to understand and dress for your proportions.
  3. I know, another article about buying less and buying better quality. Nevertheless, I found this article to be interesting and somewhat encouraging.
  4. Those beautiful vintage mother-of-pearl buttons in your stash? It’s highly likely that they originated from Muscatine, Iowa. Who knew? (And thanks to Jennifer for sending this link.)
  5. Too busy to cook? What about too busy to wash a bowl after you eat a bowl of cereal?
  6. If you’re going to be in Atlanta this summer, do me a favor and don’t miss the Iris van Herpen show, will you? Here’s an article that tells more about it. I’m a huge fan and want to hear all about it.
  7. Turning from new to old, here are three lovely stories about designers incorporating traditional techniques–and including the artisans who practice those techniques–in their work.

OK, have a great weekend!




  1. I do not have time to make my clothes unfortunately. Any sewing I do for myself is merely for the creative outlet and intellectual challenge. So I buy 100% of my wardrobe. It is nearly impossible to find high-end beautifully made clothing for my size (18). I would love to spend more on a few investment pieces but no one is catering to my size. If anyone knows of some brands that do I’d love to hear about them. This comment is in reference article #3.

  2. Teresa

    Hello Thanks for the post .I was wondering where the material for the dress is from. Thanks!

  3. reading for a mere mention of spring, as after this 4/1 date, Friday, which was 60 and a bit humid, NY has been plunged back to freezing temps these past few days! the down coats are back out of the closet and the light challis is set aside on the sewing table… 🙁 hopefully not for long.

  4. Nicole

    I’m so excited for the Iris van Herpen show! Amazing fashion coming to Atlanta is fantastic. I’ll take notes for you!

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