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I’m delighted to introduce you to Lindsay. She is stopping by today to talk about her favorite pattern and show us what she has made from it. So nice to have you here, Lindsay!

Hi there! I’m Lindsay, a mom of three and self-taught sewist, who spends most of my spare time trying to fill my kid’s closets with handmade clothes. I am a relative newcomer to Oliver + S patterns but as many of you know, once you start sewing with them, you completely understand why they are so popular.

When I first started sewing about three years ago, I saw others working with these patterns and their finished products all looked so professional that I thought these were surely beyond my skill level. I finally decided to give them a go a little less than a year ago and now I’m hooked. So far I own seven Oliver + S patterns, most in both size ranges, and the collection just keeps growing.

Oliver + S Playtime Tunic + Leggings

The pattern I’m writing about today is actually the first Oliver + S garment I ever made. I’m a big fan of timeless clothing for my girls, which is probably why the Playtime Dress pattern is my very favorite. So far, I’ve made four tops and six pairs of leggings. I own this pattern in both size ranges and it is a definite wardrobe staple for my one and six year old daughters.

Oliver + S Playtime leggings

First, let’s talk about the general shape. This pattern is ideal for dress loving girls with practical moms like me. A looser bodice allows for little ones to move freely but without looking frumpy or ill fitted. This pattern is also built to accommodate pockets, which is great since my oldest insists on them and I never seem to get the placement right on my own.

Oliver + S Playtime Tunic + Leggings

I just love how customizable this pattern is. Though two templates are provided, the topstitching options are really endless. Honestly, I used to fear topstitching but now I appreciate how it can really take a garment from simple to special. Plus, I consider it an opportunity to test my patience at sewing slowly! I credit Oliver + S patterns with really helping me to appreciate the art of sewing. This sleeveless Playtime for my youngest is my most recent finish. I did a lined bodice and improvised the topstitching for a subtle nautical look.

Oliver + S Playtime Tunic

You can also make this pattern to fit your needs by adjusting the length of the dress or the sleeves. I usually cut mine to half way between the marked tunic and dress length. I find this to be the ideal length for my older daughter for the colder months, since it pairs so nicely with leggings and boots. Before my youngest was walking, I shortened it a smidge, as to not get stuck under her knees when she crawled. Changing up the sleeve length, or omitting them all together, allow this to truly be an all-season pattern.

Oliver + S Playtime Tunic

Another option to make this dress your own style is the back button placket. I like to use snaps for quick play dresses and pick out more unique buttons for fancier versions. I’ve seen others omit the back buttons for a tie back top or flip the button placket to the front for another adorable look. This pattern can also be made in a knit or a woven. So far, I’ve only made wovens, but I’m currently working on one in a lovely knit and I know it will get a ton of wear.

Oliver + S Playtime Dress

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about all the reasons this is my favorite pattern! I’m looking forward to carving out some time to finish that work in progress! You can see more of my see more of my projects on my Instagram feed @lindsayinstitches.

Would you like to take a little stroll down sewing-memory-lane? If so, head this way to see Liesl’s introduction to the Playtime pattern from September 2013!


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