introducing Lisette swim for summer 2016

One of the things I love about working with Butterick is that they’re so open to ideas. Last year when I proposed swimwear, I assumed they don’t include much swimwear for a reason. But they were more than happy to take the plunge (as it were). So I’m just thrilled to introduce you to our two new Lisette for Butterick summer 2016 styles: B6385 and B6360.

I’m always excited to introduce new sewing patterns to you, but I’m particularly pleased with how these two patterns turned out. First let me introduce you to Lisette for Butterick B6360: the Lisette swim dress/tankini.

Lisette B6360 for Butterick

Never heard of a swim dress before? Neither had I. Or at least I hadn’t heard of anyone wearing one in the past 100 years. As it turns out, there’s a brand new type of swim dress out there, and it’s quite versatile! It’s meant to go from the water to the boardwalk/lunch/car without requiring a change of clothing. The top is long enough to cover your back side (is this our preferred word for bottom?), but it’s cut to be feminine and flattering on top. Plus, it’s made of quick-drying spandex, unlike those heavy wool numbers of yore. (I must admit, some of those 1920’s wool swim dresses were cute. But really, unless you’re going to a costume party, just No. So hot, so itchy, and they took so long to dry….)

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to add a drawstring to the sides of the swim dress so you can also choose to cinch it up and wear it as a tankini, which means you have two options here: Eliminate the drawstrings and casings if you want just the swim dress or include them if you want the option to cinch it up into a tankini. Easy-peasy, right?

Also! This pattern comes in the full spectrum of women’s sizes! I’m always so, so happy when we can do this. This pattern is designed to be flattering and supportive, so if you’re full-busted I think you’ll be happy with this one. I like the little cutout below the bra hook in back. It lets you show a little skin without compromising on comfort and support. The pattern is constructed to include little pockets for removable cup inserts, too. Sometimes I wear them and sometimes I don’t, and the beauty of this construction is that you can add and remove them on a whim.

Seriously, I hope you’ll have fun with this pattern. I’m really so pleased with how it turned out. And look how cute the back is!

Lisette B6360 for Butterick

Lisette B6360 for Butterick

Lisette B6360 for Butterick

Moving on now to the second pattern, Lisette for Butterick B6358. This is the swimsuit I’ve been dreaming of for a few seasons now. I get so annoyed at swimwear choices and prices sometimes.

Lisette B6358 for Butterick

I wanted something with a little front tie detail, and I thought that it would be fun to add a color-blocking option as well. This pattern includes both a two-piece and one-piece style with the same details, and of course you can choose to sew either style as a solid or color-blocked version.

Lisette B6358 for Butterick

Remember that cute little cut-out at the back of the B6360 swimsuit pattern? I included it here too, but this time it’s on the bottoms. The briefs (ack, sometimes I just hate certain fashion words–can we call the bottoms something other than bottoms and briefs?) have a higher waist which meant I could include that cute little cut-out and a bow at the back, instead of boring regular swim bottoms. A little flirty, I suppose you could say. (Although flirty is another one of those words I strongly dislike. I sound really grumpy about fashion words today!) Oh, and the top has the removable cup inserts just like B6360. I kind of love the straps on both of these swimsuit pattern. There’s elastic inside the fabric casing, so they look great but can also be adjusted for a perfect fit.

Lisette B6358 for Butterick

Anyway, I’m seriously considering sewing both versions of this pattern. I haven’t worn a one-piece in years, but this one I’ll definitely wear. In fact, I’m headed to the fabric store this weekend to pick out my fabric, although I still haven’t decided whether I’ll color block them or not.

What about you? Which one are you going to make? Or will you sew more than one?


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  1. Sarvi

    Ooooh, colorblocked for me!!

  2. Sarvi

    Could folks who are knowledgeable about where to find swimsuit fabric share their sources, please? I somehow don’t feel confident about what to buy.

    1. I have had great luck with finding solids at the fabric fairy online. I try to keep with only matte, though, my machine hates sewing the shiny stuff.

  3. Asheley

    Love these designs! Beautiful and flattering! Thank you!

  4. Amie

    They are both great swimsuits!

    What is the pattern difficulty on both of them? I’d like to give it a shot, but my adult sewing skills are not that good. I’m still working through the Oliver + S patterns until I get more comfortable in fittings.

  5. These are both fantastic! I love the tankini version, and definitely want to try it for myself. I second Sarvi; I would love to hear what ladies suggest for sourcing!

  6. OK, I’m nowhere near ready to try sewing a swimsuit, but I really appreciate these designs and I’ll admire everyone’s creations from afar 🙂 I especially like that the two piece is both flattering and modest!

  7. sorahart

    Will you please remind the group when these patterns will be available? I went to JoAnn’s today and neither of them were in stock yet. I love the swim dress pattern. That will be my first one to try!

    1. These new styles have shipped and are on sale now. At this point it’s down to how long it takes your local store to get them received and put in the cabinet. It should be any day now….

  8. I adore these, Liesl, and I just so happen to have bought myself some swimsuit fabric, so … that tankini could be it! Thoughts on addressing larger bust/cup sizes?

  9. Nicole

    Yay for swimwear for big busts that aren’t halter necks! I always get a sore back and neck when I wear my halter neck suit. Finding sylish bathers without a halter neck for big busts often look matronly.

  10. Nicole

    These are both so adorable!
    We put in a pool during the Summer and now my girls just love in bathers.
    So, so, SO excited to see these patterns. The tankini dress is lovely for those of us with stretch marks too.
    Extra points for straps that will stay in place so you can swim, not just swan around looking glamorous.


  11. Nicole

    That would be ‘live’ in bathers, but they love living in bathers…

  12. Love these! They’re both So cute!

  13. I really love the first one and am wondering whether it would be possible to add underwire to the bra without too much pattern manipulation (I’ve never made a bra and it scares me). This lady needs wires in her swimsuit.

    Also, to those asking where to find swimsuit fabric: I have had good results at The Fabric Fairy and FabricMart. I’ve only made children’s swimsuits before, but the fabric would have been suitable for adults as well.

  14. Sharon k

    These are fantastic!! I will be buying both and can wait to try this out!!!

  15. Caitlin O'Connor

    We’re coming into winter but I need togs to wear to the hydrotherapy pool… I can’t wait to get my hands on the swim dress pattern and suitable fabric! Yay for bigger sizes and bust cups! I’m going to have to mail order everything to sew this, but it will be worth it!

  16. Chris d.

    Neither suit has an option that works for women with breast cancer. There is not enough coverage in the chest, neck, and underarms to cover scars.

    1. Chris, my sister and my mother are both breast cancer survivors and confirmed that both suits would work fine for them. I think it depends on your scars and how much you want to hide them. Not every suit is going to work for every person, of course, but from the response to these patterns so far it seems that these pattern will make a lot of people very happy.

  17. I love them all!

  18. Brooke

    I can’t seem to find a photo of the dress version of the tankini, am I missing something??

  19. Janell

    I have had B6067 on deck for a long whIle now. I like the clean lines of your B6360 even better – it feels less intimidating to sew. I will grab this one at the next sale!

  20. Your swim dress is my favorite pattern from the current collection! it’s completely brilliant! I’m still on the fence when it comes to sewing my own swimwear, but if I decide to take the plunge (Ha!) this is going to be the pattern that I reach for.

  21. Katie

    Is it possible to make B6360 so the straps don’t cross in back, or will this affect how it stays up?

    1. Katie, of course! It’s just a matter of preference–sew them as you like. I just thought the crossed straps would be more secure, so feel free to uncross them.

  22. Cassie

    Love the blue two piece! It’s adorable

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