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Hello, friends!

We’ve been getting hints of spring here in Madrid. A little warm weather here and there, a few flowering plants peeking up, small tastes of what’s to come. And then, just when I think spring is on its way, the sky gets cloudy and the temperature cools. Won’t it feel good when spring finally does arrive?

In the meantime, I have one word for you: layers! It’s the only way to get through this weather without getting sick, isn’t it? That and lots of fruits and vegetable, I guess. Stay healthy, and here are some fun diversions for your weekend.

Pinterest Links

It seems to be an indigo week on Pinterest! Here are my favorites for the week.

Brilliant idea: custom print your next jacket lining to give it extra sentimental value. With all the substrate options available now, you could easily choose a beautiful silk from Spoonflower and upload a letter or photo to make a unique garment with enormous personal meaning.

try a custom-printed lining

pinterest link

This quilt. So simple, so contemporary, so graphic.

graphic contemporary quiltpinterest link

How cute is this photo of Audrey Hepburn wearing Givenchy? And what a fun idea for a fashion shoot. Plus, let’s face it; that suit silhouette is darling.

Audrey Hepburn wearing Givenchypinterest link

S and I have been complaining to each other how much we dislike our underpants. Which, of course, has led to a discussion on how we should make our own. I particularly like the sporty-feminine combination of these lacy striped pants. This may soon become a personal sewing project for us, especially now that I’ve found some elastic that would work.

sporty-elegant underpantspinterest link

I’m also getting closer and closer to cutting out my Lisette for Butterick trench coat sewing pattern B6331 from Kaufman’s linen cotton denim. Anyone care to join me with this project? I can’t decide which to sew first: the trench coat or my Lisette B6296 shorts pajamas from Liberty fabric I bought last fall. Either way, I’m so ready to make something non work related again. It’s been a long time!

inspiration for a denim or chambray Lisette B6331 trench coatpinterest link

I made this last week, and the crust is astonishingly light and delicious! (I’m sure it’s due to the vast quantities of butter and creme fraiche, but still….) I’m a sucker for root vegetables.

roasted veggie tartpinterest link

Weekend Reading (and Watching)


  1. From February 20 through May 16, 2016, the Rijksmuseum will feature Catwalk, an exhibit on Dutch fashion from 1625 to 1960. It looks fantastic and quite intriguing, as described in this quote from the Curator of Costumes Bianca du Mortier, “The garments presented in this exhibition reflect the stories of the people who wore them. In fashion, the choices of the wearer count – they make him or her a trendsetter or a follower. Even today the clothes of the very rich and powerful always convey a conscious or unconscious message. In that respect, nothing has changed over the last 330 years. These choices are restricted by such factors as budget, opportunity, age, social status, climate, personal likes and dislikes and so forth. And when presented in a museum, there is a final selection: the selection of the Rijksmuseum.” I may need to make a trip to see this one! See also this video about the show, in which you can see some of the items to be exhibited.
  2. The story behind the oldest existing garment in the world.
  3. Iris Apfel’s busy day in Paris. What fun!
  4. I thought this was such a sweet piece about getting right to the heart of the matter. (By the way, have you heard the Modern Love podcast yet? It’s quite good and makes an excellent sewing companion.)
  5. A behind-the-scenes peek at the Penn and Fletcher embroidery company in NYC.
  6. And another behind-the-scenes look, this time into the workrooms of bespoke shirtmaker Emma Willis.

Alright! I’m off to cut out some patterns and maybe, finally, do some of that sewing I’ve been wanting to do. I hope you get some quality sewing time for yourself this weekend, too!




  1. Tamara

    Liesl make the coat first! I am dying to see it! The shortie pyjamas are fantastic. I made two pairs for my thirteen year old and she loves them!

    And making underwear is something I have also considered. There seems to be lots of patterns and styles around.

  2. Sarvi

    Printing a letter to use as a lining is genius! My grandfather is famous for his beautiful handwriting, I’ll have to see if I can find a specimen suitable for scanning.

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