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Hello friends!

I’m headed to Paris next week, we’re shooting the second part of my book tomorrow, and the book manuscript itself is headed out for testing before I leave. So this week has been a crazy combination of intense proofreading, running errands, and preparing for all three projects. We’re really, really ready and excited for the photos! And obviously I’m thrilled to get back to Paris again. My friend Daniela and I are headed to the L’Aiguille en Fete show on Thursday (let me know if you’re going–maybe we can meet up) and enjoying the city for the rest of our stay. I find so much inspiration when I travel, and as I get ready to start work on a new collection of Liesl + Co patterns (among other projects) it’s always nice to take a few deep breaths before I dive back into the depths of pattern development again.

But before I go, S and I want to finish our clothespin dolls! I think we need a few A-line dresses and tutus to round things out. We’ll see what S thinks.

clothespin dollsinstagram link

I haven’t had much time to read (aside from the manuscript itself) this week, so I’ve added some Instagram favorites to this week’s links instead of my usual reading links. And I won’t be here next Friday, but I’ll be back the following week. As always, feel free to follow me on my personal Instagram account if you’d like to come along.

Instagram Favorites

First up, @alexkeha. Alexandra Kehayoglou is a rug artist who creates spectacular environments with her art. Her studio space looks pretty amazing, too.


As long as we’re talking about floors, you might know from my own Instagram posts that I have an long-time tile obsession. Here are a few other tile fanatics I follow.

I like @ihavethisthingwithtiles. It was a tile floor similar to this which inspired several prints in my Woodland Clearing fabric collection.


There’s also @singaporegypsy.


And @parisianfloors, who always wears the best shoes.


Pinterest Picks

The stunning details of this vintage Balenciaga dress.

jan 29 apinterest link

A super-sweet Playtime Dress and Leggings in vibrant colors!

jan 29 bpinterest link

Continuing on with my orange theme for these images (how does it happen each week that a color story develops with these picks?), here’s a little grapefruit sorbet to make you happy. Or hungry.

grapefruit-sorbetpinterest link

S and I continue to pin cute and funny animals to our shared board, Animals for S. This one made me laugh: someone funnier than me titled it “West Side Story.”

west side storypinterest link

And @sanitystitches made herself this really sweet linen Cappuccino Dress, which I absolutely love. (She makes a lot of really great clothes, doesn’t she?)

cappuccino-dress-linen pinterest link

By the way, those of you Down Under, did I see that this week was the start of a new school year?

OK, have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Woo hoo! I got a shout out! I love love love the cappuccino dress. Now that I have made 3 dress versions and 2 shirts, I am thinking about customizing. You linked an example on your inspiration board of a woman wearing a similar dress with a deeper V and a squared off area where the neckband pieces meet in front- I am thinking about giving that a try.

    I just picked up some fabric for the gallery tunic sew-along and I am very excited about making another cozy flannel version.

    Love the clothespin dolls!

    1. I can’t wait to see it, Emma!

  2. Wow! SO happy and thrilled to see my Playtime dress and leggings there! Thank you SO much Liesl!! Absolutely love your patterns!
    P.S: I have about 10 yards (!) of fabric in my stash waiting to be turned into some O + S gems. Your patterns are addictive 🙂

  3. Lisa M

    Tomorrow is our last day of Summer holidays – sigh. My youngest will have her first day of school on Monday so it’s going to be a big day in our household.

    I can’t wait to sew with the new fabrics. I have the hide and seek dress cut out ready to go.

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