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Hello friends! I don’t know about you, but for me this year is already flying by. Last week I got my days all confused and spent Friday thinking it was Thursday. Thus, no weekend links. Sorry about that!

I get stressed out when we’re preparing for a photo shoot (which is probably why I had my days confused last week), and it’s been especially stressful since we’ve moved to Madrid because we don’t have our fantastic Brooklyn studio for photoshoots. We had a system all worked out, with a floor and backdrops, and the light was just perfect. Although we have more space in Madrid and we get lots of wonderful light, we weren’t sure how the space would work as a photo studio. As as it turns out, the bedroom works out very well! We removed the bed, set up our equipment, and waited for the sun to pass to the side of our building. I was quite happy with how the Woodland Clearing photos turned out, and our models were so much fun! Now that we know this, it’s awfully tempting to turn the bedroom into a full-time work space.

Are you having fun with the pattern mash-up challenge? I hope so! There’s still lots of time to participate.

Pinterest Picks

What a beautiful detail! It’s almost like a slot seam in construction, with applied bows. I think this would be a great detail to add to the raglan sleeves on the Carousel Dress. I may need to try this for S. I’ll share it if I do.

jan 8 apinterest link

Do you have those days too?

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Are you thinking about spring sewing yet? Since S has outgrown almost all her clothes now, I really want to do some simple embroidery on an Ice Cream Dress for her. I might try hand embroidering something like this.

jan 8 gpinterest link

And for myself, I purchased a striped linen similar to this when I was in Nashville last spring. It may need to become a Gallery Tunic, don’t you think?

jan 8 fpinterest link

This would be such a pretty quilt. And with strip piecing I think it would go quickly!

jan 8 epinterest link

Weekend Links

So many links for you this weekend!

  • By chance, I “discovered” this podcast the other day and it’s become my new favorite. Meet The Seams, a podcast about fashion from a fresh perspective. I’ve been binge listening, and I bet you will too.
  • An ode to one of my favorite winter accessories: Smartwool socks.
  • If, like me, you won’t be in New York this winter, you might want to pay an on-line visit to FIT’s excellent Denim: Fashion’s Frontier exhibit. I would dearly love to see some of those Claire McCardell and Bonnie Cashin items in person, but the website is so well done it’s almost like being there!
  • I haven’t read In Defense of Food yet (it’s on my list), but it makes so much sense, doesn’t? Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants. Since many of us want to lose a little weight after the New Year (I ate too many pastries in Lisbon and too much Rascon de Reyes around Three Kings Day), I’ve been thinking about this a lot. While the Whole30 approach is somewhat appealing, I much prefer the approach of eating Healthy-ish rather than completely eliminating some of the treats I love: ice cream, chocolate, wine, cheese. So bring on the vegetables, but I’ll have a little chocolate afterwards, too.
  • Ooh, who else wants to learn to sew tutu’s! What a wonderful program to preserve a dying art.
  • I thought this was so sweet: when your beloved pet chicken grows up to be a rooster.
  • A Wes Anderson-inspired explanation of the State of the Union Address.
  • And finally, your weekend cute.

OK, have a great weekend! Next week I’m finally going to show you my finished Lisette pajamas. (Thank goodness, because they’ve been hanging in the closet waiting to be photographed, and I really want to wear them at long last!)




  1. Liesl, I have to tell you how surprised I was to see the story about our rooster among your weekend links. I actually assumed it had happened to someone else and thought – what a coincidence! haha He has safely been re-homed and we are so thankful! <3

    I should tell you, I am kind of obsessed with your Playtime Dress right now. I made one here http://www.stitched-together.com/2015/11/the-oliver-s-playtime-dress-and-leggings.html and I am about to hem another one soon – I hope to have it up on my blog next week! Love this pattern!

    1. Rachel, I thought you might be surprised! And I love your version of the Playtime. I noticed it shortly after you posted and think the changes you made are great!

  2. Darcy Struble

    I bought the same fabric with you in Nashville and mine has been turned into a hide and seek dress for my three year old, a late lunch tunic for me (which still looks good, even on a second trimester pregnant lady), and a lullaby layette bodysuit for the up and coming baby. I still have more of it too! I need to get pictures of these things and post them somewhere….

    1. Darcy, five yards can go a long way! I’d love to see your photos. Hope you’re feeling well. xo

  3. Hi Liesl, that Bauhaus weaving illustration you have linked there by Benita Koch Otte (although I can’t find the original source) has already inspired a quilt – and it will be showing at Quiltcon next month in Nashville!
    If you go to my Instagram feed @stitchandyarn you’ll find it (or the #bauhausquilt hashtag).

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