sew and tell: lisette pajamas B6296

It’s been a month or two since I finished sewing these pajamas. They’ve been hanging in the closet just waiting for some photos, so now I can finally wear them and get them broken in a bit to be really comfortable! Do you find that your clothes need a little wearing before they feel like they’re “yours”?


Name: Liesl Gibson
Where can we find you on the internet? Oh, you know. Here.

Project Details
Pattern: Lisette B6296
Fabric: Liberty tana lawn

Did the fabric work well?
Yes, very well! I had this pattern in mind when I was in Italy in October, and I specifically went shopping for Liberty for these pajamas. Lawn is such a pleasure to sew and to wear (which is also why I’m excited that my Woodland Clearing collection for Robert Kaufman is cotton lawn!), and I really wanted a light-colored classic print for this pattern. (It didn’t hurt that the Liberty fabric was priced really well at the trade show–far below regular prices–so I could buy 3 1/4 meters without going broke.)

How did the sewing go? I cut a 10 for the top and a 12 for the pants since that’s where my bust and hip measurements put me on the size chart. And I like the fit! PJs should be loose fitting, and these fit very similar to my favorite pair. So I’m happy with them, although now I wish I hadn’t added an inch or two to the length of the top and to the sleeve. It was plenty long without the added length, so I’ll keep that in mind when I make another pair.

I purchased piping and had a ball sewing it! If you haven’t tried sewing with piping, it’s really not difficult at all. After basting it to to the right side of the fabric, you simply pin the fabric layers together as you normally would and then use your zipper foot to stitch very close to the edge. I also used the zipper foot to edgestitch the piping after I pressed the seam allowances to one side. It went much more quickly than I expected, given all the places where I used it: around the center-front edge and collar edge, along the pocket seam, and on the sleeve and pants cuffs.

What was the best part? They feel so good to wear! And as luck would have it, I ripped the elbow of my ancient, well-loved PJs the day after we took this photo, so this pair is already being put to good use. I’m particularly pleased with the pants. They fit very well and look pretty good, if I do say so myself. That curved yoke seam on the back really does its job! (And no, it’s embarrassing enough that I’m posing in my PJs in this photo; I’m not showing you my butt.)

I also purchased fabric for the short version of these PJs, so I’ll be making those for next summer!

If you are looking for more style and fabric inspiration for the Lisette pajamas, you don’t have to go too far, just click here.


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  1. Marylynn

    So beautiful and cozy. Plan on purchasing pattern this week.

  2. Is Bear wearing a pair of coordinating undies?!
    Lovely pyjamas Liesl, I need to make a pair for travel or hospital stays. One never does know when good bed attire might be required!

  3. Tamara

    Perfect print choice Liesl! I have been eyeing the Lodden print for a while now think it would make awesome pyjamas. I am about to make the shortie version of this pattern for my daughter. I am really looking forward to making them.

  4. JR

    I made the pants for my eldest daughter for Christmas. They came together very nicely, but fyi with flannel, I was a bit short on fabric as I had prewashed it. I used a solid for the waistband and omitted the cuff, as the length without was better for her.

  5. Such gorgeous, sophisticated pajamas Liesl! I bought some organic flannel (and yellow piping) to make these for myself, soon, I hope.

  6. Colleen P.

    I made my test run on this pattern out of some really wildly printed flannel that I had only bits and pieces of, and I cannot WAIT to make some more out of something a bit more “me”, because I LOVE these pj’s! The flannel is a tich heavy for the pattern, but here in OH it’s hovering in single digits so flannel is no more than prudent, thank you very much!

    These are the best fitting pj’s I’ve ever made, that back yoke makes all the difference, it really does. I’ve already picked out several other pieces of fabric for the cold weather and have my eye on some stash yardage for summer, should it ever choose to arrive!

  7. Wonderful post!! I have the pattern AND I have my fabric but I just haven’t had the time. I really hope to make these soon!

  8. Ela

    Beautiful pajama!! The fabric seems familiar to me! Xo xo, D

  9. Mary-Claire

    These are just perfect!! And, you are wonderful to model them for us! I use a five-groove, pin-tucking foot for piping and it is so easy it feels like cheating. You just put the cord of the piping in one of the grooves and bump your needle over accordingly.

    1. I’ll need to try that, Mary-Claire! Thanks for the great tip!

  10. Rachel

    Any tips on determining size? I understand this sizing is different than RTW but is there a finished measurement chart somewhere? Dare I ask you what size you wear in RTW and what size did you sew up? Thanks.

    1. Rachel, use the size chart on the pattern back (you can find that on our site) to determine your size. The sizing there will be different than your RTW size, but don’t worry about that. And remember that you can always sew different sizes for the top and the bottom if your size isn’t consistent with the measurements for the top and the waist.

  11. Lynn Gates

    I made these last year, favorite pj’s ever! I picked up a soft cotton (or cotton blend), maybe in a children’s section – It’s soft and stable, used a satin piping. I definitely want more, I love your print!

  12. Janice

    What ready made piping did you use? I’d prefer to make my own, but I cannot find cording smaller than 3/16”. Love the pajamas.

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