the modern natural dyer book and kit giveaway

Have you heard about the really popular book, The Modern Natural Dyer yet? This book is to dye for. It is absolutely gorgeous with rich photography throughout. And today we’re happy to announce that we have a special giveaway for one lucky reader! Read to the bottom of the post for all of the details.

The Modern Natural Dyer features a comprehensive list of dyes which can be made from plants, and one insect (cochineal). It includes 20 projects, each featuring a different aspect of natural dyeing. Now I finally know what to do with those black walnuts that fall all over the place in my backyard! The author is Kristine Vejar and you can learn more about her and her business, A Verb for Keeping Warm, here.

The Modern Natural Dyer book

I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of the book as well as a Waves Bandana Indigo Kit. For the dyer who wants to dive into the deep blue, this is the kit for you. I was completely thrilled to spend an afternoon in my basement laundry room last week dipping items into the indigo dye vat, ready to have fun and create some fabulous fabrics. By the way, you will want to keep the cat safely in another part of the house like I did.

Waves Bandana Indigo Dye Kit

Want to see what I made?

The book contains the most user-friendly techniques and easy-to-follow details. I took the two bandanas from the kit and tried two different techniques from the book. The first one was a folding and clamping technique. I ironed the bandana into accordion pleats, then took several wooden clothespins and clipped them along both of the long folded edges.

Indigo dyeing with clamping technique (clothespins)

The second technique was a pole wrapping technique. After some pleating and basting, this bandana was wrapped around a pipe with twine and then the fabric was pushed down to the bottom of the pipe. I could just use these as bandanas, but maybe I’ll use the fabric for another project. Maybe for the front yoke of a Hide-and-Seek Dress like I did here. Or an In a Clutch Cosmetic Case like I did here.

Indigo dyeing with pole wrapping technique

Thankfully there was enough space in the indigo vat to dye some more. On a larger piece of fabric I tried the stitch resist technique from the “Fishbone Dress” project. After the fabric was dyed, I used the Roller Skate Dress pattern since it provides an excellent canvas for showing off dyed patterns.

Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress indigo dyed and stitch resist technique

Iā€™m so pleased with the results! I was able to create textiles as unique as a snowflake.

Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress indigo dyed and stitch resist technique

It looks like there are fun things in store for 2016. Kristine just filmed a series of videos about using natural dyes with Creativebug. They will be released starting in January 2016. There will also be a Work-Along, a year-long course of study to guide you through the book and the natural dyeing process. It is broken up into three phases and the Phase 1 Kit is already available.

Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress indigo dyed and stitch resist technique

Now for the giveaway! Along with a copy of The Modern Natural Dyer, you can also win your choice of one of the four project kits. The series of natural dyeing kits which accompany the book are all available through the A Verb for Keeping Warm website.

Natural dye project kits from A Verb for Keeping Warm

To enter to win a copy of The Modern Natural Dyer and your choice of a natural dye project kit, simply leave a comment saying which natural dye project kit you would choose if you were picked as the winner. Only one entry per person, please. Comments will close at 9:00 AM ET Saturday, December 19th, 2015, and we will select a winner at random. The winner will be notified by email. This giveaway is limited to US addresses only, it must be a physical mailing address (no post office boxes) please.




  1. Shannon

    Flowers at My Fingertips Kit would be lovely!

  2. Jill

    I love the clothespin technique! I’d never heard of that! I think it would be so fun to take on some of these projects with my 5 year old. She is so creative and I have a feeling this would be so inspiring to both of us!

  3. Enbee

    The indigo kit, absolutely!

  4. Oooh, the Flower at My Fingertips kit seems fun. As soon the Holidays are over, we all start thinking about Spring again. I would love to learn how to use flowers to dye fabric for my daughter’s clothes!

  5. I’ve been wanting to try indigo dye for a long time. A kit would be perfect!

  6. Liza Ahern

    The Waves Bandana Indigo Kit looks so fun and blues of all sorts look fantastic on my little one.

  7. Margo

    The northwoods hat kit! I would love to try dying yarn!

  8. The Waves Bandana Indigo Kit! I’ve been eager to try using indigo…

  9. Genya

    Your experiments are beautiful!
    I would choose the flowers at my fingertips kit, it is interesting to see the impact of the flowers on the fabric

  10. Genya

    Your experiments arw beautiful!
    I would choose the flowers at your fingertips, it is interesting ti see an impact of the flowers on fabric…

  11. Laura

    I was so excited about this, then so disappointed you are limiting it to US addresses. šŸ™

  12. Rachel

    I love knitting, so I would pick the hat kit!

  13. Barbara

    Flowers at My Fingertips Kit.

  14. Margaret Newton

    I would do the indigo bandana kit, but I think I’d likely turn the bandanas into part of a bigger project like the blue and white scrap quilt I’m planning.

  15. Chandra

    If choose the indigo kit

  16. I have this book on my wishlist – it looks so good. It isn’t easy to pick a favourite kit as I sew and knit but I think the bandana kit would have to be my selection.

  17. Tonia Jeffery

    I think the flower one would be fun.

  18. Cynthia Baxter

    Waves Bandana Indigo Kit: make your own indigo vat, then dye two bandanas

  19. Stephanie

    the Indigo kit!! have been wanting to try indigo dying for a while now!

  20. JEB O'Barr

    The sock hop kit. I can never have enough socks.

  21. Amelia

    What a beautiful book! I love indigo, but since I’ve already tried it a few times, I think I’d go with the flower sewing kit. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  22. Beth

    Sock Hop Kit! I can never get in enough knitting.

  23. Carol Hulse

    What a great book – very unique! Would love to try the clothespin technique!

  24. Amy

    Indigo Kit, for sure. I am excited about trying out indigo for next summer’s dresses and accessories!

  25. Linda Nelson

    Love the bandana! And can’t wait to read the book!

  26. indigo kit hands down! love the look of this book.

  27. Jenniffer E

    What a great book. Love the Flowers on Fabric.

  28. Renee

    The indigo kit!

  29. Megan W


  30. Grace

    Definitely the indigo bandana kit! *swoon*

  31. Wysteria

    Ooh, I think I’d go with the Bandana indigo kit! Thank you for doing such a wonderful give away!

  32. Ally

    The indigo kit for sure! I’ve been looking for this book locally and haven’t seen it yet.

  33. LiLian

    My fave colour is blue so definitely the Waves Bandana Indigo kit.

  34. Christina Bohnsack

    Flower sewing kit looks so dreamy!

  35. Michelle Smith

    I love the waves bandana kit.

  36. Thank you for sharing your projects. They turned out so beautiful. I love the blue. I think I would choose the hat kit. Yarn dyeing is something I’d love to try and I’m learning how to knit so it is the perfect combination. Thanks for the giveaway. Blessings!

  37. Tammy

    Lovely project. I’d like the sock hop kit. Thanks for the opportunity.

  38. Monica

    Definitely the Waves Bandana kit!

  39. Sherrell Thomas

    Flowers at my fingertips, thank you for the opportunity, very lovely.

  40. The bright yellow cap caught my eye, although I would be happy with any of the kits. I love to dye!

  41. Adrienne

    I love the idea of using flowers to dye fabric. That would be such a fun project to do with kids!

  42. Danielle Hittle

    I would love the hat kit ~ gorgeous! Thank you for the giveaway! The book looks just beautiful!

  43. Lydia

    Northwoods hat kit please! Love me some knitting! šŸ™‚ Been dying to read this book too!

  44. Joan

    I would love Flowers at My Fingertips Kit… make beautiful dyes. It would be much fun to sew something from my own dyed cloth!

  45. Meg

    I’d choose the indigo kit. the roller skate dress looks great!

  46. Ela

    Folding and clamping technique for me.. The pattern on the fabric is gorgeous!

  47. Liz M

    The indigo kit for sure!!

  48. Melissa Rivera

    Waves bandana indigo! I can’t get enough of seeing the variations.

  49. Tabitha

    The indigo kit would be fun!

  50. Meg

    What beautiful results!! I love that Indigo kit!

  51. kim t.

    hmmm. first choice is the hat kit, second is the indigo kit and third is the flower printing kit. they all seem like fun!

  52. Diane

    Would love the indigo kit.

  53. Maureen

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to dye fabric/yarn…and love the Flowers at my Fingertips sewing kit! Thanks for your generous giveaway…Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  54. The indigo kit! It’s such a beautiful project to try.

  55. Paula Chipman

    I’ve been eyeing this book ever since it’s release! The indigo dye kit would be my choice. So fun!

  56. AP

    The Northwoods hat would be fun to create!

  57. Susan

    The waves bandana kit. Cuz I love indigo?

  58. Jill Karcher

    Waves Bandana Indigo Kit!

  59. Sarah Helene

    Love to win “the Flowers at my Fingertips Kit” so I can create my unique dyed flower motifs. Thanks for showing the dyed fabrics used in the clothes you’ve sewn– lovely indeed! Sarah in Minneapolis

  60. Linnea

    Flowers at My Fingertips looks delightful! My daughter and I would love to do it together.

  61. Eleanor

    I saw this book at the bookshop yesterday and was eyeing it! I like the flower dyeing kit, I have already tried indigo dyeing….it was a blast!

  62. Rebecca

    Definitely the Flowers at My Fingertips Kit!

  63. Jessica

    I’m so excited for this giveaway. I would try the Indigo Kit first, but I really would like to play and experiment with them all:)

  64. LoriAnne Gamble

    This is SO cool. Ive been wanting to learn to tye dye with natural stuff, so the Flowers at my finger tips would be perfect.

  65. christina

    Waves Bandana Indigo would be my choice!

  66. Angela B

    The indigo kit! I’ve been very curious about this book. I may just have to buy it.

  67. ali

    Waves Bandana Indigo Kit would make bandanas, and then dresses for my grand daughters! so fun.

  68. Sarah R

    Oh wow, tough choice! I can’t decide between the indigo or the hat. They all look so great!

  69. Everyone’s reviews of this book in blogland have me convinced I NEED it! I would love to try the waves bandana indigo project.

  70. Ruth

    What a great giveway! I’d love the hat kit.

  71. Leanne Weckel

    I like the Flowers at my Fingertips Kit!

  72. susan Terrill

    I would pick that wonderful bright yellow hat to dye ant knit. It would be so great for a little grandchild in the snow. You would always know exactly where she was!


  73. I just got into natural dyeing and it is so much fun! This book would be a great resource. I would love to win the Northwoods hat kit.

  74. Phyllis in Rocky Bayou

    The Waves Bandana Indigo Kit sounds like fun.

  75. Marissa C.

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    I would choose the Flowers at My Fingertips Kit šŸ™‚

  77. Jill Karcher

    Bandana Indigo Kit!

  78. Phoebe

    I love the indigo kit! I’m hopeful that in 2016 I will have much more time to experiment with natural dyes – something I’m really looking forward to. Indigo would be the first thing I want to try!

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  79. I’ve had this book on my wishlist for a while now. I’d love to win a copy and try out the bandanna kit!

  80. Jacqueline

    I am an overseas reader, so “excluded” from the giveaway (sad face – as I’d love a copy of the the book). It’s really great to see a manual that takes a contemporary approach to natural dyeing…! My partner and I became fascinated with botanical dyeing while visiting Japan, but have never worked with dyes (of any kind…) previously. However, on return from Japan we planted a bank of Indigofera australis (an Australian native indigo) so that we can learn to dye using the local form of the indigo plant… apparently it yields a softer, lighter blue than Asian indigo. We are very excited to harvest and try it!

  81. I would choose the knit hat!

  82. Sarah J.

    Oh this looks fun and addicting! I just love indigo and the folding and dying techniques would be fun to try!

  83. I would pick the indigo bandana kit! It looks challenging and fun and is something I’d never try otherwise.

  84. Indigo just barely beats out the flowers. Thanks for sharing info on this book. It sounds like a great resource.

  85. Cassie Barry

    The Flowers at my Fingertips kit is what I would pick! Sounds so cute.

  86. Kari

    Oh how beautiful! I would choose either the indigo kit or the flower at my fingertips. What a fun and generous giveaway!!!

  87. Patricia

    I’ve been admiring this book and have been very interested in starting an indigo vat but have been totally intimidated by the mystery of it ! I would definitely choose the indigo kit.

  88. Michelle Mikell

    The indigo dye kit for sure.

  89. Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway, it is now closed. The winner is being contacted.

  90. Cindy

    I love the indigo kit. I’m just starting to sew again. I love the book. I really want a copy

  91. Ronica

    Love the snowflakes!

  92. Ledys

    Flowers at my fingertips looks like so much fun!

  93. Jennyroo

    Ooh! Tough choice! I think I would try dying indigo bandanas, thanks for the chance to win this sweet prize!!

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