introducing the Lisette B6296 sleepwear pattern

A number of years ago I decided that it was time to step up my game when it came to sleepwear. No more old mis-matched T-shirts and leggings or shorts. It was time for real pajamas. The kind that you can feel good about wearing when you’re a guest in a hotel or at someone’s house. The kind you aren’t embarrassed to be seen wearing when a neighbor drops by unexpectedly on an early Saturday morning. (Or, for that matter, when you oversleep and need to hustle everyone out the door at the last minute—and maybe even drive the carpool with no time to change, hoping the entire time that you don’t need to get out of the car for any reason.)

In any case, I’m so happy I made the switch. Pajamas can make a difference in how you feel about yourself. When you’re wearing a good pair of pajamas, you feel more pulled together and less disheveled, even when you’ve just rolled out of bed. Or maybe that’s just me.




In any case, you’ve been asking us for a women’s pajama pattern for a really long time, and this year I can finally announce that we have one for you! Say hello to the new Lisette for Butterick B6296 pattern. I’m very excited about these classic PJs, which will keep you outfitted stylishly all year long. The pattern includes four views: two tops and two bottoms with lots of details that you can mix and match to customize a set exactly to your preferences.

For the top, choose from long or short sleeves, both with a collar, cuff detail, and forward shoulder seams. You can also choose from a chest pocket or two hip pockets. And you get to decide whether to include piping. Personally, I love piping because it adds a level of tailored sophistication as well as a pop of contrast color. I mean, who can resist when such a simple detail adds so much elegant style and is so easy to sew?






The PJ bottoms are equally versatile. You might prefer the shorts for warm weather or for sleeping comfort, or maybe you prefer long pants for cooler weather and more coverage. Both styles include convenient front pockets–which is also a nice detail if you prefer to wear your PJ bottoms with a T-shirt–and a flattering back yoke seam. These bottoms are designed with a low rise because there are too many high rise pajama pants in the world, and I thought it was high time for a style that is flattering, cute, and comfortable to wear.



You’ll want to consider your fabric options for this pattern, too. Obviously, for winter—and especially for the upcoming holidays—cotton flannel is a great option and comes in lots of fun colors and patterns. Many families have a tradition of new Christmas pajamas for everyone, so you can get in the game and make your own now. And cotton poplin or even quilting cotton will give you lots of choices for summer-weight pajamas and lots of options when it comes to prints. Cotton lawn, double gauze, and linen would feel especially nice against the skin if you want to give yourself a little luxury. I’m going to start with a really pretty Liberty of London lawn for my PJs, with sunny yellow pining. Or go all the way and sew an ultra-luxurious set in silk or silk satin! And guess what? You can also use stable knits for this pattern, if you’re so inclined. This would make the pajamas every more comfortable to wear while still looking pulled-together and elegant. Here is some inspiration I have pulled together for you.


pajamas-1 pajamas-2


Of course, you can wear the pieces as separates, too. Maybe you prefer to wear pajama pants with a cute fitted T-shirt or camisole. But what about wearing the top as clothing? I’m planning to wear my PJ top, with piping, as everyday wear, too. I mean, isn’t this cute? I love it as a layering piece like these woman have done.




And if you do decide to wear the complete pajama set someplace, do it boldly! Wear them with a pair of strappy evening heels and a lot of style. This would be especially great if you make them in silk satin, of course.




A lot of families have a Christmas PJ tradition, and now you can join the fun with making your own pajamas for the holidays. In fact if you want to join the holiday pajama party challenge, I think this pattern would count. Have fun with it, and I hope you’ll show us how they turn out in the Lisette Flickr group or on Instagram: hashtag #sewlisette and #B6296 so we can find you!


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  1. Perfect timing! I’ve been eyeing these absolutely perfect PJs, but haven’t been able to justify buying them. Now I can just make my own. 🙂

    1. Ooh, those are cute, Stephanie! I love the fabric. You could easily do a similar look with a men’s shirting.

  2. KarenK


    1. Aw, I’m so glad, Karen!

  3. JR

    Just in time for my holiday sewing! Glad there are so many pockets.

    1. Glad you like them, JR! Thanks.

  4. liz n.

    I just face-palmed, and here’s why:

    After sewing a couple of pairs of pjs for my husband, I altered the pattern (men’s large) to fit me (women’s petite), and JUST finished a pair of jammies for myself.

    If only I’d waited a week….

    Bah, the heck with it, who am I kidding? I’m going to buy the Lisette pattern anyway. I have no willpower.

  5. Leah

    Love it! I just got this in the mail yesterday and am trying to guessestimate how much fabric I would need if I made the top into a knee length nightshirt? It would probably need to be 50 inches long…in a size 20

    1. I would suggest that you lay out the pattern pieces and add length to them as you like in order to determine the yardage that you’ll need.

      1. Leah

        I can do that! Thanks

  6. Colleen P.

    Oh my gosh I have been looking everywhere for a pattern for PJ’s, for me, just like this! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  7. Chicmamainedh

    Thank you! I cannot wait to pick this up. It’s perfect!

  8. Thank you for this beautiful pattern! I will surely be sewing myself silk pajamas for Christmas or otherwise. I deserve it, but would never buy myself such a luxurious gift ready made.

    Do you write the instructions for your Butterick patterns? (I just love the way you write for Oliver and S.)

    1. Good for you, Mary! Enjoy them.

      I don’t write the instructions for the Lisette pattern, but I do provide feedback on the instructions and I design all the details of the pattern, etc. I’m glad you like the Oliver + S instructions! Thanks for saying so.

  9. Liz

    excited to sew these up for Christmas gifts! Could someone please help me with sizing? I’ve only sewn children’s clothes. If I have a 36″ hip measurement I should sew size 12 bottoms? Are these sizes not to be compared to store sizes where I would wear a 2 or 4? Many Thanks!

    1. Liz, yes sizing on patterns from McCalls and Simplicity differs from today’s ready to wear sizing. Use the measurement chart on the pattern to select your size and you should be fine.

    2. There’s a lengthy post on sizing right here:

      It’s probably more than you need to know for PJs, but be sure to look at the finished measurements chart on the pattern as well. That will help you to determine the best sizing.

  10. crystalpleats

    I will be picking up this pattern soon. So glad to read the rise it drafted lower!

  11. Aaaaah! So cute! I have long thought of sewing pjs for myself, now I don’t have an excuse not to!

  12. You’re so totally right that there are too many high-waisted PJ pants in the world. Thank you for designing these to be low-rise! I think I might have to get this pattern!

  13. Nicole Keller

    Love these, great patterns

  14. Tamara

    These are on the way to my house as we speak!! I can’t wait to include pj’s in the Christmas stocking this year.

    1. So glad, Tamara! I hope you have fun sewing and gifting them!

  15. Fiona

    Dear Liesl, and Todd
    thank you very much for this pattern – especially for the sweetly shaped pants – so grown up and feminine. An early Christmas gift from Oliver + S, yippee!!

  16. Emily

    Oh, low rise pajama bottoms. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to make these up, probably in a cozy flannel for the winter. I’ve tried a few other patterns before but the fit was always a disaster.

  17. Sarvi

    I’m so insanely excited about this — every year I salivate over the J Crew Christmas pjs but every year I balk at the price. Finally, I can have the gorgeous flannel pjs of my dreams!

  18. Jill J

    I am so excited for this pattern to arrive! I desperately need new PJ’s and have been looking at some in this exact style. Thank you again for such a great pattern!

  19. Jenny P

    I love these! I picked up the pattern at Joann yesterday. We do jammies for Christmas but I’ve never really liked mine – either the home sewn unisex that fit horribly or a store bought cheaply made. I’m excited to finally have custom jammies!

  20. Cher

    Hi there
    I’m new to sewing and thought that sewing some PJ pants would be a fun way to start but upon opening the pattern for these, I am confused. First is says there are 5 pages to the instructions but only pages 1-4 are in english and page 5 is french.
    Second, I have no idea what size I need. My waist is 37.5 ” and my hips are 40″. According to the pattern, I’m a size 16 in the hips and a size 22 in the waist. I’ve never been a size 22 in my life, so what am I missing.

    Can someone help me pick the size and also tell me what I do about missing the page 5 instructions?

    1. Cher, glad you’re excited to sew these! Looks like you have all the pages. The fifth page is the French translation, yes. With regard to sizing, this blog post may be helpful to you:

      You might also benefit from reading through other tutorials and previous blog posts on our site, as well as becoming a member of our discussion forums. The members of our forums are all very helpful and have a wide range of sewing knowledge. And finally, if you’re very new to sewing, you might benefit from some of my CreativeBug classes, which will help you learn more about sewing and feel comfortable sewing with patterns.

      I hope that helps! Once you’ve learned the basics you’ll feel more comfortable with sewing. Keep in mind, also, that our Oliver + S and Liesl + Co patterns are written specifically for beginners and include lots of tips and hints that you won’t find in most sewing patterns

  21. Kait

    Hello! I love this patten and am dreaming about having a pair of adult pajamas. I am trying to purchase it online and am feeling a little intimidated. Do you think it would be ok for a beginninger? Also, I am a bit confused – I see finished garment measurements, but I don’t see a body measurements chart. I watched your creativebug class on understanding patterns, but am not sure how I would get that shoulder/bust fit right without the body measurement chart.

    1. Kait, if you take it slow and follow the instructions you should be OK with the pattern. You’ll find the size chart here:

      1. Suna Van Der Merwe

        Hi is there anywhere that I can still find this pattern?

  22. Andra Stecklein

    This is the pattern I need! But I need it in kids sizes too. Can you help?

    1. Andra, we have the Sleepover Pajamas pattern available in digital format which is similar:

  23. Annie

    Hi! I’m hoping you can indulge a total noob question. I bought this adorable pattern but I want to make them higher rise as I’m very long-waisted. I notice there are two “lengthen or shorten here” lines on the pant pieces—one just above the crotch curve and one further down in the legs. Can I just add length at the top line to raise the rise?

    1. Sure, just use the lengthen/shorten lines to make your adjustments. But don’t add too much–the rise isn’t all that much shorter than you’ll probably want.

      1. Annie

        Great, I’ll give it a try–thank you!

  24. Morgan

    Hello! I’m wondering if you think this pattern may be able to work for mens pajamas…or if you have a separate men’s pajamas as well? Thank you!!

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