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Now that we’ve released the new Swingset Skirt in an expanded size range, I thought it would be nice to help you get inspired to sew it by exhibiting some of the darling Swingset Skirts that some of you have made over the years. I’ve pulled all of these photos from Pinterest, where you can find a lot more inspiration. You’ll also find a lot of Swingset Skirt photos our Flickr group, where so many of you have posted great photos. I love how clever you’ve gotten with this pattern. You’ve embellished it, embroidered it, made it reversible, added trim, lengthened the lining (so it’s visible), and all number of other ways of making the pattern completely yours.


Swingset Skirtspinterest link


And here are a few images I found to give you additional fabric and styling inspiration for this versatile pattern. I’m especially intrigued by a couple of ideas here: one is to make the skirt in linen or cotton gauze (consider triple gauze), which gives the pattern an ethereal, delicate look with a little bit of vintage appeal. Cotton or linen gauze is mostly used for really warm summer weather, but look how cute it is when worn with tights and a sweater for fall and winter! I really love this look. I also adore the idea of using tulle as the outer layer. We’ve already done this, to a certain degree, with our free Tutu skirt, but I love it even more with this pattern because of the flare of the skirt. And here’s another idea to make it even better: look for power mesh instead of the more traditional net tulle. It will have a really nice weight and drape. Oh, and one more thing. That color-blocked version below? So, so easy to do with our color blocking tutorial.


Swingset Inspirationpinterest link


In terms of fabric, of course you can also use quilting cottons, chambray, lawn, sateen, and even fine-wale corduroy (like Gail did, I’d suggest lining the skirt with something really lightweight–like lawn–so it doesn’t get too bulky). I’ll be sewing a Swingset Skirt for S using some of the cotton lawns from my new collection for Kaufman, which will be available in January. But I’ll show it to you before then, I promise. What fabrics are you considering for this pattern?




  1. I’m so excited about the expanded size range – this has to be my all-time favorite skirt! Yay!!

  2. Lauren

    I am interested in making the skirt with the power mesh as the outer skirt. I read through the directions for both the Swingset and the Onstage Tutu and I understand how to finish the waistband, however I am wondering how to create the fullness in the power mesh/tulle. Should I cut 4-6 sections of the outer skirt in the power mesh, seam, and distribute the fullness evenly? Or do you have another suggestion? Thank you!

    1. Lauren, if I was making it I’d probably just add one layer of mesh to the top of the skirt, but you could certainly add more if you want. I hope that helps!

      1. Lauren

        Thank you for your response. Would you add more fabric to the top panel (not more layers)? For the tulle in the Onstage Tutu you recommend hip measurement x 2 or 3 – would you recommend that with the shape of the Swingset skirt? Thanks again.

  3. I just made a very similar skirt with a vintage linen pillowcase with embroidered flowers on it. I would like to try the Swingset pattern with other vintage linens I have in my stash 🙂

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