sew + tell: wanett’s lisette b6169 moto jacket

I know that many of you enjoy a good sew-along. Is it the community aspect that you like? Or maybe you like photos to help you along? A lot of time and effort goes into putting together sew-alongs, so we are very happy when we hear that they are helpful to the online sewing community. Wanett followed the moto jacket sew-along to make her fabulous jacket. She’s here to tell you more about it.


Lisette B6169 Moto Jacket


Name: Wanett Clyde
Where can we find you on the internet? Blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter

Project details
Link to your project on your blog: Moto Jacket, Baby!
Pattern used: Lisette B6169
Fabric used: Mid-Heavyweight stretch cotton and a rayon blend stretch lining.

Did the fabric work well?

YES! Incredibly so. It gave the project that genuine leather moto jacket weight and structure with the ease of working with cotton. I’d love about a 100 yards of the lining fabric. It has the perfect hand. Smooth and crisp and so very well behaved when sewn. No frayed bits or shiftiness.


Lisette B6169 Moto Jacket


How did the sewing go?

Thanks to the sew-along, the sewing was totally smooth. I had almost no hiccups on this project. There was some funkiness with the sleeves, but that’s to be expected with the thickness of the fabric and my relative inexperience with jacket making and setting in two piece sleeves.

What was the best part?

The absolute best part was the first time I put on and zipped up the completed shell. Seeing it come together, looking like a REAL jacket and the amazing fit was very, very gratifying. That feeling of success totally got my sewing juices flowing. I’ve put miles on my sewing machine since finishing this project!


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  1. Sarvi

    This looks amazing. That olive color is too gorgeous!

  2. Helena

    It is a really stunning jacket.

  3. Love it, Wanett! xoxo

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