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Whoever said that everything in life gets better with tassels and pom-poms was right. Remember that post several months back showing how Oliver + S patterns would look all tasseled and pom-pommed? Such cute embellishments, right? One easy way to attach pom-poms and tassels to our patterns is with braids. I’ve gathered a few examples for you to get your creative juices flowing.

But before I dive right into the examples, I wanted to remind you that Liesl has whole Pinterest boards dedicated to pom-poms and tassels. So be sure to check those out for inspiration. Also, I purchased a pom-pom maker and that’s what I used to create all the pom-poms for these projects. Of course you don’t need a contraption like this, but it sure made it quick and effortless to assemble them!

Alright, on to some examples. For this Scandinavian Christmas Hide-and-Seek Dress I added a red and white striped candy cane braid with red pom-poms. The spiral braid was constructed with red and white wool yarns to make it all candy cane-like. It turned out to be the perfect match for this dress, don’t you think?


Oliver + S Hide-and-Seek Dress with candycane striped braid and pompoms


Next up, a more subtle light blue and white fishtail braid was added to the yoke of this Hide-and-Seek Tunic. I felt the fishtail-styled braid complemented nicely with the vibe of the Karamatsu Shibori.


Oliver + S Hide-and-Seek Tunic with fishtail braid and tassels


Lastly, here are a couple of Swingset Skirts with braided drawstrings. They were made using thin strips of fabric and are a simple three-strand braid. If you will be joining us for the Swingset Skirt sew-along, a braided drawstring could be just the thing for your skirt.


Oliver + S Swingset Skirt with braid drawstring and pompoms


Oliver + S Swingset Skirt with braid drawstring and pompoms


Here is an up close view of a few braids so you can differentiate between them to pick the perfect one for your next project. The links below will bring you to a tutorial.


3 different types of yarn braids

  1. eight strand spiral braid
  2. fishtail braid
  3. kumihemo braid

I didn’t add a link on how to create a regular three-strand braid as I assume everyone knows how to do that one, right? As you can see they all make beautiful braids. So what do you think? Will you be giving braids a try?


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  1. Amie M

    The hide and seek dress is amazingly adaptive! I think that will be my next dress to purchase. I love how you can use just a little bit of fun fabric to make it affordable and great for the little to wear.

  2. You forget to mention the pom pom DEconstructing device (aka the cat)! 🙂
    I just bought a modern macrame book and I had no idea how many different braids one can do. It’s addictive, for sure.
    Love these examples Rachel.

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