introducing woodland clearing, fabrics with Kaufman

I’m pleased to be able to introduce you to Woodland Clearing, my new fabric collection with the lovely folks at Robert Kaufman. I’ve been a big fan Kaufman fabrics for a while. They produce some of the best fabrics in the independent market. In addition to quilting fabrics like their Kona solids, they also manufacture a staggering array of apparel fabrics like chambray, denim, linen, corduroy, gingham, you name it!


woodland-clearing-mood-board with text


Woodland Clearing consists of 26 designs on cotton lawn and one print on a laminate (so you can make raincoats and things). The lawn is the same delicious cotton lawn as Kaufman’s Cambridge solids and their London Calling collections, so you may already be familiar with the fabric quality. It’s a real pleasure to work with. I nearly fell over when they told me I could use up to 18 screens (i.e., colors) for each design! The large number of screens made it possible for us to recreate some of the watercolor paintings I’ve been doing, so you’ll see a lot of subtle color variations and shading in these prints.

It’s always fun to play with a new collection, and I’ve been busy making different print combinations. Stacking and re-stacking, just getting ideas for upcoming sewing projects. Here are some teaser photos of the collection in various stacks, just to give you a sense for it.


Woodland Clearing by Liesl Gibson for Robert Kaufman


Woodland Clearing by Liesl Gibson for Robert Kaufman


Woodland Clearing by Liesl Gibson for Robert Kaufman


S has already requested a new Secret Agent Trench Coat with the laminate, and last weekend I made her a reversible Swingset Skirt using two of the prints.

Woodland Clearing won’t be in stores until January, so we’re going to wait to show you all the samples and project ideas until you can actually get your hands on the fabric. But the collection will be at Quilt Market next month–without me, I’m afraid, since I can’t leave the EU until I get my residency card, which may or may not arrive in time. I’ll have lots more images and ideas to share with you when the fabrics get closer to their arrival date. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know about the collection so you can help us to spread the word, especially to your local fabric shops.


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  1. They are beautiful, Liesl! I am so glad I have a little more time to sew now and I am looking forward to the day they become available! Nicely done!

    1. Thanks so much! I’m really glad you like them. I’m very pleased with how they turned out!

      1. Julia

        So beautiful! But will they be available for sale in Europe?? I just moved to Hamburg for two years but I really want these, they are gorgeous.

  2. Marcy

    Lovely! I made a dress for myself out of the Kaufman London Calling lawn this summer, so I’m really excited for this. The fabric was so nice to work with.

  3. Jane

    I’m glad they don’t come out until January. I have plenty of time to save up my pennies. I see several that I need in my stash. Just beautiful!

  4. Mel

    Congratulations! they are lovely!

  5. Oh, Liesl, what a beautiful accomplishment!!!

  6. Congatulations Liesl!
    Can’t wait for the official release! The 2nd set has my name written all over it 🙂

  7. Elisabeth

    These are stunning! I love the birds and the watercolor florals. I also really love the Kaufman lawn, so I’m excited to sew with these.

  8. Oh Boo! I have to wait to January! I wish I knew who will be carrying them, so I can ask for gift certificate for Christmas!!!


    They look beautiful!

  9. Well done, Liesl, I think I want them all. I am so excited they are being printed on lawn, too. Can’t wait to throw my money at you once again.

  10. Ann-Maree

    Liesl, these are so beautiful! Thank you for giving us an early preview of them. I can’t wait for January. My only problem will be deciding on which ones to get. I think I might just have to save up so I can buy all of them! And these would be beautiful in cotton jersey fabrics too… Maybe an idea for a second release. 😉

  11. Fiona

    So glad YOU are pleased with resulting fabrics, L – after all your hard work.
    They are gorgeous fabric patterns, and will lend themselves to many of your patterns. Thank you.

  12. Siobhan

    Wow Liesl, these fabrics are just gorgeous. You have really outdone yourself this time.

  13. they’re so beautiful! Kaufman lawn really is the best, I can’t wait to sew with these!

  14. Rae

    GAH!!!! I heart these SO MUCH!! I have been buying Cambridge solids for linings for so long, and I LOVE the weight. It’s just perfect, Liesl! Can’t wait to sew with it. Congrats on a fantastic new collection!

  15. Beautiful! I love them! Can’t wait to see which is in laminate!

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