introducing lisette B6260 for butterick

Let’s talk about Lisette for Butterick B6260, shall we? This pattern includes a blazer and skirt. Both are fully lined and really versatile pieces. The jacket, while it works great with the skirt, would also be really cute with jeans or with trousers. The skirt is a wardrobe basic that will flatter lots of body types. But I’ll talk more about that later.




When I teach fit classes and when I hear from many of you, you often tell me that you want clothing that flatters your curves. A lot of jackets are too boxy for your taste. This jacket is my answer to that complaint. The princess lines will allow you to easily alter the jacket to fit your own body and fit preferences, and it’s more fitted and more curve-flattering than most jackets. And the details make it really interesting and give you lots of opportunity to play with fabrics and styling.

The jacket looks pretty conservative in the envelope photo, I know. But don’t limit your creativity to what you see there!




It can be worn open, too.




I plan to sew this style with a nubby silk tweed similar to the photo (I’m considering over-dyeing my fabric with indigo if I can find the time!), but I want to include a bit of that fringe idea at the bolero detail like the original Taylor Swift inspiration. (I think Taylor’s dress is Chanel, but I can’t seem to find it in runway photos.) I think this style could also be really cute in chambray, leather, or suede, and maybe even mixing a couple of those elements! Here are a few photos to inspire you. First, a little of that fringe that Chanel is well-known for:


chanel fringe


And here is the fringe idea on the runway just a couple of days ago, shown by Jason Wu. I really like how the fringe emphasizes the lines of the style.


jacket 2


By the way, did you know you can make your own fringe from your fabric? You can even sandwich the fringe into the seam in much the same way you’d insert piping.

I also think it could be really fun to play with multiple fabrics for this pattern. Select a really playful, vibrant fabric and a more serious fabric and put them together for an interesting effect. This isn’t the best example, but they might give you an idea of what I mean.


jacket 3


Or you might choose an all-over pattern. I rather like this one, maybe because of the clever placement:


jacket 4I get sort of an Isabel Marant vibe from this style. Or at least that’s where I plan to take it.


isabel marant jacket


Does that give you a sense for this jacket? I hope you’ll enjoy the pattern. I think you’ll find that it’s easy to fit and to sew! Have fun with it and with your fabric selections.

Now, on to the skirt!

I’ve talked about the difference between a flounce and ruffle before. Both options give movement to a skirt, but a flounce gives you movement and a smooth silhouette, without the bulk added by a ruffle. And we’re all a fan of less bulk, especially near our hips, yes?




A skirt like this can be especially flattering. Like a classic A-line skirt, this style draws attention to your waist instead of your hips or thighs. If you don’t have much of a waist, this style can give you the illusion of a waist. If you need to balance a full bust, it will do that while emphasizing the waist. If you’re pear-shaped, it will draw attention away from your lower half. A-line skirts are sort of magical that way.

A few fabric and styling ideas to get you thinking.


B6260-flounce-skirtpinterest board


This skirt style is pretty straightforward, I think. It works really well in gabardine, sateen, linen, tweed, and wool suiting. You know that faux leather I mentioned yesterday? Perfect for this. I might try wool crepe, just because I’m a fan. I’ve been hunting for just the right shade of pale aqua for weeks now and haven’t found it, but as soon as I do you know I’ll get busy.

There you have it! As always, post your photos of your sewing to our SewLisette Flickr group or tag them #sewlisette and #B6260 on Instagram so we can find them. I can’t wait to see what you make!


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  1. Both these patterns are lovely, if only there were more sewing hours in a week. Love your inspirational posts, really gives an idea of which fabrics to use and how to style the garments. Particularly liked your burgundy wrap coat from yesterdays post and the video, great work. Will there be any more Liesl & Co patterns this year? They always work really well for me, so would have to create more sewing time!

    1. Thanks for saying how much you like these posts, Jen. I put a lot of time and effort into them, and it’s really nice to know that you enjoy them.

      The fall Oliver + S and Liesl + Co patterns will be out soon. The Liesl + Co patterns are paper releases of existing styles, so there won’t be new patterns this season. But that’s only because I’ve been working on a couple of very large projects that will be released soon, so I hope you’ll agree that it was worthwhile!

      1. Sounds great, look forward to seeing your new projects, thank you.

  2. So excited! This is totally my style! Can’t wait to pick up these patterns. Thanks so much and congrats!

    1. Thanks so much, Emily. I’m delighted that you like them and can’t wait to see what you do with them. xo

  3. I love this pattern!

    1. So glad to hear this! Thanks for the comment.

  4. Sous le charme de ces nouveaux patrons auxquels je trouve beaucoup d’élégance

    1. Merci, Armelle! Je suis heureux que vous les aimez.

  5. Eunita

    So CUTE! You gave me some great ideas on how to sew this one up.

    1. So glad, Eunita!

  6. You’ve sold me on this one with the inspiration pictures! The pattern cover makes it look more office-style than I ever wear.
    That jacket in black silk would be the perfect jacket to wear over any cocktail dress.
    On the list of things I want to make now!

    1. Shelley, I wish I had time to sew it up before introducing it so I could show how it works with a casual wardrobe. But yes, it would be really pretty in black silk for sure! Glad you like it.

      I’m a big jacket person. You too? I feel like they really extend a wardrobe and give you lots of looks.

  7. Heidi

    The skirt reminds me of the music class skirt 🙂

    1. Heidi, it does have a little bit of that look, doesn’t it?

  8. Sharon k

    This skirt is top of my sewing list for fall! May I ask where I can find those beautiful heels at as well?

    1. I’m glad you like it, Sharon! Regarding the shoes, Butterick gives credit for accessories and shoes in the back of the catalog, when possible. Here’s are link to the newest patterns:

      Since the shoes aren’t credited (and from what I recall from the photo shoot), I think they were from the accessories closet at Butterick and are probably an older style.

  9. Chicmamainedh

    I wasn’t planning to buy either of the new Lisette patterns, and now I want them both. 🙂

  10. Libby


  11. crystalpleats

    As always, I really love these inspiration posts. I like the casual wear ideas like someone else mentioned.

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