etsy sample sale

You know our friend Sharon right? Well we wanted to let you know that she is running an Etsy sample sale of a bunch of Oliver + S, Liesl + Co., and Lisette samples. I’m sure everyone knows people who don’t sew and who might like to purchase hand-made clothing and accessories. Maybe you are looking for gift ideas for the special people in your life or even getting a head start on your holiday shopping? These are all unique one-of-a-kind hand-made items you won’t want to miss.

There are around 200 items for sale right now. Including…

A turquoise Badminton Dress with silk organza overlay which was featured in the Sew Beautiful Magazine in the August/September issue in 2013. This dress is perfect for any special occasion.


Oliver + S Badminton Dress


How about a Cinema Dress in sunny yellow? There is a red one for sale, too.


Liesl + Co. Cinema Dress


Who wouldn’t look good in this flattering Cappuccino Dress?


Liesl + Co. Cappuccino Dress


Own and wear this famous dress from the cover of the Butterick catalog! It’s the Lisette Butterick B6168, fit-and-flare dress that everyone likes so much.


Lisette for Butterick


Many samples from the Little Things to Sew book are available too, so be sure to have a look around.

Check it out here!



  1. Allison

    It’s interesting that the sizes are mostly size 12. Since they are the ones the model was wearing. They don’t look size 12.

    1. Laurel

      Hi Allison,

      Pattern size 12’s are not the same as off the rack size 12’s. Generally a pattern size 12 is closer to an off the rack size 8. Hope that helps!

  2. Sharon k

    All garments were measured against their patterns for sizing. Thanks

  3. Jenny

    As a caveat, those patterns that were issued by one of the big 4 pattern companies–i.e. Simplicity or Butterick–use the sizing system that is different from off-the-rack sizing. For those patterns, a size 12 will fit someone who normally buys clothes in the 6/8 range. Liesl & Co patterns match contemporary off-the-rack sizes.

  4. Jill Starrett

    This is really neat, but I do worry that someone who wears an off the rack 12 would be disappointed with the fit of their purchase. Why not list the Lisette 12s as 8s to avoid confusion?

    1. Sharon k

      That is a great idea Jill, I will do that. I have been racking my brain on how to better list them. I will also add the garments measurements as well to help. Thank you so much!

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