my favorite oliver + s pattern: erin from hungie gungie

Here is the next installment of the “My Favorite Oliver + S Pattern” series. Today we have Erin who is going to share a bit about her favorite and show us the many fantastic versions she has made. Thanks so much for being here Erin!

Hey there Oliver + S fans!

I can’t believe I am here to talk to you about my favorite Oliver + S pattern. I’ve been sewing (and blogging with my sis) now for 5 years, and the first garment I ever made was :::drumroll::: the Popover Sundress! I feel like I’ve come a long way from that first dress. I remember that I decided not to cut my strap pieces on the bias (shhh… don’t tell Liesl!). I didn’t know what the heck ‘on the bias’ was, and I probably thought it would waste more fabric. Of course, once my daughter tried it on, I could see why I should’ve done that. However, it was still adorable on her, and it became my second blog post. Check it out!


Oliver + S Popover Sundress


What I love about this pattern is that it’s such a great jumping off point for other variations. I really like easy, unfussy clothing for my kids. I also don’t like sewing projects that take hours upon hours. The Popover is a great beginner pattern, but it’s also one that I’ve come back to so many times over the last several years. It’s become my old standby! This next one is made mostly from knit fabric. I pieced the yoke together using a bunch of woven scraps. My girl loved this one!


Oliver + S Popover Sundress


Do you like to repurpose old clothing? The Popover is perfect for it. This tunic version is made from my friend’s favorite old dress. I gathered it at the center and attached it under the yoke. I also kept the original hem. So fast!


Oliver + S Popover Sundress


The award for the most-worn Popover dress goes to this one. I pieced the yoke together using some favorite colors, made the skirt piece super wide and gathered it at the yoke. I also lined this dress with the lining from an old bridesmaid dress since the fabric was a teensy bit see-through. My girl went bananas for it.


Oliver + S Popover Sundress


I decided to whip up one more Popover Dress the other day for this post. I wanted something flowy, and light, and soft.


Modified Oliver + S Popover Sundress


A drop-waisted, lavender double-gauze version to be exact!


Modified Oliver + S Popover Sundress


I simply cut the dress pattern, mimicking the curve at the hem, a little more than halfway down to create the flounce pattern piece. I added a couple of inches of length to that bottom piece, and then cut my fabric as wide as it was. I gathered it all up, and then attached it to the top pattern piece.


Modified Oliver + S Popover Sundress


Can you tell she likes it?


Oliver + S Popover Sundress


I love that you can use up any special scraps you may have for the yoke. I adore this Hello Bear fabric by Bonnie Christine. I slipped in a little golden yellow mini pom-pom trim for good measure.


Modified Oliver + S Popover Sundress


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my Popovers through the years, and I also hope you’ll stop by Hungie Gungie and take a look around. Thanks for having me!



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  1. Fiona

    Erin, you have so nailed this pattern!! I love it myself, and have made many. I line mine with poly-cotton poplin – eliminates need for hemming. Your pleated/tucked version is very clever, and chic. Thank you for sharing, so much.

  2. Beautiful! Love the double gauze and the added twirl! You have definitely mastered this. Also, very exciting to “see” you here! 🙂 xo

  3. awe, I remember all of these Popovers! And I can attest to the fact that they were well loved by miss Ell-bell. I’m in love with the latest creation- drop waisted with some twirl factor! I’ve gotta copy you on that one!

  4. liz n.

    All the dresses you sewed are lovely, but I especially like the double-gauze dress!

  5. Sharon k

    I love your double gauze the most, very beautiful!!

  6. Oh, thank you all for the sweet comments! And thank you Liesl and co. for having me! 🙂

  7. These are all lovely and how delightful to see your daughter grow up wearing the same pattern each summer. Gorgeous photographs too.

  8. grayson

    I love the yokes with all the little bits of favorite fabric! Such a sweet pattern. You certainly have made many over the years!!

  9. Kate

    I love this pattern! Great job, Erin!

  10. oh man, look at little baby Ellery! so cute. i love how you add so much volume to the skirt, makes a summery even summerier!

    the popover dress was the first pattern i sewed too! *high five*

  11. How have I never made this pattern?!? Adding it to my ever-growing list! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration here.

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