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Hello, friends! This post will be short and sweet because our bags are packed and Todd and I are headed to the airport shortly. But I’ll be checking in next week, and you can always follow our adventures on my personal Instagram account if you want to come along! I won’t tell you where we’re going so it will be a surprise.

Pinterest picks
This darling contemporary take on the shirtdress could easily be made by adding a dropped-waist skirt to the Liesl + Co Gallery Tunic.


july 17 apinterest link


Here is a cute craft idea, especially for a rainy day when everyone is stuck inside.  It might be fun to pick a book and make masks for every character before acting out the story.


july 17 cpinterest link


Basically, a Lazy Days Skirt that’s been dip-dyed in indigo. Fun summer project, especially for someone who is learning to sew!

 july 17 bpinterest link


Love this silhouette. My take on this look is the top from Lisette B6182 combined with either the skirt from the same pattern or with the Liesl + Co Girl Friday Culottes.


 july 17 dpinterest link


Quite possibly the cutest little shark ever.


july 17 epinterest link


Weekend reading links

  1. The state of the fashion industry as a whole may be a mess, but the creativity and direction of men’s fashion is utterly fascinating! It’s difficult to imagine an eradication of gender differences in fashion, but suddenly it seems to be happening before our eyes!
  2. In general, I find articles like this to be dull and even stressful to read, but this list of eight things you can do to improve your productivity (and life) is quite helpful and encouraging! And eminently do-able, rather than more to feel bad about.
  3. Did you know that Stretch and Sew originated the nested sewing pattern? There are all sorts of interesting factoids in this little article about the company. I remember my mom sewing their patterns when we were really little.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. My son wanted a “cheetah top” and the only cheetah print I could find was a chiffon. I said no. Now I’ve read that men’s fashion link, maybe I should have gone with a cheetah chiffon shirt! 🙂

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