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Hello friends! Today is the last day of school, and is S ever excited! We’ll spend the coming week together and then she’ll fly to spend a month with our parents, which she does every summer. She really looks forward to that time with the grandparents, and I know it’s great for her and for them because we live so far apart. It’s also good for Todd and me because we rarely have time alone together. When we have an extended time together with just the two of us we can do things that we don’t do during the rest of the year. We’ve got a standing Friday night date during the month of July, and we spend more time in museums when S is away: especially the Frick and the Neue Gallery, both of which don’t allow kids. That time alone together is probably the best gift our parents could give us. And the best part is that everyone enjoys it!

Anyway, it feels like the last day of school to me, too, even though I’m waist deep in all sorts of projects. I’m sketching new Lisette ideas for spring and summer (winter is already finished), working on fall Oliver + S and Liesl + Co, and of course working on those larger projects we’ve been hinting about.

What about you?

Pinterest picks

Did you notice this quilt in the Oliver + S Flickr group? The pattern is from my book, Little Things to Sew, but I love the colors and the way the prints are used in this version. From this vantage it almost looks like on each “stripe” two solids overlap to create a print!


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This would be such a fun summer vacation project, and I love that it folds up to fit in our tiny apartment! Now we just need to find a really big box.


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You could easily make a skirt like this with my Lisette B6128 A-line skirt pattern. Just eliminate the front pockets and the inverted box pleat. I think I’d use a silk-linen blend for a similar drape.


june 26 fpinterest link


Love, love the floral Butterfly Blouse and linen Class Picnic Shorts together!


june 26 cpinterest link


Isn’t this a clever way to finish the inside neckline of a School Bus or Metro T-shirt?


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Weekend reading links

  1. Feeling nervous about wearing a swimsuit this summer? These women were brave enough to be photographed wearing the same suits and in the same poses as the Victoria’s Secret models. And they all look amazing! Which just goes to prove, once again, that every body shape is gorgeous.  (P.S. Don’t worry–you’re going to look great.)
  2. This has been on my mind a lot lately: what do your purchases say about you and what you really want?
  3. I’ve made this point before with regard to fashion and trends, but it’s nice to read the same ideas when it comes to trickle-down trends in men’s wear. Those crazy looks on the runway eventually make it into your closet in some form or another.
  4. What do Balenciaga’s love of lace and the maker culture have in common? I love this quote: “When we create, we use our fingers, hands and eyes to convey data back to our brains, paving the way for a ‘deeper’ kind of learning.”
  5. This made me laugh. And it reminded me what it was like to work in the fashion industry.




  1. I was just commenting to a friend the other day that summer somehow feels busier to me, I think because we’re not on a super consistent schedule. Different camps each week and then all of August off.

    I love the linen and lace you linked to above!

  2. I made the fold-able playhouse from that pin for my daughter’s second birthday. I used two of the largest boxes from U-Haul to make it and it’s about 3 feet tall (photos here: Of course, we never actually fold it and put it away because she plays with it so much!

  3. JR

    Love the swimsuit article!

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