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Today we are happy to welcome Meredith to the blog. She is going to share a bit about her favorite Oliver + S pattern, a classic boy’s shirt, and show us the many fantastic versions she has made. She just discovered the other day that she’s a contestant on the Super Online Sewing Match II taking place right now over at Sew, Mama, Sew. Thanks so much Meredith for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us!


Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt


Hi there! I’m Meredith. I blog over at Olivia Jane Handcrafted and spend far too much time Instagramming. I am a self-taught sewist and while I began my sewing journey with quilting and baby things when my daughter was born, I quickly began sewing garments. As many of you know, once you sew one Oliver + S pattern, you are hooked. That’s just what happened to me. Over the years I have sewn many a dress and outfit for my daughter and gushed over each one. In fact, 95% of her closet is Oliver + S. But today I’m going to tell you all about my most favorite Oliver + S pattern–the Sketchbook Shirt, which is actually a boy’s pattern!


Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt


I first made this pattern a little less than a year ago. My son was ginormous when he was born and was in 9 month clothing at 3 months. I needed to make him some larger clothing! I purchased the Sketchbook Shirt and was thrilled that it took only half a meter of fabric. Within a few days, I had made him three new shirts.


Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt


Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt


Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt


When I think of boys’ or men’s clothing, I feel like an oxford style shirt is the quintessential staple in the male wardrobe. One could own only this style of shirt, and with great enough variety in pattern, hardly ever repeat an outfit! It’s a versatile style, able to be dressed up or down, and it’s so very clean cut!


Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt


In his one year of life, I have made my son, Wallace, six Sketchbook shirts. They provide such wonderful variety in his wardrobe. In addition, this pattern allows for a good mix of fabrics. We live in hot, humid Southwest Florida, so I primarily make his shirts from lightweight fabrics such as lawn or chambray. But one could easily use this pattern in a cold environment with some great flannels. The possibilities are endless!


Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt


Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt


I do love the variety that the shirt offers, but truly my favorite thing about this pattern (and all Oliver + S patterns, for that matter) is that I, having never made a man’s shirt, could make this pattern the very first time flawlessly simply by following Liesl’s always-clear instructions. Sewing a shirt seemed like a difficult feat, something meant only for people with extraordinary talent, but with Liesl holding my hand, I tackled it bit by bit, and I ended up with some gorgeous, clean, professional garments.


Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt


I may have made five so far, but I can assure you there will be many more Sketchbook Shirts on the horizon. This is one of those patterns that I make in batches. You won’t cure your itch with just one!


Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt


Would you like to take a little trip down sewing-memory-lane? Have a look at Liesl’s post introducing the Sketchbook shirt from 2010!


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  1. AHHHHHH!! They’re all so cute. I *love* the fabric choices. I never realized, but I suppose I could make this for my daughter, too, as we wear lots of button-up shirts.

  2. Karen F

    Oh she is sooo cute! I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks! Can you tell my babies all had chubby cheeks! And hey I really like the shirts, perfect for summer evenings. I have a hard time looking at patterns and envisioning them for the opposite sex than the pictures on the pattern envelopes. But you nailed it and you have the sweetest model for your beautiful work.

  3. Karen F

    Oh and your son is a cutie too. I was doing my speed reading and missed the part about making them for your son. Your babies look so much alike! Both adorable and perfect models.

  4. Autumn

    I love your fabric choices! I also live in SWFL, where do you find your fabrics?? Thanks so much!

  5. Linda Madson

    Based on Meredith’s beautiful inspiration, I also became “hooked” to this wonderful pattern. It is fabulous. I have made 3 different versions for my grandson and after viewing these gorgeous samples, I think he may need some more. This pattern goes together perfectly and results in a professional looking garment. I have sewn many Oliver S patterns and I believe this is my favorite also!

  6. Autumn: thank you! I actually don’t know of any modern fabric shops within three hours of me, so I primarily order from my sponsors who have a stellar online selection.

    Karen F: thank you! This pattern is perfect for a boy or girl! Shirts are certainly a staple in my wardrobe. I haven’t made any of this pattern for my daughter, but my son sure loves them!

  7. Ivana

    The octopus shirt is terrific!!! I like it very much.

  8. Jenny

    Cute! That octopus print is to die for, btw. What a chic kid!

  9. Cuteness overload! What a gorgeous kid and such lovely shirts.

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