join the parachute polo sew-along and win a prize

Are you ready to begin our Parachute Polo sew-along? This time around we have something fun for you. Enter to win a prize of two Oliver + S PDF patterns! When you have completed your Parachute polo, post a photo somewhere on social media: Flickr, Instagram, or your blog. Then link to it in the comments of the discussion forums under the Parachute Polo sew-along. All polos made can be entered. One will be chosen at random. All entries must be submitted by Friday June 12th at 9:00 AM ET.




If you’d like any inspiration for fabrics for this project, have a peek over at the introduction to the Parachute pattern and the fabric and styling inspiration post. Don’t forget that you can turn it into a dress, by adding a skirt to the polo top, that would be cute, wouldn’t it?

Here is the daily plan for this week’s Parachute Polo sew-along:

Day 1 (today): prepare the pocket (optional) and prepare the front placket
Day 2: prepare the shirt for the placket and sew the placket
Day 3: prepare the collar
Day 4: attach the collar and prepare and attach the sleeves
Day 5: stitch the hems and finish the shirt

Join us over in the Discussion Forums Sew Alongs group for day 1.




  1. 9 am or pm? 🙂

  2. Brittney, it’s 9 AM. I’ve updated it. At this point everyone has one more week.

  3. I totally thought it was today, ha! I just gained an extra week in my life;)

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