size 5 project: swingset tunic + skirt

We are now at the fourth and final installment of the Size 5 Project. The idea behind the Size 5 Project is to make a child something from one or more of the original four Oliver + S patterns before they size out of them. We started out with the Puppet Show Shorts, then continued with the Tea Party Dress and Bubble Dress. Now we are ending with the Swingset Tunic + Skirt. Janice has a round-up for us right now. Here she is.


Oliver + S Swingset Skirt


Thanks so much for asking me to participate in this bittersweet project!

Let’s talk about the Swingset Tunic and Skirt today – a pattern I have owned since my early days of sewing with Oliver + S. I made two tops from this pattern:


Oliver + S Swingset Tunic


Oliver + S Swingset Tunic


And one modified dress:


Oliver + S Swingset Tunic modified into a dress


I can’t believe I’ve never made the skirt – as many times as I have drooled over ones in the Flickr pool.

One thing I noticed as I perused the Flickr group for inspiration is that most people don’t wear these two pieces as an outfit. That’s actually one of the beautiful things about Oliver + S patterns – the ability to mix and match between styles.

Here is an example of the two pieces worn as an outfit that caught my eye. It’s such a great color on the beautiful model.


Oliver + S Swingset Tunic + Skirt


Sometimes, you let the fabric speak for itself – the tunic is a great piece to showcase an unusual print:


Oliver + S Swingset Tunic



Oliver + S Swingset Tunic



Oliver + S Swingset Tunic



These two skirts are just beautiful to me – and a lot of it has to do with their choice of ribbon as an accent – a simple choice like that can really make a garment pop:


Oliver + S Swingset Skirt



Oliver + S Swingset Skirt



This top is remarkably similar to one my daughter requested (thanks to Lotta’s coloring book pages):


Swingset Tunic + Skirt in Oliver + S coloring book


Oliver + S Swingset Tunic



Then, of course, we have more creative ideas with embroidery and applique:


Oliver + S Swingset Skirt with running stitch hem



Oliver + S Swingset Skirt with horse applique



Oliver + S Swingset Skirt with feather applique



The tunic and skirt both are great for embellishing – a way to make it your own. Like, really, what other kid on the planet rocks an Abraham Lincoln top?


abe lincoln stamped swingset dress



So, are you ready to sew up a Swingset Tunic and Skirt yet? I’ll be back tomorrow with some embellishment ideas and tips.


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  1. Erin Waters

    Love this pattern…good job with it! Excited to have heard the skirt is in the works to be sized up…crossing my fingers for the top somewhere in the future also

  2. I cut a set last weekend for my daughter, and I know it will be the last summer she wears the top (I think I have another summer or two in the skirt). I was quite sad. I love this pattern so much, and would certainly pay for the entire set again in a larger size range or a newly published pattern that is a similar style. My daughter always gets compliments on her clothes, but this is probably one pattern from which she gets the most response.

    Thank you again, Liesl, for the wonderful patterns you created that taught me so much more about sewing than that class I took 7 years ago. I have had a wonderful time sewing for my daughter (and now son), and you are responsible for quite a bit of that enjoyment.

  3. I can echo everything Melani says. And my gosh, look at little Julia in her bunny slippers, what could be more darling!

  4. thanks for featuring my feather swingset skirt! also excited about a possible expanded size range on this one. 🙂

  5. Shannon

    I would love to see the top in the larger sizes!

  6. Those photos of Julia when she was younger are so sweet!

    I bought this pattern quite late on and my eldest was already sized out. The top I made is one of my favourite things in L’s wardrobe. If we had a warmer climate, I would make a lot more.
    The skirt is on my to do list and if it does come in a larger size, I would be thrilled!

    Thank you Janice for featuring my top.

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