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May is almost over! I must admit I won’t miss posing for all these Me Made May photos, and S won’t be sad to stop playing photographer for me either. But it really has been a fun way incorporate more of my own sewing into my wardrobe. I already wear a lot of my handmade clothing on a regular basis, but this was a fun way to push myself further in that direction. I don’t think I’ll ever stop wearing other clothing entirely; it’s helpful to me as a designer to wear a variety of different brands and designers so I can keep experimenting with fit and construction. I don’t ever want to stop learning. And I think wearing other designers’ clothing inspires me to approach my own designs in different ways, too.

How did you fare with Me Made May? Did you play along? And did it encourage you to wear more of the clothes that you’ve made? Did you notice anything that you really wished you had in your closet? I’m curious whether the experience changed how you think about sewing for yourself at all.

Pinterest Picks

This week it’s suddenly summer in New York! Which got me thinking about warm weather clothing, of course, which in turn got me thinking about my Creativebug caftan class. Have you made one yet? So easy and soooo comfortable when it’s sticky outside. And it looks good on bodies of all shapes and sizes. (And don’t forget, you can get a free subscription to Creativebug and view all their content–including this class!–through the month of June.)


 may 27 apinterest link


How cute is this little pocket-peeking lizard!


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You could add a detail like this to the Parachute Polo, or borrow the pocket from the Parachute and add it to a School Bus T-shirt. And you could either use fabric paints or raw edge applique to make the lizard. I think it would be fun to use a child’s drawing for this detail.

The last thing I do before heading to bed at night, especially during sandals season, is to wash my feet. It feels so good to climb into bed with freshly washed feet! I generally use a salt scrub, but I prefer a sugar scrub. Has anyone tried making one with a recipe like this?


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Also on my must-try list are these gorgeous marbleized ribbons. Wouldn’t this be a pretty addition to a Lazy Days Skirt?


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I’m inspired by this photo to make a madras plaid Hide-and-Seek Dress for S (it would also make a great Cinema Dress!). It would be so comfortable in the middle of summer.


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Weekend Reading Links

  1. Here in the U.S. we tend to identify so closely with our jobs. I know I’m extremely fortunate that I love what I do, but I’ve certainly had plenty of jobs over the years where that wasn’t the case. Anyway, I’m extremely wary of the whole “do what you love and it won’t feel like work” idea, and this article does a good job of explaining why that shouldn’t really be our focus. (Here’s a little follow-up piece that I liked, too.)
  2. An important element to consider for those of us who are parents: are we loving our kids for who they are, or are we giving them the sense that we love them for what they accomplish?
  3. And, on a similar topic, are we giving our children permission (and room) to fail?
  4. I’m not embarrassed to say that my sketchbooks are a mess. They’re nothing to show off proudly on Pinterest, but they’re also a great way to keep track of all the stuff that’s going on in my life. They’re almost a snapshot of my life at any moment, which is exactly the rationale this writer suggests behind the importance of keeping a notebook. I plan to incorporate some of her suggestions into my own books. Do you keep a notebook or sketchbook?
  5. I’m still reading this article about war-time food rationing and nutrition education in Britain, but I started telling S about it yesterday and we’re both fascinated.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Oh, and don’t forget the Parachute Polo sew-along starts on Monday. Who’s joining us?




  1. JR

    My 11year old loves to make scrubs and hair treatments and lip glosses.

  2. Rachel

    I’ve made sugar scrubs as gifts & for myself, easy & delightful! My favorite ingredients are coconut oil, granulated sugar & essential oil. I keep a peppermint scrub & a lavender scrub in stock all the time.

  3. Leigh

    Related to the wartime rationing article. I have a great book that is a compilation of many of the make do and mend pieces written to help with the clothes rationing that you would enjoy.

  4. As Sunday and Monday are my weekend, just catching up with your reading links… re: DWYL, I too am wary. I am currently underemployed in a career that has always been what I love, but I’m finding it hard to find work elsewhere/other fields because all my resume holds is this. I guess I am too old to buckle down and find a well-paying job i will not love. 😀

  5. On the 31st, I finished a Metro tee and the day before, I finally got my monthes-done but for the hem Everyday skirt hemmed. Wearing the tee today:-).

  6. Love seeing your month of outfits! And S did a great job photographing them. I noticed I need a tighter color palette so I feel like I have more mix and match options. I definitely need a few more tees and some lightweight pants for when it’s too windy to wear my skirts and dresses.

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