introducing the liesl + co city stroll wrap skirt

Here’s the second of our new Liesl + Co patterns: the City Stroll Wrap Skirt! Like the Maritime Knit Top pattern I introduced yesterday, this one will be available starting next Monday.

Remember my vacation photo from yesterday’s post? Many of you have asked about the skirt I was wearing. This is it!




This is such an easy style to sew and wear. The curved hem has sort of a tulip look, and it’s great for walking because it doesn’t flip all over the place the way a straight front wrap skirt does as you move. But the best part is that this skirt  is really versatile and it includes pockets! I really like the hem facing, too. It’s a much easier, neater way to finish a hem like this.

This pattern is great for warm weather and can be sewn from anything from poplin and sateen to double gauze. But it’s also great for cool weather and heavier fabrics. I’ve sewn it in men’s suitings (my favorite for this skirt) to heavy wool and double-faced fabrics and even wool crepe. One of my favorite versions of the skirt is the metallic jacquard version you’ll see below. I’ll also do a tutorial soon to show you how to line the skirt. It’s really easy to do and makes the skirt work perfectly with tights and semi-sheer fabrics.








The City Stroll Wrap Skirt is a flattering and versatile style that looks great with flats and sandals as well as boots. I think you’ll have fun with this pattern, and you’ll find all sorts of ways to wear the skirt. I’ll be back next week with lots more fabric and styling inspiration for you!


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  1. OOOOHhhhh! 🙂

  2. What a lovely surprise – a new release of Liesl & Co patterns. Thought they wouldn’t appear until winter. Love these two, I always get great wear out of your patterns. Love this skirt, mind you it looks quite short, I suppose it can be lengthened.

    1. There is a lengthen/shorten line, Jen. I think it could be cute with a little more length, too. And Kerri, the shaped hem seems to prevent it from flipping around a lot. Of course you’ll still want to sit down gracefully/carefully–as you would with any wrap skirt–but it’s not indecent by any means. Or I wouldn’t wear it!

  3. Beautiful! Love the jacquard version.

  4. Kerri

    Love it! One question. Does it flop open when you sit down?

  5. Carrie

    Gorgeous style and so many possibilities! Just curious, I’ve never sewn with men’s suitings before; would it be appropriate for a summer skirt, and would a slight amount of lycra still be ok for this skirt? Again, fabulous job on this one!

  6. Colleen P.

    LOVE that skirt! Being short, as I am, I think the length would probably be right at the knee, or just below it, for me, which is my most flattering length. Beautiful shape!

  7. Libby

    How do you think this will look on someone with a reeeeeeeeeeeally wide waist? Also short torso. Like a brick…but not a brick house 😀

    1. Libby, this is sort of an alternative to the classic pencil skirt. It’s like an twist on the basic straight/slightly A-line skirt, so I think it would be fine!

  8. Ronnie

    Would make a great skirt for golf, no?

  9. Sarah Helene

    Truly lovely & classic wrap skirt, your new pattern release. BRAVO! Variety of fabrics & colors are FAB to “see” design in different lights! Good Luck with sales of this pattern. Sarah in Minneapolis

  10. Robin

    I’m 5’6″, with short legs and this skirt hits at the knee on me. It’s a great skirt, super comfortable and you do not have to adjust it throughout the day.

  11. Sarah

    Love the shape. Just a little bit more special than a straight skirt. Too short for me though. I’d lengthen a bit and I think it would be great with leggings or thick tights too if the front hem leaves me feeling a bit coy 🙂

    Trouble is, I’m not sure who to sew for first…. Me or the children!

    Can’t wait for the next pattern. No teaser today?

    1. Yes, I should have mentioned in the post that the pattern includes a lengthen/shorten line, so you won’t have any problem lengthening it. But keep in mind that the model and I are both very tall, so it may not be as short on you!

  12. I love this as a fun alternative to a boring skirt. It looks really polished but comfortable! I think it would be great in any season.

  13. Lauren

    How much fabric does this require? Love this pattern and am in town with my favorite fabric store. Would love to pick some up for it!!

  14. Stefanie

    I love this skirt! How can I buy the pattern from you? I’m looking forward to making it 🙂

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