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Hello, friends! Today is the first day our spring break, and do we have plans! S and I are going to visit my parents where there will be no violin practicing, chorus rehearsals, or ballet lessons for ten whole days. On our way to violin class last night S wanted to know why she still had to go when spring break started two hours ago. Sadly, state testing begins as soon as the children return to school and I have all sorts of writing to do, so we won’t be totally work-free during our trip but we’ll do our best. What about you? Plans for the holiday weekend? Who else is on spring break next week?

I’ll be wearing my new Lisette dress for Easter Sunday, which reminds me: don’t forget that our Lisette fit-and-flare dress sew-along starts next week. I’ll meet you over there first thing on Monday, ok? In the meantime, here’s a little weekend inspiration.

Pinterest Picks

I love the bias-cut striped skirt on this dress. You could do something similar with the Croquet Dress or the Fairy Tale Dress patterns.

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S got her own Pinterest account a couple of weeks ago, and she sends me all sorts of fun things she finds, like these pretty ice cubes with frozen edible flowers. So perfect for spring, and maybe ever for Easter dinner?

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Very impressive embroidery.

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You could make a similar cute spring outfit with either the School Days Jacket or the Forest Path Cape in red, the School Bus T-shirt or the Lunch Box Tee, and the Playtime Leggings.

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My next sewing-for-me project: I’m cutting out this dress today and bringing it along on our trip. We’ll see if I actually have time to make it, but I do love hand-sewing in the Alabama Chanin style, and this Vena Cava pattern is so cute. What do you think; should I make it in navy or in heather gray jersey? I’m undecided, but I have enough of both colors on hand. (Sadly, this Vogue pattern is out of print, but you might be able to find a copy here or there? I found mine on etsy.)

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1. Here’s a fun and inspiring little film about a man who tries to do something creative (and possibly silly) every day!

2. Do you have a technology policy at your house?

3. And speaking of technology, this article about learning not to be distracted by the media surrounding us is quite interesting and enlightening. We’re really not all that good at multi-tasking, even when we think we are. But we already knew that, right?

4. Kristin sent me a link to this hilarious, but extremely interesting, interview with Fran Lebowitz on her views on her own wardrobe and on fashion in general. I have to say that, as much as I’ve never really appreciated Fran’s own sartorial choices, I can’t help but admire anyone who has their own distinctive look and sticks to it. I think a personal uniform is a great thing. And I agreed with a lot of what she has to say.

5. Here’s an interesting and insightful perspective into changing habits: you need to develop a three-step loop (cue, routine, reward) for any new habit to replace an old habit.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend! We’ll be back next week with all sorts of fun things for you. Really.

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  1. Melinda

    The Fran Lebowitz article is fantastic!

    Could you add the pattern number for the Vogue pattern? I love it!!

    1. The pattern number is Vogue Pattern #V1258, but be sure to click through the Pinterest photo because Natalie Chanin gives full instructions for making the dress, as well as a great interview with the Vena Cava girls!

  2. I think that dress would be lovely in navy.

  3. mlise

    It’s impossible to click through the pinterest photo. You get this message:
    “Whoops! We couldn’t find that page.
    How about these instead?”

    1. Ah, try it now.

  4. Chicmamainedh

    That Fran Lebowitz article was SO FUNNY. I have felt the same way about men in shorts since I was a teenager! And the “mirror famine” bit is priceless. Loved it.

  5. Darci

    As a fellow new yorker, my kids asked the same question Thursday. “If it’s spring break, then why do we have to go to dance? “

  6. Živa Kavka Gobbo

    I can not find the pattern, could you help me? It says page not found…


    1. Sorry for the broken link. It should be pointing here:

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