introducing the butterfly blouse + skirt sewing pattern

The second of our new patterns for this season is the Butterfly Blouse +  Skirt. I thought we needed more separates for the girls. They get lots of cute dress patterns, but they also need sportswear items to round out their wardrobes. This outfit includes two cute little styles that will be perfect for spring and summer, and the skirt will be especially great for year-round wear.


Butterfly Blouse + Skirt Sewing Pattern


The top has a gentle A-line/trapeze shape that gives it a relaxed, breezy look. The pleated skirt is a pull-on style that will be extremely versatile for a wide variety of events and seasons.

The blouse can be sewn with either a sweet little flutter sleeve (View A) or a classic cap sleeve (View B), as modeled by these two little cuties.




The blouse features a back keyhole opening with button closure and a subtle peplum with gathers at the front. It’s a classic-looking style that still has a contemporary feeling, I think. This style feels a little bit like the Ice Cream Dress and the Roller Skate Dress, I think. It has that same simplicity, with style that allows the fabric to shine.



The skirt is a simple pull-on A-line skirt with front pleats and an elasticized back waist. The construction on this skirt is really easy and fast, which makes it an extremely versatile pattern that would be just as great for back-to-school (when that comes–let’s not rush anything here) as it would for a relaxed summer day or even a fancy occasion. Our little models didn’t want to take off their ensembles, so I think that’s a good sign.




Here are some more views on the mannequin so you take get a better look.


Mannequin1front, View A blouse


Mannequin2front, View B blouse


Mannequin3back, View B blouse


S always enjoys modelling the new styles. And it’s much easier to get her to stand still for a photo than it is with the three-year-olds.




The blouse works really well with lawn, voile, rayon, double gauze, and quilting cottons. The skirt can be made from anything as light as lawn and double gauze to heavier fabrics like fine-wale corduroy and twill. S’s skirt is a silk dupioni, so don’t forget dressier fabric options for this style, too. I chose rayon for her blouse, and she loves its silky drape. It would be a great outfit for a wedding! I think it will be really cute with a cardigan in the fall, too.




I hope you’ll enjoy this pattern! Like the Parachute pattern we announced yesterday, this new style will be available in both paper and digital format and will go up for sale in the shop section of the website early next week.




  1. My little 2 year old is freaking out over this one!! “I want that shirt!!” hahaha! S is getting so tall!!

    1. I’m so glad she likes it!

  2. María

    The waiting has been worrh it!!
    Both patterns are beautiful.
    Congratulations! And thanks!!

  3. So very very happy about this new pattern! We will be including this ensemble in our All The Skirts event!! The top too of course.

  4. Very nice. Looking forward to the ship date!

  5. I love this!! Along with the Parachute Polo (awesome names by the way!) my kids will be all set for summer! Thanks again for your beautiful, beautiful work! Counting the days until I can hit that Download link! 🙂

  6. Love them both 😀

  7. Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm! That means a lot to me.

  8. I find it really helpful you include pictures on models and flat. It really helps see the pattern clearly as well as how it fits children. These pieces will also mix well with others. I really like the simple elegance of this style.

  9. I am so glad you showed the outfit on S! I can’t wait to show my 9 yo when she gets home, because I think the top will appeal to her. She has a hard time seeing past the pattern cover and imagining what things will look like on a girl her age, and this will fill a void in her summer wardrobe.

    Is it next week yet?;)

  10. Helena

    Absolutely love this, been thinking about flutter sleeves a lot recently, and I love the pleats and shape of the skirt. Thank you!

  11. I also love that you included the photo of the outfit on S – and that you sewed the top in rayon. I definitely want this one too!

  12. Linda Madson

    Love, love both new patterns. S is a stunning, natural born model and always looks so great in her outfits. You can see the lines of the patterns better in her photos. Will be purchasing both new patterns next week. Thank you! Job well done.

  13. Danae

    You are completely ruining my resolve to selfish sew this month! This is an adorable pattern that will perfectly suit my daughters this summer. Can’t wait to purchase!

  14. Ooh, nice. I love the top– I can see adding long jersey sleeves underneath for a winter version. I did that recently with a 2+2 that I cut out in the summer and sewed up in the fall and it’s one of my daughter’s favorites now. Looks like a great ensemble for self-dressing, too– important for the younger crowd!

  15. Well, my “pattern diet” just went out the window! THANKS A LOT. Haha. But no, seriously, this is one to make and remake. And good for the older girls as well as the littles. Love it.

  16. Kelly

    This is going to be a STAPLE in my house! Just perfect.

  17. Sarah Helene

    Lovely, versatile & UNIQUE top & skirt patterns for girls! Gorgeous colors & fabrics for little girls to model. Good Luck on sales of your newly released patterns, Liesl! Sarah in Minneapolis

  18. Love it!!
    Although I always love your patterns (and the way they challenge me outside my comfort zone) this one fits my (sewing) style like a glove! Congratulations!!
    PS: May I try to persuade you to start the week earlier (tomorrow would be fab) 😉

  19. Lynda

    would inseam pockets’ mess-up’ this skirt? any tips for a beginner please. my GD loves and now expects pockets! I’m going to make her 2-3 versions that she can mix & match.

  20. Jenny

    Just checked in to see today’s release and I squealed an oooh!

  21. Tamara

    Yes! To winterfying the skirt. But I think we could use the top also – somehow. Its a definite tick of approval for this pattern anyway. Hurry up next week!

  22. My 7yo daughter refuses to wear skirts, dresses or anything remotely frilly. I’m totally fine with that, but this pattern looks so simple and versatile! Too bad I don’t think it will appeal to her. The previous release of sweatpants and polo shirt are probably more up her alley!
    I look forward to more Oliver+S patterns for girls that don’t have skirts. Is there something more sporty in the line-up?

  23. This is it! I can only buy one pattern each season and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be this one. Adorable!

  24. YAHOO!!!! That skirt would be a PERFECT sew for KCW!!! Such a simple, easy, and time-efficient creation…

  25. Sarah

    Love this one…especially the little skirt! Can’t wait to know when we can purchase (paper, of course!) !!

  26. I like that the blouse has gathers just in the front, a nicer less bulky shape. (Am i the only girl- mom who is a bit tired of ruffled and gathered everything? not just to look at but to make.) And the sleeve options are such a thoughtful touch.

  27. Lynda, adding side seam pockets should be a breeze, I plan to do it with the next one I make.

  28. Thanks for showing a tween look with S’s modeling! That was helpful! I like the sleeve options for different styling for my 4 year old and my 9 year old, but using the same pattern.

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