how i wear it: lisette B6169 drapey dress

Hello, friends! Today we’re just wrapping up the sew-along for this dress, so I thought I’d show it off. I wore this dress to a fancy event last week, but we didn’t photograph it that night. In any case, I received lots of compliments, and it was loads of fun to dye the fabric before sewing the dress.




If you’re like details on the fabric dyeing, check out this post.

Next week we’ll be back with lots of fun things, including a sew-along schedule for the new Oliver + S patterns.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Michelle Wyman

    Sooo chic! I absolutely love the hand dyed fabric used with your dress pattern. The party shoes are awesome. Liesl you look like a run way model!
    Michelle Wyman

    1. Michelle, you are VERY generous to say that about me. But I’m glad you like the dress! Thank you!

  2. Sarah Helene

    GORGEOUS dress . . . And to know the silk fabric was hand- dyed by you before you sewed this classic pattern, B6169 Drapery Dress! BRAVO, Liesl! Looks right out of VOGUE! Sarah in Minneapolis

  3. Sarah Helene

    Oh . . . Typo, should read: Drapey Dress pattern.

  4. Tricia

    Wow I love it! The dyed fabric is gorgeous and I love the understated styling/accessories. I completely missed the sew along – still prepping & cutting my fabric – but am excited to start working on it! And now I reallu want to try my hand at hand-dyeing some fabric ;).

  5. Lucinda

    You are stunning! And I’m beyond impressed that you can do a whole evening in heels that high! How fun for you to be able to wear something that you not only sewed, but that you also designed! (oh, and hand-dyed the fabric!)

  6. Fabulous ‘do, an up style suits your face beautifully.
    Stunning shoes too, the complete outfit is lovely, well done.

  7. Agreed, you look fabulous, and I loved reading the details of how you prepared the fabric.

  8. Sharon Knowles

    SWOON! I love this whole look. How hard is silk to dye? I would love to give this a try. (I cannot wait to sew this pattern up too!!)

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