my favorite oliver + s pattern: sara from radiant home studio

Here is the next installment of the “My Favorite Oliver + S Pattern” series. Today we have Sara who is going to share a bit about her favorite and show us the several versions she has made. Thanks so much for being here, Sara!

Hello! I’m Sara. I blog about my sewing projects at Radiant Home Studio. With 6 growing kids, sometimes I feel like I’m constantly swapping out their clothes and editing their wardrobes. I enjoy making them clothes, but I try to focus on making garments they will love and actually wear!

My favorite Oliver + S pattern is the Hopscotch Skirt, Knit Top, and Dress. The whole pattern is excellent, but I’ve sewn the top more than any other pattern I own. It’s a great basic t-shirt and comfortable dress pattern with a pretty crossover V-neck detail. And I can make one in about an hour with less than a yard of fabric!


Oliver + S Hopscotch Knit Dress


I bought my first Oliver + S pattern a couple of years ago. I had admired them long before that, but the price seemed high compared to the bargain I was getting at the craft store. I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about and I’m so glad I did! The pattern instructions are easy to read, but include extra tips and details that are always helpful. And the pattern paper is thick and high quality. I’ve made at least 6 versions of the Hopscotch Top or Dress, and I go back to it every season to add more basics to my girls’ wardrobes.

Oliver + S Hopscotch Knit Dress


I’ve made a lot of clothes for my girls over the years, but the Hopscotch Tops get worn. In fact, they get worn out! Moms know that kids can be picky about how their clothes feel. Comfortable knits are what they want to wear, and that’s why I have used this top so much. This pattern taught me how to stabilize the stretch knit seams so that they don’t stretch out over time. With kid’s clothes, that extra detail can really prolong the life of the garment.

Since the Hopscotch Top is pretty basic, I like making small modifications to add some variety to the girls’ shirts. Last year, I wrote a post showing how to make the V-neck into a scoop neck. I’m sure I could find another t-shirt pattern with a different shape instead, but I’m not willing to risk a bad fit when I know this top fits so well. Every time the girls grow out of one of their tops, I know I can just make the next size up and it will be perfect.


Customized Oliver + S Hopscotch Knit Top


Sometimes I like to add a waistband around the bottom of the shirt and cuffs on the sleeves. It eliminates hemming the fabric, which can be tricky on some stretch fabrics. My favorite version was this gray and black top with the long sleeves. The black cuffs and waistband also coordinated well with the black neck binding. Both of my girls have worn and loved this shirt, and it looks as though there’s still some life left in for their baby cousin!


Oliver + S Hopscotch Knit Top


I’m sure I’ll make several more versions of these before the girls outgrow the pattern.


Oliver + S Hopscotch Knit Tops


And I’d love to try the Hide-and-Seek Dress next. The front yoke looks like the perfect place to add some beautiful embroidery. I’ve been imagining the possibilities for a while, so maybe that will be my next Oliver + S project!

Want a trip down memory lane? Read Liesl’s introductory post on the Hopscotch knit top and dress from September 2010!


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  1. oh i love the waistband idea!! it turns it into such a cute little pullover. total lightbulb moment!

  2. I love these features on favorite O+S patterns. The Hopscotch dress was never on my short need to buy list, but now I’m certain I need it! Great ideas for modifications too.

  3. What beautiful tops/dresses. This is one pattern I’ll definitely revisit again. The top is worthy of being a stand alone pattern and the skirt is like a brilliant bonus! Or vice versa 🙂
    I love your waistband version and wow, did you match the yoke/skirt nicely on the floral version! Great sewing.

  4. Wow!!! They are all lovely! Where do you get your fabric?
    Great job!

  5. Thanks Kristin! My girls love the waistband too! It keeps everything in place when they are running around outside.

  6. These are all great!! We’ve got a plan for a Hopscotch dress for the middle niece {of which the oldest one is sure to be jealous….}. This will be our first hopscotch dress – but wow, it seems like such a perfect, functional piece for a young girl’s wardrobe!

  7. Jessica, the bright green floral is from Art Gallery fabrics. I believe the rest were from Girl Charlee. Thanks!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing my tassels in your post! Great idea, and what precious patterns!

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